Famzoo Prepaid Debit Card Worth It? Pros & Cons | Review.

Famzoo Prepaid Debit card is meant for families that would love to have their kids take on money issues and develop good money habits early.

Millions of people run into debt because they have no money management and do not appropriately draw a budget to streamline their expenses. If there’s a perfect time anyone should be thought how to handle money, teenage life would be perfect. This is because kids in that demographic are easily pressed to buy impulsively.

However, with Famzoo Prepaid Debit card you can make your finance a family thing.

Therefore, in this article, We will be doing a full review of the Famzoo Debit Card. We will be looking at how it works, and how you can qualify for the card.

What Is Famzoo Prepaid Debit Card?

Famzoo is a virtual financial product or family bank that’s intended to be supervised and managed by parents.

The feature that distinguishes Famzoo prepaid debit cards from other prepaid cards in the prepaid debit card market is that it offers a way to set up and divert money to separate accounts for categories like spending, savings, investing, and giving.

Here’s a look at the key things to know about the FamZoo prepaid card:

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  • No hidden fees
  • No overdraft fees
  • Free card loading and ATM options

As a parent using Famzoo, you have control of how the card is used. Also, you can set up accounts to take care of the monthly allowances of your kids. Additionally, Famzoo Prepaid debit cards can be ordered online without a credit check.

How It Works

There are numerous ways to use Famzoo and to load money to a Famzoo card. You can load using a checking account. know the difference between checking and savings accounts.

Additionally, you can also add money to the card automatically by utilizing direct deposit.

There are still other options like:

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  • FamZoo provides a Reload @ the Register option that allows you to add money at retail locations like Walmart, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and more.
  • Cash can be brought to MoneyPak retail locations and loaded into the card.
  • You can load the card via a PayPal transfer.
  • You can also add money with Wells Fargo SurePay.

To get started you need to first get the app. So if you’re an Android user, you can get the app on the Google play store, and if you’re an IOS user, the app is available on the App store.


The FamZoo Prepaid Card rewards account holders who pay in advance. There are several options to choose from when setting up monthly fee payments for the card. Here’s a look at how monthly pricing breaks down:

  • $5.99 per family when you pay each month
  • $4.33 per family when you pay $25.99 in advance for six months
  • $3.33 per family when you pay $39.99 in advance for 12 months
  • $2.50 per family when you pay $59.99 in advance for 24 months

A family that orders four cards can potentially pay as little as 63 cents in monthly fees per card. Kids under the age of 12 cannot have a card issued in their own name. However, a parent can order a separate card that can be used to track purchases or donations that are made on a child’s behalf. Teens between the ages of 13 and 17 will need to go through an online verification process before being issued their cards.

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Famzoo Prepaid Credit Card Limits

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  • Daily Spending Limit: $5,000
  • Card Limit: $5,000
  • Daily ATM Limit: $510
  • Daily Cash Load: $2,500

Famzoo Prepaid debit Card Fees

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  • MONTHLY FEE: $2.50
  • ATM FEE (IN NETWORK): $0.00
  • CASH RELOAD FEE: $0.00

Is Famzoo Prepaid Card Worth It?

Succinctly put, it’s worth it all. When you look at the features, it offers and low monthly fee charges; It is very easy to see that the card is worth trying.

How Do I Register My Family?

You can easily register by visiting their website or you could register with any of their partners. However, If you’re registering with a financial institution, you must register from a registration link on their Famzoo offer page.

This will make Famzoo give you all your entitlement and benefits.

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How Long Will It Take To Get The Card

It takes Famzoo approximately seven to ten days to get your card to you. The cards are sent to the address you use in verifying the cardholder’s identity. So while filling out your information make sure you don’t make any mistakes on them.

How Do I Update My Billing Info Or Switch Payment Plans?

If you want to change any information about the debit card, or the Papal Account being used for your monthly subscription, or maybe you want to change from a monthly payment plan to a pay-in-advance plan. Follow These Steps:

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  • Step 1: Sign in to FamZoo as the parent.
  • 2: If you’re on a mobile device, switch to the Desktop UI by following the instructions here.
  • 3: Click on the Store tab.
  • 4: Click on the Change Billing Info link in the left-hand sidebar.
  • 5: Follow the instructions on the pop-up form to make the desired changes.

Can I Buy Famzoo For Another Family?

Yes, you can get the Famzoo prepaid card for another family or even help them renew their monthly fees. This is done with a gift subscription. When you order a gift subscription for another family, they get will be credited with what you purchased for them. However, they can only access it after registration.

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Famzoo Prepaid debit Card also gives you the opportunity to make a bulk order. You can order for your friends, clients, and colleagues at a discounted rate with a Famzoo Prepaid debit Card.

 Additionally, they even offer a co-branded version of the FamZoo app(location) for your company or organization. For these, click the button below to contact Famzoo.

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Pros Cons
Free trial. Your first 30 days are free. Should you cancel your subscription, make sure it’s at least 24 hours before the trial ends. Limited cash load options. You can’t load cash on your card with an ATM. GreenDot and Mastercard rePower are your only cash-reload options, and both cost.
The savings account doesn’t pay interest on its own, but you can choose to pay compound interest on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Extra cards costs. If you get five or more cards you’ll pay a one-time $2 shipping fee for each additional card.
Save, spend and give. Children’s accounts are divided into three subaccounts for saving, spending and giving. (inspireclion.com)
Declined transaction details. When a card is declined you’ll get specific information about why it was declined and what steps you can take to remedy it.
Parent-paid interest. The savings account doesn’t pay interest on its own, but you can choose to pay compound interest on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an easy way to organize your family finances and monitor how you all spend your money monthly or quarterly, Famzoo is for you.

Famzoo allows you to set limits to what you want to spend every month or on any of your children. That it offers you, the parent, control through another card makes it all awesome. It saves you the hassles of trying to monitor the expenses of your kids and helps you teach them financial responsibility.


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