Format And Summary Of A Research Content

This document contains a breakdown of the format for Research Contents.

Research content includes topics on; ‘How to’s, A vs B, What is, Best Ways to, Reviews. etc.

They are those articles that require descriptions and mostly do not have a number attached to the title.

Target Country: USA

Number of words: 1800- 2000 words for a #2000 content, and 2500 upwards words for a #3000 content.

Sequential Format for all Research Contents

The format for a research content includes the following;

1. Introduction:

When given these kinds of articles, you should start with a proper introduction to the articles.

Basically, the introduction should always come in the following format:

The first paragraph should clearly state that you agree with the reader on why they are seeking a solution to their answer.

Give a captivating introduction on why your topic is important. This can be in the form of a short story.

The second and third paragraphs can state facts with data why you support the claim, or history surrounding your focus keywords.

The preceding paragraph should introduce the reader to the content of the article. It should promise the reader that he will get the information he seeks.

In a nutshell, an introduction comprises of three parts namely;

  • Agreement paragraph
  • Storytelling/Facts
  • Promise paragraph

Bear in mind that your keywords must appear in the first 100 words of your article.

2. Table of Content:

It provides a compendium of the queries answered in the article.

3. Queries:

These are the subheadings covered in the article.

Every main subheading should carry a header 2. Subsequent breakouts from a subheading will take header 3.

For example, when given the topic “How to Become Wealthy” a query/subheading with a header 2 can be ‘Steps to Become Wealthy’. While listing the steps to become wealthy with explanations, those steps will be a header 3.

If you need to make further listing under a header 3, it will become a header 4.

Remember to number the listing under each header 2’s or 3’s as 1,2,3, etc.

The queries/subheadings can come in the form of;

  • What is (the topic)
  • Why (Similarities and Differences)
  • Cost/Salary
  • How to acheive the main question the topic addressess

Answer at least 5 Queries. Be flexible, include queries that are relevant to the keyword found during the research.

The keywords must be found in at least 3 queries/subheadings, then in the article generally for at least 10 times.

Below, we will discuss how to structure the queries generally and for specific kinds of research content.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Answer at least 5 FAQs related to the keyword. The answers should be straight to the point; no need for long explanations.

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Questions that require a listing are best listed without an explanation.

For instance, If it is a “what is” question, just go straight to the point. If it is a “how-to” question, you can just list the steps. have a preamble before the listing.

5. Conclusion:

It provides an overview of what was discussed in the article. You may ask the readers if the article met their expectations.

6. References:

Include the links (URLs) of the articles that formed the basis of your writings.
Include at least 5 references that you actually made use of to write the content.

Additionally, include the picture source link (URL)

7. SEO

Write a meta description of up to 150 letters/characters. Add your focus keyword and additional keywords in the post! Also, your keywords should be in accordance with SEO. Kindly float them at least 10 to 15 times in your content.

Include a stock-image with the URL where the image was sourced from.

Additional Information

Other factors to note;

  • Each query/subheading shouldn’t exceed 300 words.
  • Each paragraph shouldn’t exceed 150 words.
  • Float your keywords (focus keyword and additional keywords) at least 10 to 15 times in your content.
  • The focus keyword must be found in your introduction, at least 2 subheadings (queries) and conclusion.
  • Beware of consecutive sentences. No 3 sentences must start with the same word.
  • Write more in active words (present tense) than in passive voice.
  • Do not use ambiguous words. Let the sentences be comprehensible.
  • Write correct senetnces. Master grammar and sentence construct.
  • Do not use filler words to make up the word count. Instead, an additional query can suffice.

Research Content Types

Earlier, we mentioned that research content includes topics on; ‘How to’s, A vs B, What is, Reviews. etc.

In this section, we will discuss the specific needs of the various research contents with sample content.

1. “What is” Content

For this kind of article, be very direct, do not beat around the bush. Because it is a direct question, your queries have to be vast answering all relevant questions to the topic.

A query should typically answer the question this article poses to ask.

  1. What is the topic?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Advantages and Disdvantages of the topic
  4. How to get the topic
  5. How does it earn money

Examples of a ‘what is’ article:

Samples of articles that can guide you;

What does royalty free mean to your Business Exactly
keyword: what does royalty free mean

Write a good introduction on royalty-free.

Your content should explain the following:

  1. What is royalty free?
  2. How can you tell when something is royalty free?
  3. Does royalty free mean free for commercial use?
  4. Why does your business need to know about royalty free content?
  5. Is royalty free the same as copyright free? PS: You can cover more areas you deem fit for the topic.
  6. Write your FAQs, conclusion and include your references. Include a picture URL.
  7. PLEASE WRITE YOUR META DESCRIPTION, ADD EXTRA KEYWORDS TOO! Kindly float them at least 10 to 15 times in your content.
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2. “How to” Content

This content requires the writer to explain a process.

It may require you to list some websites or avenues to achieve the process. For instance, this article “How To Get Free $100 PayPal Code In 2021” has a query (header 2) Best Sites Where One Can Earn Paypal Money With No Minimum Payout.

Hence, a query is dedicated to answering the question this article aims to answer. In the earlier stated article, this query ‘How you can earn PayPal money with no minimum pay-out?‘ answers that.

Some sample queries that can be used include;

  • The Concept/Overview
  • Can I (The topic) for free/money?
  • Is it legal?
  • How much can one carge for?
  • How to

Here are some sample ‘how to’ contents that can serve as a guide.

Kindly write your meta description, add extra keywords. Kindly float them at least 10 to 15 times in your content.

Here is a sample of a ‘how to’ content.

Sample 1

Keyword: How to buy bitcoin in Canada; best way to buy bitcoin in Canada

Write a captivating introduction on bitcoin, the Canadian marketplace, and cryptocurrency business in general.

Your content should cover the following:

  1. Why you should buy bitcoin in Canada.
  2. How to buy Bitcoin In Canada In 2021? Give a simplified step-by-step beginner’s guide to it.
  3. Sites where you can buy bitcoin in Canada.
  4. Limitations of buying bitcoin in Canada and how to overcome them.
  5. Be flexible, you can add queries you found relevant to the topic in your research.
  6. Answer at least 5 FAQs, Conclude and include your references. Include the picture URL.
  7. Kindly write your meta description, add extra keywords. Kindly float them at least 10 to 15 times in your content.

Sample 2

How To Start A Photography Business | Ultimate Guide To Make Money In 2021

Keyword: how to start a photography business. Write a good introduction on photography businesses.

Your content should explain the following:

  1. Is the photography business profitable?
  2. How much does it cost to start a photography business? | Photography startup costs
  3. Photography funding options.
  4. How to build your personal brand and reputation as a professional photographer. 
  5. Where to find work as a photographer.
  6. List and explain how (steps) to start a photography business in 2021. 
  7. Write your FAQs, conclusion and include your references. Add a picture URL.
  8. Kindly write your meta description, add extra keywords. Kindly float them at least 10 to 15 times in your content.
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3. “A vs B” Content

These articles tend to be a comparison and contrast of two similar concepts.

Therefore, the queries can be similar to the following;

  • An Overview of A vs B
  • Brief History of A, Overview of B
  • How Does A and B Work?
  • Who Should Use A or B?
  • A vs. B: What’s the Difference? 
  • A vs. B: Which Is Better for You? 

Here are some contents already written on the website that will guide you;

Sample of a versus content

Wealthbar Vs Wealthsimple Review 2021: Best Personal Finance Site

Keyword:  Wealthbar vs Wealthsimple.

Write a good introduction on Wealthbar vs Wealthsimple.

Your content should cover the following: 

  1. What is Wealthbar?What is Wealthsimple?
  2. Similarities between Wealthbar and Wealthsimple.
  3. Differences between  Wealthbar and Wealthsimple.
  4. Which is the best personal finance site for me between  Wealthbar and Wealthsimple?
  5. Write at least 5 FAQs, conclusion and include your reference and picture URL.
  6. Kindly write your meta description, add extra keywords. Kindly float them at least 10 to 15 times in your content.

4. Reviews

These articles have clearly stated reviews. They can be book reviews, game reviews, or reviews of concepts.

It is important to include user’s reviews in this article as well as your personal assertion on the topic.

These articles can be a guide while writing review content.

Samples of a Review content

Wizard 101 Classes | Best Solo Classes in 2021 TWC

Keywords: wizard101 schools of magic, wizard 101 classes, wizard 101 schools, wizard101 school symbols.

Write a good introduction on wizard101 schools of magic. This can also include stats.

Your content should cover the following: 

  1. What is Wizard 101 all about?
  2. What is the most powerful school in Wizard101? List and explain all the Wizard 101 schools of magic and how they work, how to get into them, and their specialties.
  3. How many Wizard 101 classes are there?   
  4. What is the best wizard class in Wizard 101?
  5. How do you get into the death school in wizard101?
  6. How many classes can I choose in wizard 1017.
  7. Answer at least 5 FAQs related to the keywords.
  8. Conclude and include your references. Also, write the topic picture source (the URL).
  9. Feel free to add more queries! 
  10. Kindly write your meta description, add extra keywords. Kindly float them at least 10 to 15 times in your content.

In Conclusion

This is a guide on how to structure a Wealth Circle research content. We hope you find this helpful.

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