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What is FedEx Overnight Letter Cost and Other Shipping Options in 2023?

Every business owner wants to use a firm that is trustworthy and genuine. FedEx is quite a familiar name when it comes to the delivery of parcels. They are reliable and you can trust them to come through with your overnight delivery(s).

This article gives a clear answer to FedEx overnight letter costs and other shipping companies you can consider if you’d prefer.

About FedEx

FedEx is a courier service with its headquarters in the United States. They operate all over the world; from one state to another; one country to another; and even one continent to another.

They offer you shipping and delivery options that allow your products to get to anybody, anywhere. So it is possible that while you are focused on the sales of products and general administration of business, they take care of your deliveries.

FedEx delivery options also allows for overnight delivery. Overnight delivery is a domestic courier service that guarantees the delivery of your parcel by the next business day at specific times.

For example, if you want a parcel delivered by 4:00 pm the next day, you could send it on that particular day. If the best day happens to be a Friday, delivery will be made on the Monday.

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Delivery options.

Whether you are looking to have your products or parcels delivered during the day or a night, FedEx is able to deliver.

For overnight shipping, they offer three major services: FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight, and First Overnight.

These three have different specifics which you should consider to know which will serve you best.

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#1. What is Priority Overnight?

This option guarantees that your parcel will be delivered by 10:30 on the next business day if it is a U.S based business.

If it is a residence, it will be delivered by noon and to most remote or rural areas, 5:00 pm. This service runs from Monday to Friday but will attract an extra charge on Saturdays.

The delivery can be made to all 50 states in the U.S., Though deliveries to and from some selected zip codes in Alaska and Hawaii may differ from the slated time in the U.S.

You should also note that though these options differ in little ways, they both have the same weight limit and parcel size, with the weight limit being 150Ibs, Length of up to 199 inches, and a girth of 165.

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#2. What is Standard Overnight?

This delivery category guarantees that your parcel will be delivered by the next business day by 3:00 pm for some U.S addresses.

It might extend to 5:00 pm for rural areas and 8:00 pm for residences. Like in the case of Priority Overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight delivers to all 50 states in the U.S but the delivery time also differs for Hawaii.

Deliveries are made on all business days, Monday – Friday but not on Saturdays or Sundays. However, you could request for pickups on a Saturday, that is if you want FedEx to pick up a parcel for you, but this doesn’t mean it will be delivered. It must be on a business day.

#3. What is First Overnight?

FedEx First Overnight operates for Monday – Friday, with Saturday pickup and delivery available, in some areas, for an additional cost.

This service assures you of delivery by 8:00 am on the next business day, for some locations. While others might be between 9:30 – 2:00 pm for rural areas. Delivery spans across all states in the U.S, with the exceptions being Hawaii and Alaska.

Now you have gone through the options, I believe, it will help you make the best choice for your business. These options majorly differ in terms of the time of delivery.

One is earlier than the other two, though what we might consider late might be what another business owner is searching for.


Prices are determined by the weight of your parcel and the location you want it delivered to. There is no fixed price to be given out.

If you are looking for the fastest option, you should pick First Overnight, though there might be an extra cost for convenience. The price range will be between 60.71 for a parcel weighing two pounds.

The cost for FedEx Standard Overnight is dependent on the weight and location also. But the starting price will be around 29.82 dollars for a two-pound weight.

And lastly, for Priority Overnight, it will start from 30.17 dollars for a two-pound parcel. Having considered the options of time, money, and location, which would serve you better?

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Why you Should Consider FedEx.

If you are ready to give your customers the best delivery service or better your services to your clients, then, FedEx is your best option. Listed below are some benefits of choosing them.

1.Options: With FedEx, you can choose what suits you best. As seen above, for your overnight delivery you have a range to choose from; there is no rigidity.

If one option doesn’t sit well with you because of time, you do not have to wait because there is another to cater to your preference.

FedEx first overnight delivers as early as 8:00am, Standard Overnight is there for pickup on Saturdays to different locations. FedEx gives more options to you because they want to meet your needs in terms of speed and superb customer experience.

2. Convenience: You are allowed to drop off your parcel when it is best for you. The available options allow you space to do what works best for you and your business.

3. Enhancements: FedEx is continuously seeking ways to make its customer’s delivery experiences better. For example, they recently added the Saturday pickup for freight. Saturday pickup is now available for FedEx express freight shipments in the U.S

4. Customer Loyalty: If your customers can count on you to deliver parcels in good shape by the next day, this might further enhance their patronage with your organization. We live in a period where time is everything, imagine knowing that you can get what you want and exactly when you want it. This creates a form of reassurance for your customers.

5. More Services for Dangerous Goods: FedEx ship hazardous materials. They ship dangerous goods and dry ice to a minimum of 60 countries. You can trust their expertise to handle these types of deliveries.

Other Shipping Options to Consider in 2023.

Besides FedEx, there is a list of other shipping companies you can trust to deliver your parcels. Listed below are some:

#1. UPS

Many businesses use Ups, because it is reliable and you can trust them for speedy and secure delivery. UPS short for United Parcel Service is a popular name within the shipping industry. You might know them for their brown trucks or shipping offices which exist everywhere.

One major factor that makes Ups stands out is their relatively affordable prices for heavy shipments. If you are shipping a parcel above two pounds, Ups will give you an affordable price that might be unmatched by an other companies. If you need a delivery to be done as some as possible, this is the right choice. They also possess a great tracking system.

Some cons of this shipping firm are no free package pickup and extra Saturday delivery charges. The delivery days are from Monday to Friday and their prices starts from 8.23 dollars based on weight and location. Ups offers a wide range of shipping options for both domestic and international shipping.

 #2. USPS

This is an independent federal agency and it carries the mandate of providing outstanding postal services for residents of the U.S. USPS is an acronym for United States Postal Service, it is owned by the government of the United States. It has a pledge that “Neither snow nor rain, nor heat nor gloom of night” will prevent it from carrying out its responsibility.

This is the best alternative for merchants, especially those who want to ship little weight or small parcels. They offer the cheapest price for parcels weighing less than two pounds, though a weight above this might be on the expensive side. They also offer free pickup and Saturday delivery. You can count on them to deliver to your mail box, too.

One major downside of this firm is that it’s tracking system is limited and not as expansive as you have with Ups. Their customer service is also not so wonderful, as with them you might experience a bit of delay in resolving issues. The shipping cost varies, depending on parcel’s destination and its origin.

#3. DHL

This is the world’s largest logistics company, currently operating inore that 220 countries all around the world. DHL is a division of the German company Deutsche Post. Though they offer domestic courier services, it caters largely to a global level. They have a network of interwoven teams that are active and very much committed to fast delivery.

DHL was founded by Robert Lynn, Adrian Salary, and Larry Hillblom in 1969. They became the world’s first international door-to-door delivery service. They have experienced rapid growth all over the world over the years, and they are also the recipient on several awards for their innovations in the logistics world.

Though the shipping price is largely dependent on the size of the parcel and delivery location, DHL Shipping fees start from 42.16 dollars. Also, the time you want it delivered will play a role in determining the amount you pay for the delivery. With DHL, you can get your delivery at home or work, and you also get a protective cover for your parcel.

They deliver to 220 countries around the world from Monday to Friday, between 8:00am to 6:00 pm. Their transit time takes between 2 -4 days. DHL offers discounted rates which will help in reducing the cost of delivery.


Delivery is an issue with business owners struggle with. Every business owner wants to be known for being able to deliver and above. We have given a list of courier services you can trust.

There have been many variables and options; you are left to choose the right one for your business.

You can make a pick while taking cognizance of the customers’ preferences/ specifications, the uniqueness of the situation and also the expectations of your customers.

These shipping companies work differently, but I am sure you will be able to find one that goes best with the mode of operation your business runs.