19 Ways to Get a Free Costco Membership Seamlessly in 2022

A Costco free membership offers you more than just shopping for food at a beloved warehouse.

Traveling as a Costco member grants you access to its exclusive travel service which allows you to negotiate rates on vacation packages, cruises hotels, and even rental cars. Sadly, Costco membership is not free – this means you must pay to enjoy these services.

Well, if you would just exercise a little more patience, this article will take you on a smooth ride on how to get a free Costco Membership in 2022.

Amazing, right? This joy will be more astounding if you read this piece to the end. The table of contents below highlights these possible ways to get a free Costco membership. It reveals further, a series of relevant questions duly answered in this piece.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Costco?

Pondering on why you shouldn’t just purchase your membership instead of surfing the internet? Well, you should tarry a little while before parting with at least $60.

There are better ways to get this offer. Costco membership costs $60 a year for its least or rather basic version. To get Costco Gold Star Executive Membership a year costs $120.

It offers a 2% cashback reward of up to $1, 000. If this sounds exorbitant, yet you really wish to become a Costco member, I will surely show you how.

Does Costco have Free Membership?

Sadly, Costco doesn’t offer free membership. Even discounted membership on Costco, you are likely not to find one.

However, Costco promises you can recover your membership fee once you start shopping. Since there is no offer of free membership – wondering what is the least Costco membership?

What is the Least Expensive Costco Membership?

I like the term least expensive. Because the least Costco membership is still expensive though.

The cheapest Costco membership is the Gold Star Status. It grants you access to every Costco location worldwide and every member of your household can use Costco.

It cost $60 a year, and the next option cost $120.

What Does Costco Membership Offer?

Becoming a Costco member entails enjoying all Costco membership deals. According to Mashed, below are a number of membership deals you can enjoy as a Costco member.

  • Get a membership at a discount
  • Pay at Costco with more payment methods
  • You can always get a refund if you’re not happy with your membership
  • Costco members can share membership
  • Costco membership gets you into any store in the world

How Long Does Costco Membership Last?

Depending on your Costco membership status, your annual payment expires every 12 months. You have until the last day of the month to renew your subscription.

However, if renewal is done 2 months after the expiration of the current membership, there will be an extension of 12 months from that expiration date.

It is obvious that Costco membership costs a lot of money right? This article will now show 19 ways to get a free Costco membership card to enjoy Costco membership deals.

How Do I Get a Free Costco membership?

The two possible ways to get a free Costco membership is through –

  • offsetting the membership cost
  • finding membership deals
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Either with the $60 dollars or $120 dollars plan, you would have to save more than the membership cost over the course of one year. If you pull this string; then, the membership cost is basically free.

Offset the membership by keeping track of your savings with these options:

#1. Purchasing a Kirkland Brand

Kirkland brands are available only at Costco. Although not entirely a brand name, it is a Costco’s private label that is worth buying.

You can shop anything from canned tuna to baby diapers -just make sure that whatever you are buying is a Kirkland brand product.

If you buy Kirkland brands, you are indirectly buying the big brands under the Kirkland name. And, it allows you to save more as you aim to offset your membership fee.

For instance, Macallan 18 manufacturer produces Kirkland scotch while its Vodka is manufactured by Grey Goose.

#2. Buying Tires

Another trick to offsetting your membership fee is by replacing your car tires regularly.

You are bound to find excellent prices on tire brands that you trust. In fact, most of them offer fantastic add on services like lifetime rotation, warranties replacements, and inflation with nitrogen from the service departments.

Basically, you will have your car driving safely on the road with rebates that could aid offset the cost of a new membership.

#3. Buying Gas

With Costco, using a lot of fuel in a month could be one way to offset your membership cost.

It offers low-cost fuel that aids you to cut down on your monthly fuel budget. You will surely get the best prices at Costco. Use the Costco membership deals to get a Costco free membership.

#4. Purchasing Gift Cards

Buying Costco bulk gift card packages can help you save big. Basically, you will spend between 25% and 35% on gift cards.

If you have to purchase a lot of gift cards, purchasing Costco bulk gift cards at a discounted price may be one way to offset your entire membership cost.

#5. Look out for Instant Costco Coupons

Costco usually has a monthly book full of coupons. With these coupons, you can achieve great savings. Interestingly, you do not need to have coupons with you to make the most of your savings.

Well, you should keep track of these savings because these coupons are easy to use. And, you may use them without realizing you have.

This can easily add up and aid you to hit the 60 dollar membership fee without so much ado.

#6. Use Ibotta

If you’re wondering how to go shopping without your coupons, Ibotta is your best bet.

With Ibotta, you can circumvent the no coupon policy. Sadly, you may not earn savings at the register, except you claim your rebates by taking pictures.

If you continually use Ibotta in a year, you may offset the cost of your membership within the year. This can fetch you a Costco free membership.

#. 7 Purchase Movie Tickets

You can buy your movie tickets at Costco to avoid the price tags. Interestingly, Costco may offer Costco membership deals on 10 movie tickets for as low as 89 -90 dollars.

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You may also find good offers on food Vouchers which reduces the cost of popcorn and soda for you. Purchasing candy in bulk at Costco and sneaking it into movies can save you cost.

With this, you may offset membership cost to enjoy Costco membership offers.

#8. Maximize Cash Back Rewards

When you buy cards that offer you cash rewards, it can help offset your annual membership fee completely.

However, the cash can only be used at Costco and this cash back program is only available for the executive level membership. A purchase like gas, gift cards, and food court does not qualify.

#9. Make the most of the Price Protection Plan

With Costco, you can get your money back whenever you buy an item that later goes on sale or has a price reduction of some kind.

Simply show the customer service desk your receipt once you notice the reduction, They will help you get your money back. If you keep track of your savings, this will help you hit the $60 mark.

You can also get a free Costco membership in 2022 by finding a Membership Deal. This feat can be achieved through the following ways:

#10. Look out for Groupon and Social Living Deals

On Groupon and Social Living, you may find a discounted membership fee. If not you may find a package deal that makes the purchase worth it.

These two have offered amazing Costco membership deals in the past. So, if no deal is currently available, be patient -one may arise in the future.

To get notified of the latest Groupon Costco membership deals, simply sign up for the newsletters.

#11. Ask Questions

Although it is quite weird, it also works. Asking questions is one informal way of seeking a discounted or free membership.

Basically, you need to get a group together. Your group could be made up of family, friends, or even a singles group. The only binding feature to make this work is everyone in the group is seeking a Costco membership.

Afterward, take the list to the store manager at Costco. Simply ask if they will give your group Costco membership at a discounted rate if everyone on your list bought a membership.

The answer could be yes or no. You never can tell if it would be a yes if you don’t try. There is absolutely no harm in trial. It has worked a couple of times in the past.

Your group could just make it happen again.

#12. Create a Test Trial

One of the benefits of Costco membership is that you can get a full refund anytime you are no longer satisfied with your membership.

So, you can create a free trial for yourself. Check out the amazing Costco membership deals. If it doesn’t sit right with you, simply ask for a refund.

This is quite tricky. To be on the safe side, you should set a reminder so you can actually cancel on time.

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#13. Use Costco Cash Card

To use this channel, get a family member or close friend that is willing to help. Simply go with them and purchase a Costco cash card from the customer service desk.

Once you get the card, start shopping immediately. With this, you can save money at Costco without a Costco free membership card.

#14. Purchase from Food Court

If you already have a Costco membership, take advantage of the cheap food at the food court. Walk out with something in your hands after walking around the store.

#15. Purchase items online

Purchasing from Costco.com as a non-member attracts an extra 5% over the member price. This does not apply to prescription drugs.

You do not pay a surcharge on such an order and it is a great option if you are looking to buy a few things.

If you keep track of a number of good deals, you may be able to offset membership costs.

#16. Make Purchases without membership

Costco allows non-members to purchase certain items without Free Costco Membership card. For instance, you can purchase alcohol from Costco if you drink it regularly.

You can get the best deals from Kirkland brands. This will save you more money. Interestingly, you can use these savings without a membership.

#17. Buy Prescriptions

Common medications are cheaper when purchased from Costco. Both members and non-members can buy these prescriptions. Specific laws made by FDA make this possible.

This is another great way to maximize your savings.

#18. Use Costco Optical Services

Costco optical attends to both individuals with Costco membership card and non members. Although you need a Costco membership to purchase glasses or contacts, it is still a great way to shop at Costco.

#19. Just Keep the Savings

If after reading through this piece, you feel like these ways to get a free Costco membership won’t work for you, simply keep the savings.

With the ways listed above, you can still purchase at Costco price without Costco membership card.

However, if you do not wish to purchase a Costco membership card, then keep the savings and price match from other stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and others.


Costco membership offers are a great deal and attracts numerous benefits. Getting one can be a great challenge although it is totally worth it.

If the cost of purchasing the least package seems exorbitant to you, do try these ways to get a Free Costco Membership in 2022. Carefully, read through to find an opportunity that works best for you.



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