21 Free Christmas Movies On Youtube | Full Length

It’s the Christmas season, a time to make merry- no work, no school. It’s time to travel around the world, and visit family and friends but, Christmas isn’t just complete without Christmas movies.

There are thousands of Christmas films to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services for a fee but on YouTube, there are plenty of free options for your viewing pleasure.

To help you select which movies to start with, we made a list of our top picks of Christmas classics. With these films, you’re sure to feel the holiday season no matter what time of the year it is!

Who said Christmas movies are just for the Christmas season? Even if they are, you can make every day your Christmas by seeing these classic movies anytime you want especially when you can access them for free.

List of Free Christmas Movies on YouTube

Here are the top 21 Christmas movies that you can find for free on YouTube right now. Our list covers classics to modern tales; you will definitely find the one that meets your demands.

#1. Merry Christmas Baby

Marci throws herself into preparing for Christmas and building her new event-planning business. But when the business gets off to a rocky start and members of her family face their own hardships, Marci steps up to help everyone have a good holiday.

#2. Grandma’s House

A teenager and her siblings are forced to move in with their Grandma because their parents are going through some hard times. They come to learn the true meaning of love, faith, and family from Grandma, through not only the strict rules she imposes but also the strength and devotion she displays as the extended family has its ups and downs.

#3. A Baby For Christmas

This free Christmas movie will teach you that there’s more to Christmas than wrapping gifts and baking cookies.

#4. Spring Breakaway

After a series of mishaps, Rhyme, Autumn, Zoe, and Effie find themselves together in Miami for spring break. New crushes and new friends will make this a trip they’ll never forget!

#5. Throwback Holiday

Jacqueline is living an unfulfilled life in a doomed marriage. After a chance encounter with a former classmate, she rethinks her life’s choices and wishes she could go back to high school for a do-over. Like a Christmas miracle, Jacqueline awakens to find herself as a high school senior again with the ability to change everything.

#6. 12 Dogs of Christmas

12 Dogs of Christmas is one of the best free Christmas movies on youtube. It is about a young girl who uses dogs to teach people about the true meaning of Christmas during the Depression.

#7. Operation Christmas List

This is one free Christmas movie you wouldn’t like to miss.

12-year-old Barney is on a mission to get what he really wants for Christmas. He hatches a plan to beat the Christmas rush and buy the entire stock of the most sought-after gift, The Patty Panda doll! Barney and his friends sneak into the local department store after hours hoping to use the rare toys to swap for things on their own list. Things don’t go exactly as planned when Forte and his slick gang of tight suit-wearing thieves, show up with the same idea.

#8. Snowbound For Christmas

If you love romance, you will definitely want to see Snowbound For Christmas.

When a high-powered CEO gets trapped by a snowstorm with his ultra-efficient executive assistance he can no longer deny he has feelings for her as more than an employee.

#9. Middleton Christmas

In a small town, high-school dean Alana and her vivacious teenage daughter Samantha plan a holiday concert to save the school with the help of the new maintenance man, Army veteran Johnny. It is a must-watch. So, head on to Youtube and go check it out!

#10. Christmas Catch

Detective Mackenzie Bennett is hot on the trail of Carson, a suspected diamond thief, and goes undercover to catch him in the act. While undercover, Mack not only falls for Carson but begins to suspect that he’s been framed.

#11. Santa’s Castle

L. Frank Baum is attempting to write a new story. Before he has written more than his name, he is interrupted by his youngest son, Kenneth, and their dog, Dorothy.

Persuaded to write about Santa Claus by Kenneth, and with the support of his butler, he spins a yarn about a “Santanapping” preventing Santa Claus from performing his annual duties and the ambition of the young ryl, Whisk, to assist in Santa Claus’s rides, who, with Kilter the pixie and Nutter the knook, has to do just that, according to Santa Claus’s emergency orders. This is one of the free holiday movies you will enjoy.

#12. Christmas with Prince

Pediatric specialist Tasha Mason is focused on keeping the kids in her ward as healthy as possible. But when the handsome Prince Alexander Cavalieri breaks his leg on a nearby ski slope, Tasha is forced to allow him to secretly get well on her floor, and she’s furious that a spoiled Royal is interrupting the precious healing time her kids need.

Soon, however, Tasha learns that some tough love and a lot of Christmas spirit could turn this royal pain into a knight in shining armor.

#13. Christmas with a Crown

When a successful woman returns to her hometown to revive her family’s Christmas festival, she meets a dashing stranger who’s volunteered to help organize the event. Sparks begin to fly between them, but little does she know that he’s really a prince in disguise, longing to find the true spirit of the holidays! It will take a Christmas miracle of royal proportions for their hearts to meet as one.

#14. His Her Christmas

This is one free Christmas movie on YouTube you won’t want to miss. It’s about two newspaper columnists who have a battle of the sexes at Christmas in a small town.

#15. Alone for Christmas

Alone for Christmas is a movie showing on the Family Central Youtube channel written by Nancy Leopardi, Naomi L. Selfman, Kevin Sorbo, David DeLuise | Kim Little, and Davis Cleveland, with Joseph J. Lawson as the director.

Storyline: It’s Christmas Eve and a family leave their dog home alone. But a burglar appears.

#16. Brat Holiday Spectacular

Brat Holiday Spectacular is a great Christmas movie you wouldn’t want to miss. It is a highly rated movie with over 7m views showing on Brat TV.

#17. A Gift for Christmas

A Gift for Christmas is Directed by Tom Whitus and written by John B. VanMeter and Tom Whitus Stars: Bruce Davison, Dee Wallace, Jenn Gotzen. You can see it on the EncourageTV Youtube channel.

This movie is about Christmas time at the home of George and Denise but all is not well – George is worried about a friend while Denise frets over at the Christmas concert at their church. Solutions come to the fore on a Silent Night, when everyone is reminded of The Gift of Christmas.

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#18. Christmas Town

This movie is about a certain woman named Lauren Gabriel who leaves everything behind in Boston to embark on a new chapter in her life and career. But an unforeseen detour to the charming town of Grandon Falls has her discover unexpected new chapters – of the heart and of a family – helping her to embrace, once again, the magic of Christmas.

#19. Christmas Princess

A Christmas Princess is one of the free Christmas movies on YouTube that everyone wants to see maybe because it is based on a true life story.

This free holiday movie narrates the story of young Jessica, a high school girl who overcomes her traumatic past to become a pageant princess.

#20. A Christmas Star

A Christmas Star, Starring Erin Galway-Kendrick, Robert James-Collier, Bronagh Waugh, directed by Richard Elson.

This movie is about a young girl, born in dramatic circumstances under the Christmas Star, Noelle believes she has the gift to perform strange miracles. When conniving developer McKerrod threatens her peaceful life, she teams up with a misfit gang to save the village from demolition. However, one by one her friends lose faith in Noelle’s abilities and she is left to fight McKerrod on her own.

#21. On the Second Day Of Christmas

This is one of the Christmas movies to watch. It is timeless. You can’t get tired of seeing it.

Storyline: Hulk Mark Ruffalo in one of his earlier roles as a store employee catches a con woman trying to steal from a department store on Christmas. His character agrees to be responsible for the con woman and her niece over the holidays to prevent them from staying with social services. A romance develops!

Christmas movies are timeless! Take advantage of the Christmas movies on our list. They will give you a warm holiday feeling. You can even earn over $1,000 watching Christmas Movies. Learn How To Get Paid To Watch Hallmark Movies. Also, check out 20 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas for your loved ones.

Christmas Movies On Youtube FAQs

Where can I see free Christmas movies?

There are numerous channels to see free Christmas Movies online. YouTube and Tubi are typical examples of some of them.

What is a good Christmas movie to watch with family?

A good Christmas movie to watch with family is one that upholds the reason for the season. Santa Claus is coming to Town tops the chart of free holiday movies to watch with family.

What is the number one family Christmas movie?

Miracle on 34th Street is the number one family Christmas movie to watch in 2023.


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