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10 Best Ford Sync Apps To Make Driving Fun

The development of Ford Sync Apps is clear that Ford company is constantly evolving and being innovative. With the likes of Active City Stop, SYNC 3, and the Easy Access Door System just some technologies that their newest and most popular models boast.

Ford Sync Apps are designed to offer drivers and passengers a great experience. According to an online resource, over 60 apps are available for almost 1.5 million SYNC AppLink-enabled vehicles in North America. And that number is growing. With this number, how do you know the best fit for your vehicle?

We have created a guide to the best Ford driving apps you should download on your smartphone today. Read on to gain the most.

The Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a global leader in the automotive industry headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or sells six automobiles on five continents.

With about 163,000 employees and 70 plants worldwide, the automobile company’s brands include Ford, the other one Lincoln Mercury, whose production company announced the fourth quarter of 2010. Ford Motor Company believes a financial services company in the server.

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List of Best Ford Sync Apps

Below are Ten Ford Sync Apps offering incredible features to enhance your Ford driving experience.

  • Live Drive
  • Joyride
  • Pure Focus
  • MapRadio
  • JustPark
  • 3sACrowd
  • FuelSignal
  • myLifeSync
  • Waze
  • iAlert

#1. Live Drive

Developed by a team at Kelley Blue Book, Live Drive promotes safe driving through a fun social game with real-time traffic data captured by the vehicle.

Features include an aggressive real-time driving commentary with tips for improvement, a feedback mode for parents, and a fun mode that lets you compete with your friends on a leaderboard.

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#2. Joyride

Exploration meets social media with this app that notifies drivers when they are near an interesting location. Developed by Rockfish, Joyride enables users to find places to play, eat, and learn more about the city they are in.

It also tells drivers what’s interesting based on inputs and user preferences or locations their friends have visited and enjoyed.

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#3. Pure Focus

A team at IBM developed pure Focus and created better pilots through reward-based programs. Drivers can monitor their safety and share or inspire their friends to become safer drivers through an online community with user-driven content.

Features include car-to-car, which allows users to connect with other drivers and provide feedback on their driving, as well as notifications when drivers enter dangerous areas.

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#4. MapRadio

MapRadio was developed by a Slovenian team and offered a personalized driving experience based on user feedback and interests.

Features include weather, traffic, calendar integration, personalized news, accidents, local music, pop-up offers, car diagnostic data, and driving directions.

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#5. JustPark

JustPark, a handy Ford Sync app that is dedicated to making life easier for drivers. This app helps drivers to take advantage of underutilized parking areas.

According to the JustPark website, nearly a quarter of all car journeys involve ‘parking pain’, with the desperate scramble for spaces in busy town centers and crowded multi-story car parks proving a daily and significant headache for millions of motorists.

According to the founder, JustPark service is now the UK’s favorite parking app – and makes car journeys easier for over 1.8 million drivers.

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#6. 3sACrowd

3sACrowd was developed by Alcatel-Lucent and offers callers a more private experience by using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to determine if there are other passengers in the car. The caller then can decline the call if confidentiality is preferred and the driver receives the notification of the private call.

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#7. FuelSignal

Developed by FuelSignal, this app is a GPS app that notifies drivers when their fuel level is low and finds the nearest gas station. Users can get a gasoline discount and pay using a mobile wallet at the pump.

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#8. myLifeSync

This app is a smart companion in and out of the car that collects information to reduce the driver’s workload and increase safety. The app developed by Lochbridge processes information from the cloud.

It collects data relevant to daily life, including preferences, needs, and working hours, to make it easier to access the car.

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#9. Waze

Waze is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app in the world. Google has recently purchased the app.

Waze lets drivers crowdsource information and work together to improve their daily journeys. It has over 50 million drivers sharing insights via the app and over 273,000 active monthly Waze users in London alone.

The app has around 200,000 local map editors. That means it has championed local knowledge regarding roads in various areas.

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#10. iAlert

This is one of the best Ford Sync Apps that help drivers save time and reduce stress. The service automatically checks vehicle diagnostic data such as tire pressure, and then generates warnings.

It also identifies and makes an appointment with the driver’s preferred dealer or service center. iAlert was developed by a team at Progressive Insurance and Traction Labs.

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Wrap Up

Technology is great owing to the countless things it allows you to do with minimal effort. Ford Sync Apps are an excellent piece of software for drivers and are available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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