How Much Does Fr44 Insurance Costs in Florida?

The daily news is replete with sad stories of avoidable accidents if only the offender had made the right driving judgments. 

Some may be as a result of drinking or other forms of intoxication.

When an accident occurs, an Fr44 is the only guarantee that can aid the offender to reinstate his drivers license in Florida.

Apart from the cost of FR44 insurance in Florida, this article will expose more about Fr44 Insurance, including the meaning, types, functions, and benefits.

What is Fr44 Insurance?

There is a high incidence of DUIs (driving under influence usually of drinking) and DWIs (driving while intoxicated) in Florida, primarily because it is a tourist state. Both are serious driving offenses in Florida. 

They are so because a person who drives while drunk or under alcohol does not fully possess his mental acuity.

In the event of a violation or an accident, the only way to reinstate the driver’s license is for the offender to prove that he has an insurance policy to take on the financial responsibility for injuries or loss. FR44 is that certificate verifying insurance coverage that meets the state’s applicable requirements for financial responsibility

An FR-44 is required when a person is applying to reinstate their driver’s license following a DUI or DWI conviction. This is a state practice in Florida and Virginia.

Everything about the Fr44 is discussed below including the FR44 insurance cost in Florida.

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History of Fr44 in Florida

Being a tourist state means attraction to fun lovers and party personas. This causes many driving offenses.

Florida classified various driving offenses and violations as misdemeanors or felonies.

In a bid to end drunk driving offenses, Florida first introduced the SR-22. The challenges with the lower limits and restrictions of the SR-22 led to the creation of the FR44.

Both forms are similar in that they are proof of financial responsibility that must be filed with the state after certain driving convictions.

Still, while SR-22 has auto insurance of 10/20/10, the FR44 has auto limits of 100/300/50.

The FR44 has been in use in Florida since February 1st, 2008. As of the 2nd of February 2008, drivers with DUI charges have been required to increase their liability limits.

A failure on the part of the charged driver to increase their liability limits attracts a reinstatement fee of $150-$500. This is dependent on the type of offense, with the first-grade offense being worth a $150 reinstatement fee and the last (third) worth a $500 reinstatement fee.

Equally, this new charge has undergone amendments at various times in the past.

Generally, this FR-44 form lasts for 3 years and it’s to be filed with the State’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Many insurance companies now make provisions of such liability insurance, and it’s gotten at the offender’s request.

What Are the Functions and Benefits of FR44 Insurance?

The primary function of the FR44 is to increase the liability of drivers convicted of DUI and DWI.

As already explained, DUI means driving under influence of drinks or drugs (either prescribed drugs or illegal psychotropic drugs), while DWI is driving with intoxication.

The former means that one is not in full possession of their faculties, and the latter means that one may be aware but intoxicated. It is for such persons that the FR44 form is necessary.

It is proof of insurance that will cover liabilities for injuries. However, persons charged with DUI or DWI requiring a FR 44 form have the following insurance liabilities attached:

  • $100,000 bodily injury per person, per accident
  • $300,000 total bodily injury per accident
  • $50,000 property damage per accident
  • $10,000 PIP (personal injury protection) if an auto is owned

Furthermore, the purpose of these liabilities as conferred on the FR44 is to protect the public financially from the person convicted of a DUI if there is an accident. The FR44 form is expected to last for three years.

It will last longer if one commits another driving offense or the current DUI charge is not a first DUI offense. If at any point within this time the policy lapses or is canceled, your driver’s license is suspended immediately.

During the lifespan of FR44, it is appropriate that the driver bears a record of the FR44 form everywhere he goes. It is expensive because it requires more insurance coverage.

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Types of FR44 policies

The certificate of financial responsibility is of two types. There is the Fr44 car Insurance and the non-owner FR44 insurance.

They are both applicable to residents and none residents of Florida and they are both certificates of financial responsibility for two classes of persons; car owners and non-car owners.

 FR44 car insurance

The FR44 has more liability and coverage and covers the car owner charged for DUI or DWI in the event of an accident or driving violation.

It lasts for 3 years or more depending on the nature of the DUI charge.

It costs more to obtain FR44 car insurance because it requires personal injury protection.

Non-owner FR44 insurance

This is a cheaper car insurance policy that covers drivers who were caught, charged, and convicted under DUI but are not car owners. It is for individuals who were operating someone else’s car when they were caught.

This policy is cheaper than the FR44 policy coverage because it does not require personal injury protection.

What is the Cost of FR44 Insurance in Florida?

The cost of FR44 insurance in Florida is between $15 to $35.

The Fr44 cost in Florida is dependent on a host of factors.

  • Nature of the DUI
  • Other factors include age, gender, zip code, marital status, driving records, and credit score.

The cost to file an FR-44 varies among insurance companies.

Usually, one can pay a one-time fee between $15 and $35. Barring this, the initial cost of FR44 is expensive. It is the same with upgrading an existing FR44 policy. These are the direct costs.

The cost on the driver depends on the nature of the DUI charge and if the driver is a repeat offender.

Filing an FR44 form with an insurance provider implies that you have been convicted of a DUI and this automatically places you in the high-risk category with your insurance provider.

How to Get the FR44 Insurance in Florida

Many insurance providers do not issue FR44 forms to high-risk drivers and repeat offenders. Still, it can be done.

Just contact any insurance provider of your choice and request an FR44 form sent to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) to verify your insurance satisfies the requirements laid out in the FR-44 form.

Also, since Virginia issues FR44 forms, you can get them from Virginia if you can’t get them from Florida. But be sure that the insurance policy fulfills the FR44 form requirements on your file.

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Yearly, accidents are one of the leading causes of mortality in America, after gunshot wounds. And such accidents in most cases are avoidable. However, to avoid expenses, some states like Florida and Virginia insist on an Fr44 form.

The average quotes for obtaining the Fr44 insurance policy that ranges from $15-35. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on the cost of FR44 insurance in Florida? Get back to us in the comment box.




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