15 Best Funny Christmas Gift Ideas

I have received and given loads of Christmas gifts, and while a lof them were very interesting gifts, a lot could also pass for funny. Maybe not the haha funny, but still funny regardless and I will be sharing some as my funny Christmas gift ideas.

These ideas should help you get funny, yet thoughtful Christmas presents for your loved ones and you don’t need to break a sweat for them.


Christmas was one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I always looked forward to the gifts and the opportunity to reconnect with extended family. I’m grown now and nothing has changed about that.

I still can’t wait to get gifts for nieces, and see the smiles on their faces, nor can I wait to get mine that always has a way of amusing me.

I will briefly share some of these thoughtful, yet funny Christmas gift ideas, and hope that it helps you put a smile on someone’s face this season.

15 Best Funny Christmas Gift Ideas

Below are some of the funny Christmas gift ideas you should consider:

#1. A Merry Christmas Pillow

With this lovely throw pillow, you may give a home a stylish and inviting look. Filled with polyester fibers and made of 100 percent cotton. The holiday wishes “Merry Christmas” are stitched in gold lurex against a red background on a pillow with a delightful touch.

A crisp knife-edge finish is one of the additional qualities. This elegant pillow will complement the decor of whoever you gift it to. It’s a perfect Christmas gift idea that will be appreciated by your older friends or their kids, or even your own kids.

#2. Christmas Socks

You can never go wrong with Christmas socks. We all need a new pair every now and then – and who says no to beautiful, colorful Christmas socks?

I&S 6 Pairs Crew Christmas Socks comes in different size and patterns for men, women, and children. The sock is comfy, warm, made of polyester, and can be washed and reused.

Click the button below to check it out.

#3. Gemmy Airblown Car Buddy Santa

With this Gemmy Airblown inflatable Car friend Santa, you can now take Santa for a trip. It’s quite easy to put together; it comes with everything you’ll need to plug it in, inflate it, and then strap it.

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Car friend Santa may be used on any passenger seat and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor tethers and stakes are included. It’s simple to inflate and deflate. This is the best gift you can give this Christmas.

#4. Christmas Glitter Party Glasses Frame 

Your Christmas party will be more fun and stylish with these distinctive, one-of-a-kind glasses. There are 15 different forms of festive glasses in the bundle, including Santa Clause, Snowman, Santa Hat, Elk, Elkhorn, Merry Christmas, and other unusual shapes.

They are long-lasting, lightweight, and pressure-free, making them suitable for both young and old persons.

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#5. Lighted Christmas Deer Family 

Having gorgeous lighted reindeer is a unique way to decorate your home this Christmas. This Christmas deer is constructed of waterproof acrylic material and is specifically designed for outdoor use.

Because it is waterproof, it may be used in all weather. The beautiful design and luminous appearance will add warmth to the space of whomever you give it to.

Consider it a piece of artwork, and your front space or that of your neighbors/friend as its gallery.

It’s an ideal gift and can easily infuse the Christmas and new year fever – this is why it makes it to our funny Christmas gift ideas.

#6. Printed Christmas Table Cloth

This would be just great for Christmas dinners and brunches. Whether you’re getting it for yourself or someone else, you can’t go wrong with a costume Christmas table clothe.

The clothes are made of 100% polyester and it’s totally reusable and washable. It comes in different color varieties and isn’t just a funny Christmas gift idea, but also a thoughtful one.

#7. Christmas Pizza Slice Glass

This trinket will come in handy as a decoration for your Christmas tree. It’s cute, funny, and handmade. The ornament is painted with sparkle-like stuff to give it a shiny effect, and with its pizza-shaped design and look, it will be so convincing and attractive on the tree.

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This is why it’s on our list of funny Christmas gift ideas. It’s definitely a great gift for pizza lovers.

#8. 5 Rolls Merry Christmas Santa Claus Toilet Paper Tissue

These toilet paper tissues have a Christmas flavor to them. Because these tissue papers are incredibly soft and smooth to use, they can be utilized to decorate tables during gatherings. They’re made of virgin wood pulp, which is both safe to use and good for the environment.

It’s highly absorbent and free of any powder that could create an allergic reaction. These festive Christmas Santa Claus toilet paper tissues can add interest and appeal to your celebration.

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#9. Liar! Liar! – Pants on Fire!

Each card in this fast-paced and simple game contains three statements: one lie and two truths. Choose your fact by rolling the dice and reading it aloud to see if you can persuade your opponents that you’re telling the truth while maintaining a straight face! 

This can help lighten the mood at Christmas parties and have everyone bonding. Additionally, It’s literally a funny game to play, that’s why it’s on our list of funny Christmas gift ideas.

#10. Custom Personalized Coffee Mug

Imagine sending a mug with your face plastered on it to a friend or family staying hundreds of miles away. While it’s very inexpensive, it will be appreciated a lot.

And look at the bright side, they get to see your face every morning they want to take a cup of coffee. So you’re actually there every morning even though you’re not.

#11. Elope Grinch Best Santa Hat And Beard

This adorable grinch beard Santa cap will bring a smile to everyone’s face this Christmas. The hat is constructed of 100% polyester and is available in one size to fit most heads. The Red Grinch Beard Santa hat is ideal for all teens and adults who wish to pull out some grinch Christmas antics.

12. Picture Frame Ornaments

Just like Christmas Pizza Slice Glass ornaments they can be used to beautify your Christmas tree. The good thing is you can have your pictures in these frames, or let whoever you’re giving it put what they’d prefer.

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#13. Musical Snow Globe Waterball

Send Christmas greetings to your loved ones with this melodic water ball snow globe. The globe has a cute pink flamingo standing on one leg, winding up and playing “We wish you a Merry Christmas,” while wearing a Santa hat and scarf and standing on a palm tree base to display festive joy.

It’s a terrific centerpiece for placing on a table shelf and makes a great gift for folks who enjoy gathering memorable moments.

#14. Unisex Christmas Tree Hoodies Long Sleeve

The Dlrunop Unisex Christmas tree sweatshirt is constructed of a soft, lightweight, and extremely comfortable polyester material. The pattern is unique and stunning because it is printed using 3D technology. The hoodie is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, including animal, geometric, tie-dye, and space.

It makes for an awesome gift, and this is why it’s on our list of funny Christmas gift ideas.

#15. Christmas Light Projector

This professional snowflake projector is ideal for weddings, parties, the yard, the bedroom, the floors, or the walls for those who want to make their Christmas extra memorable. The projector can display four different dynamic snowflake patterns, each with a brighter and sharper image.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors in temperatures ranging from -31 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of whether it’s summer or winter.

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I hope this list of funny Christmas gift ideas helps you make a good decision when next you want to get a Christmas gift for yourself, your friend, or your family.

Save this, bookmark it or keep it however you want, you will need it in a few months. Thank me later!!



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