Have you racked your head because of your failing business or worried about it crashing soon as a result of the Covid19? You probably have been told after the pandemic that your business would be counted among those affected businesses that would be out of operation. The facebook small business grant is here to make you beam with smiles again.

That, you have no doubt the number of small businesses that would pass the dark storm of Covid19 may be few.

Many nations’ small enterprises have drastically been shaken as a result of this, it is reported that 25% of the small businesses have closed and 40% that are now open are expected to close. More so, small businesses in the service sector like the tourism and lodging firms are surveyed to have a 27% fall and restaurants surviving rate of 15%. 

While owners of small businesses are rightly in a big consideration of folding up, employees are threatened with retrenchment. It should be known that over 16 million would lose their jobs and also an average of 5million. 

Here, Facebook jas comes with a rescue boat to small business owners to ameliorate the huge burden of Covid19 on small businesses and lessen the retrenchment of workers, particularly in the service sector and reawake small businesses to operate.

It is a good deed from Facebook that small businesses can apply for a grant in more than 34 countries and for 30,000 small business owners. However, small businesses are guaranteed this grant only through Facebook’s required demands.

In this article, you will know the access to Facebook grant as a small business owner in Nigeria.

What is the Small Business All About?

 First, you must know a grant is money given to individuals for a specific need. These are free money given to individuals that is different from a loan. In this case, the Facebook small business grant is a grant set aside for small business owners that are faced with Covid19.

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The novel disease that has broken the nation’s small businesses to the point of survival of the fittest is the driving force behind Facebook’s kind deed to every small business around the world.

As a result of the rising heat of the pandemic, this came about. Having known the bad effect of Covid19, Facebook has decided to give a grant of $100m which is equivalent in Nigeria a 500Million naira.

This grant is given to small businesses for continued operation and advertising credit for your business marketing. 

Is Facebook Small Business grant Legit?

Certainly Yes! Facebook small business grant is legit. It has come with the good deed of Facebook towards the deteriorating rate of small businesses around the world as a result of the Covid19 that has come like no other. 

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How Much is the Facebook Small Business Grant?

Facebook small business grant is at the sum of $100million which is equivalent to 500 million Naira in Nigeria. In this, it is offered to 30,000 small businesses in 34 countries around the world. 

What are the Eligibility Requirements for the Facebook Small Business Grant?

There are certain conditions to be met for your small business to be eligible for the Facebook small business grant. They are as follows;
Firstly, a business of small scale must have the capacity of two to fifty employees with a daily or monthly payment.

The challenge to pay employees at this critical time and the firing of employees is what seems to be a fear to Facebook, so the grant is there to ameliorate that for small businesses.

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Secondly, the operational activity of the small business must be over a year. Your small business must have been in existence before the Covid19.

Thirdly, the challenges of Covid19 must have a drastic effect on your small business.

Lastly, Facebook demands that small businesses must be in the same location where Facebook is situated.

What are the Required Documents?

While the Facebook small business grant is available to 30,000 small businesses in over 34 countries, there are needed documents small businesses must present in order to access this grant from Facebook.

The documents required for the grant are;

  • The license of your small business; 
  •  A yearly return of the small business (Recent)
  •  Financial statement of the business as of 2019 
  • A partnership

How to Apply

Here is the critical part of it for you as a small business owner who has seen the need for the grant.

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Before you come to apply, you must know the leverage within you as a business owner.

What that means is having the required documents earlier mentioned. Beginning from that is your step towards getting this grant.

Application Planning

This is you knowing what to answer as you continue on the application proper. As an interested seeker, you have to check the instructions given so you do not make unexpected errors.

Business Plan

You must have a concise abstract of your business which would enable Facebook to know exactly where you are channeling the fund to and how you wish to use it

Background of the Business

Every business has how it came to be, so provide that as you apply. To be on the safe side, you need to make a comprehensive record of your business.

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Time Frame

While you apply for the grant, you must have in mind that, it is most vital you clearly state the time frame at which you have set aside for the business and the success of the grant to your business.

Outline your Goal and Community Benefits

This part of your application set is very important to Facebook before you are considered worthy of the grant.

Make your goal known and the contributions your business would bring to the local community as brief as possible.

Early Application

Now you have known about the Facebook business grant, you must do yourself and the business you own favor to seek this grant. Start now to walk through this process so you can be listed among those that would be a beneficiary. Kindly visit facebook/business-grant.com 


With a grant from Facebook to reduce the drastic heat created as a result of Covid19, small businesses should know such an opportunity given is for you to actualize your already made plan.

Facebook has clearly stated in its request that your business must have a positive impact in your local community and that you must know the nature of your small business to your community.

Facebook does not only give you this grant, it gives an Ad credit for you to promote your business to a large audience. Therefore, make good use of it.   


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