FreeTaxUSA Reviews 2022: Is FreeTaxUSA Legit or a new Scam?

Paying your tax is a civic responsibility you must fulfill as a citizen. However, you should not spend all your money on charges that come from using tax-paying platforms. A reasonable thing to do would be to avoid these charges or leverage on a platform that offers little or no charges.

In my analysis of these platforms, I came across the FreeTaxUSA. This platform offered a lot of incredible features and amazing plans as well. Don’t worry, this FreeTaxUSA review will discuss all their aspects.

Generally, this content will completely review the FreeTaxUSA platform and will show you how to save costs on your taxes with each payment.

What is FreeTaxUSA?

Finding a credible tax-paying system will give you less stress and afford you an opportunity to fulfill your duty on time in addition to avoiding litigation.

When you need an efficient and credible tax-paying system with minimum charges, then FreeTaxUSA will do the job for you. Additionally, you can easily track your tax records and get notifications towards payments and receipts.

What are the Features of FreeTaxUSA?

When you enter the FreeTaxUSA platform, you have access to a lot of offers which include:

  • Free Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Tax Extensions
  • Prior Year Taxes
  • Self-Employed Taxes
  • 1099 Taxes

Free Edition

The free edition offers you free software that can help you fulfill your tax duties easily. You don’t pay anything at all except a state return of $12.95 which the organization uses to fund itself.

Whether it has to deal with tax for investments, itemized deductions, home ownerships etc, FreeTaxUSA will help you process your tax payment seamlessly.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of this platform is an assistant that covers up your tax blushes everywhere. In fact, their duty is to ensure you never get into any fix with the federation agencies.

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Under the Deluxe Edition, you have access to features such as

  • Live Chat & Priority Support
  • Unlimited Amendments
  • Audit Assist

Now you can agree that this FreeTaxUSA review has shown you don’t need to even think about paying your taxes when you leverage this organized system. And what’s shocking is that it costs about $6.99 per month.

Tax Extensions

You shouldn’t stop your vacation or return from a distant place when your tax is due and you don’t have the form and other information you need to process your payment. It’s unnecessary strenuous in every way.

So, this part of the FreeTaxUSA review will tell you that you can easily leverage tax extension filling. You can file your extensions for a year beyond the first month of the year ahead.

Every extension changes your deadline, which can help you plan ahead and remove accidental charges. With tax extensions, you extend and set payment dates for your taxes as you also receive a notification on tax payments.

Prior Year Taxes

Sorting out details of tax payments on some other platforms is demanding – you will need to stream through a lot of data and files.
FreeTAxUSA removes the inconvenience by giving you an option to print data from taxes of prior years.

With this information, you can defend any litigation regarding tax payments that come your way.

Self-Employed Taxes

As a business owner/self-employed individual, you need to be up-to-date with your taxes. Whether rental income, health insurance income, or any other income, you get a self-employed tax filing for free.

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Compared to other platforms, our FreeTaxUSA review shows you get tax return backup, filling history, itemized deductions, and more for free.

1099 Taxes

When you need a tax refund, it’s always a herculean process with so many platforms. However, with FreTaxUSA, you pay absolutely nothing for the seamless tax refund process.

The 1099 forms can help you pay your taxes and perform transactions cut across government payments, home sales, tuition program distributions, stocks and interest etc.

What is the FreeTaxUSA Promo Code?

Occassionally, FreeTaxUSA offers promo codes on different platforms which gives discounts on their premium offers. Our FreeTaxUSA review signals that these promo codes are usually for off sitewide and they come in 10% and 25% cuts.

A great part of leveraging the promo codes is the free shipping attached to the offer. With free shipping, you can get your tax files in case you don’t want the download option.

How Do I Login into FreeTaxUSA?

When you want to sign in on the FreeTaxUSA webpage, you need to input your username and password. In case you forget your password, you will see an option “Help me get into my account”. When you click it, you can start and complete an account recovery process seamlessly.

Before you sign in, you have to choose the year in which you want the information to be displayed. This way, you get information depending on your choice, which makes for a better-organized process.

What Bank Does FreeTaxUSA Use?

FreeTaxUSA has a payment pattern that allows them to interact with a lot of banks. So, with this system taxpayers, irrespective of their banks, can pay their taxes on the platform duly and accordingly.


Therefore, you only need to fill your tax-paying form, bank detail, and they will take care of the rest for you.

How Do I Delete a FreeTaxUSA Account?

My FreeTaxUSA review shows you cannot delete your account. Sadly, however, I understand the difficulty involved in organizing the process and people’s desires to always return and make demands for certain data.

Making it impossible to delete your account is advantageous in every regard and is a win-win situation. But as you cannot delete the account, you can change all personal information which will make the account inactive.

What are the Pros & Cons of FreeTaxUSA?

This FreeTaxUSA review will not be complete without listing the pros and cons of this platform, which include:

Quality premium featuresInability to delete account
Affordable pricingDifficulty in eliminating personal information
Organized Documentation


Finding a platform that helps you transact your tax transactions easily is a real blessing. To make it better, they don’t charge any fees at all to help you start and complete this stressful process. In fact, they offer you an opportunity to let them take complete control of the process for a little fee.

I am sure this FreeTaxUSA review has helped you finally decide to use this platform for your tax transactions. Seamless, organized and free are the words that best describe this platform.



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