Foap Reviews 2022 | Legit or Scam | Make Serious Cash

Words appear enticing when accompanied with pictures. Most articles, infographics and letter scripts are more appealing when it’s accompanied by a photo. Foap review explains in detail where you can buy or sell creative photos.

Good pictures are self-explanatory and add spice to written words. While there are so many photographers, not all pictures are good enough for content creation.

Foap compiles photos with good resolution for photo buyers across the world. If you are quite creative with your shots, Foap offers you a platform to make serious cash in 2021.

This article reviews Foap app. It states clearly, how you can sell off your creative shots on photo selling and get paid. Foap Reviews will answer all questions pertaining to this photo app, and how to make serious cash off it immediately.

The table of contents below reveals a number of questions duly answered in this article.

What is Foap?

Foap is an app for selling photos and videos online. Companies and brands usually need images to expound an idea or, for commercial use.

Most of them visit photo galleries to buy some images. Foap simply compiles beautiful pictures from photographers and bring them to the attention of potential buyers.

When sold, the photos can be use used by big brands to advertise products or as display images on their websites or brochures.

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How Does Foap Work? Foap Smartphone App Review

Foap has an amazing user interface that makes it easy for new users to get round the app. To sell your photos on this app, you would need to first download one on your iPhone.

The next thing to do is to sign in. The app automatically signs you in using your Facebook profile picture and name. To complete the process, simply input your date of birth and place of residence.

Once signed in, you can easily upload photos straight from your iPhone. Photos uploaded on the app are available for sale, and you can sell one photo as many times as you like.

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To upload your photos on this app, simply click on the camera icon at the bottom of the application. Then, choose the right file from your camera roll.

The Foap app lets you upload photos straight from your iPhone.

Once uploaded, your images are available for sale. You can sell the same photo as many times as you like. Buyers can search and purchase your photos through the Foap Market at

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How To Use The Foap App To Sell Your Photos| Foap Reviews

The interface of Foap makes it easy for newbie to find their way around each. However, to easily upload your photos and make quick sales, follow this step by step guide on how to use the app:

Step 1: Create a Foap Account

To create an account on this app, complete sign in process with your Facebook profile and name. You may have to create a Facebook account if you don’t have one prior. Your date or birth and place of residence will be required to complete your sign in.

Step 2. Circumvent the App

Once you sign in , it is necessary to take a tour round the app. The five icons on the app are

  • Newfeed
  • Explore
  • Camera
  • Mission
  • Menu

Newsfeed icon: Click on the news feed icon to find the latest information on current missions and recent winners. The news feed icon leads you to the news section of this photo-selling app.

Explore Icon: A click on the explore icon allows you to view other Foap users. You can access the Sold tab, or use the recent tab to view recently uploaded pictures.

The search box allows you to search a particular genre of photography.

Camera Icon: You can upload your photos if you click the camera icon.

Missions Icon: This icon houses the active tab, joined tab, and winners tab. On the active tab, you will find a list of all current mission briefs while the joined tap reveals missions you have joined.

You can access winning shots from the previous mission on Winners tab.

Menu Icon: A click on this icon grants you access to the settings and option tab for your Foap account. You can easily manage your photos, and withdraw money from sales.

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Step 3: Get your Photos Ready for Sale

To get your photos ready for sales, upload them to Foap marketplace. Follow the steps below to upload your quality photos for sell:

  • Tap the Camera icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Find the photo on your camera roll or select photos for batch upload
  • Tap Done on the screen to begin the upload process
  • Add a description and relevant tags. The right tags will help your photos appear to buyers
  • You can choose from tag options available or add a new tag.
  • Click ok. Then, tap publish at the top right of your screen
  • Indicate if there are faces in your photo by choosing yes or no. Choose yes, if there are faces and no if there are no faces.
  • If there are recognizable faces, proceed to complete the model release form. Children under 18 must have their forms signed by their guardians or parents.
  • You should print off the model release form, complete and sign it. Then, take a photo of the form and upload it here.
  • Only photos with a signed model release form will be available for sale.
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Step 4. Join a Mission on Foap

To earn more money quickly of Foap, join a mission. Usually, missions are created by big brands and runs for a number of days.

Each mission specifies exactly what is needed and how much they brand is willing to pay. It could be as much as $500 for a winning submission.

At the end of the set number of days, the brand chooses its favourite photo and pays the reward.

So, joining a mission increases your chances of earning more money. First, your photos appear right in front of famous brands. Secondly, your photo may win the mission.

Why Should I Sell Photos at the Foap marketplace? Advantages of Foap

There are quite a number of apps like Foap. However, this app has the following advantages over other photo selling apps:

  • Foap has a commission of 50%. Unlike other apps, you earn 50% off every photo sold.
  • Foap Mission is a healthy competition that spurs creativity. And, photographers can win $100 or more in each competition.
  • The Foap app is easily accessible. With your smartphone, you can always upload your best shots at the moment for sale within a few minutes.
  • You don’t have to pay money to register there.
  • The minimum photo resolution at the Foap app is 1280×960 pixels. Unlike other apps, there is no need to provide DSLR images.

Disadvantages of Foap

Though Foap is a great place to sell your photos, you should put into considerations some of these disadvantages:

  • This app won’t allow you to upload a few photos at a time
  • Payment is made only through PayPal
  • Foap app is not rated at the Better Business Bureau
  • There is tough competition

How Much Does Foap Pay? |Foap Review

Foap pays you 50% commission on each photo sold. Foap photos sell for $10 each on the marketplace. So, you earn $5 for each photo sold for $10.

However, you can increase your chances of earning more money by joining Foap missions. Most mission prizes start from $50 which could be yours once you win the mission.

For exclusive missions, the brand gets full ownership of your image. So, you can’t resell to other brands. Exclusive missions pay $30 for each photo sold.

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Payment is made via PayPal.

Tips on How To Increase Your Chances Of Selling Photos On Foap|Foap Reviews

The competition on Foap may affect your sales if extra measures are not taken. You need to go extra, to get extra. One way to go extra on Foap is to increase your visibility to photo buyers.

Follow these tips below to increase your chances of selling photos on Foap:

#1. Upload Only High-Quality Photos

High-quality photos will attract buyers to like and presumably purchase one of your uploaded images.

#2. Upload only Edited Photos

Edit your pictures with apps like Snapseed. You should straighten the horizons and crop your pictures to appear more endearing.

#3.Add Accurate Descriptions & Tags

Descriptions and tags act as keywords. These keywords determine if your photos show up on the search panel for buyers. So, describe the genre of your photos and place them in the accurate tags.

#4. Join Missions

Joining missions will increase the visibility of your products to big brands. Even if you don’t win a mission, other brands may still purchase your works through the visibility created by the missions you have joined.

#5. Discover Which Photos Sell Well On Foap

If you upload photos in a specific genre that sells most on Foap, you may sell off faster than others.

You visit the sold tab, access the types of photos buyers and companies usually purchase. Then, take creative shots in that genre to increase your chances of making more money on Foap.

Is Foap Legit or Scam? Foap App Reviews

Foap app reviews by seasoned photographers and newbies suggest that the app is a great choice.

Many users appreciate the fact that it accommodates all and sundry. However, most of them complain of some technicality issues encountered while navigating through the app.

Foap programmers are always on deck to resolve such issues. Generally, Foap is a great app for photographers seeking to make extra bucks online.

Because it accommodates amateurs, photos taken for fun purposes may yield in extra bucks. Foap pays all cash made from sales through PayPal, so it is a legit app that helps you rake in extra cash.


Beautiful shots captured during leisure can fetch you an extra $10. While there are other apps that allow you to sell your photos to brands and companies, Foap seems to be a better option.

This article on Foap app review, details what you can do on the app and how you can make money off your photos.

It explains in detail, how to upload photos, and gives tips on how you can more by joining a mission.


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