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After a hectic day, you decide to relax by watching a movie and you notice in the movie that some or all of the characters are animals with human-like characteristics.

It’s interesting to you yet you wonder how animal characters would have some human characteristics in movies. For example, animated Movies with characters like Sonic the hedgehog, Tom and Jerry, and Donald duke are Furry Art characters.  

You are done watching, but still, you wonder about the creativity behind those characters.

Wonder no more cause this article will take you into the world of furry art: what furry art is all about, furry art sites, what they do and how they work, 15 best furry art sites in 2023.

No rush but let’s go in


According to Wikipedia, furry art is a term used to describe artwork depicting anthropomorphic (the concept of attributing human characteristics to non-human beings) characters, animals, and avatars.

A person who creates furry art is called a Furry Artist.

In simple terms, furry art describes half-human, half-animal characters, also called Anthros.

What Furry art sites do you know?

A furry art site is any major community archive of graphic artwork, literature, and/or audio files focused entirely on furry content. 

A furry artist, or anthro artist, is a person who creates artistic works with the furry fandom in mind as the target audience, or who creates anthropomorphic art of interest to the fandom. The results of such artists are called Furry Art.

“Furry artist” is mainly used to identify those who create art such as drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, and other types traditionally thought of as visual/physical media. Those who write furry fiction are usually referred to as furry writers.

Performance furry artists are also subject to their own designation, such as fursuiters, puppeteers, furry musicians etc. Alternately, some artists of a certain art subset (e.g. comics), may append the term “furry” to their craft to further identify themselves on that particular field (e.g.furry cartoonist).

List of Best Furry art sites/ Artist

1.  Fur Affinity

Fur Affinity, also known as FA, is the furry fandom’s largest online community, focusing on promoting art, music and stories.

The site was created in 2005 by Alkora as an alternative to various art community sites such as SheezyArt and DeviantArt, distinguished by allowing artistic freedom of expression regardless of content rating. Dragoneer leads it.

Fur Affinity’s features for users include the ability to allow users to track new updates from particular artists; highlight favorites; and upload a wide variety of art (images, music and stories). The site attempts to promote community through its comments system and individual journals.

Privacy features are available for users being able to block guests from seeing their content with messages such as “Username” has elected to make their content available to registered users only” and being able to hide their adult, mature+adult, or all favourites from public view

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2. Weasyl

Weasyl is a social art gallery website that serves both the furry fandom and the broader online artistic community; it is “designed for artists, writers, musicians, and more to share their work with other artists and fans.

It’s primary features are media submissions, character profiles, and journal entries. Weasyl has added a commission marketplace, redesigned its thumbnail system to support larger images, and released its source code as open-source software.

Weasyl users can upload reference sheets of their original characters and fursonas by using character submissions; these are distinct from other submission types in that they specifically index biographical information and a physical description of the character.

Submissions can optionally be organized into user-defined folders; a special root folder is the default location.

If a user wishes to display artwork created by another person on their profile page, a collection feature allows them to post a link to the original submission in their gallery.

The purpose of this feature is to reduce duplicate submissions and give due credit to the artist, while still providing a means for other users (for example, those whose characters are depicted in the artwork) to direct their followers to view the work.

Artists who broadcast themselves composing artwork using a live video feed can send streaming notifications to their Weasyl followers, including a content description and link to the stream page; these notifications can be set to expire automatically after a specified amount of time. The user’s streaming status is also visible on their profile page.

Users can designate one another as friends, a relationship distinct from followers that allows them to share friends-only submissions with their chosen acquaintances.

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3. SoFurry

SoFurry is a furry website based on Yiffstar but expanding to non-adult content emphasizing user communities.

The site features a complete user community system which is used as a kind of collaborative filter. Users are encouraged to found or join “groups” that cover particular subject matters. These groups can have fully integrated forums and even web chatrooms.

Users can still use established features like personal watchlists to find new content. Still, they can also build a collaborative set of favorites within groups, thus allowing people who join groups to instantly browse a human-maintained gallery of content specifically matching the group’s topic. Groups are user-created and user-moderated.

In addition to the forums and chats within groups, the site also has global forums and chatrooms maintained by the site moderators. The site offers a one-time-pad authentication system for secure authentication over insecure networks and an API for application developers.

Another major feature is complete commission management and purchase system, in which users and artists can manage their list of in-progress commissions and sell and buy commission services. SoFurry does not handle payments or retain any percentages from commissions, the system is free for anyone.

Users can personalize their galleries with site banners, shown whenever someone views or browses their submissions.

Submissions can be personally grouped into sub-gallery folders to which other users can subscribe for updates of newer submissions. Stories can be downloaded in epub format, and folders containing stories can be downloaded as chaptered epub files.

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4. Furry Network

Furry Network is an online community that promotes art and creative works within the furry fandom.

The site allows for users to “promote” and/or “favorite” submissions. “Promoting” a submission results in the selected submission being shown publicly on the promoting user’s profile, while “favoriting” adds the submission to a gallery private to the favouriting user’s account.

The site also allows for one to import submissions, avatars, and watches from one’s Fur Affinity account. The site enables users to create multiple “character” profiles under one account. Users can group their submissions under folders, but they currently don’t allow for subscriptions.

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5. Furry Amino

Furry Amino is a community on the social networking and chats app Amino. Furry Amino has a standalone app released for iOS and Android. This app shares its features with any other community hosted on the Amino platform.

Furry Amino allows users to make blog posts, quizzes, and polls and share them with the community. Users can follow one another and see the posts of the users they are following directly on their timeline.

Public and private chats are both supported by instant messaging. The sexual content of any kind is disallowed on Furry Amino.

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6.  F-list

F-list (short for Fetish-list) is a directory of characters, and paraphilia associated with them, for roleplay. It allows users eighteen or older to list multiple characters for each account, talk in groups relevant to their interests, and chat in real-time through the site’s chat server for roleplay.

F-list has been a central roleplay hub for non-furries since its inception. Many people mistake ‘F-list’ for ‘Furry-List’, which it is not, and it continues to be a popular spot for roleplay, general conversation, and meeting people with shared interests, both sexual and non-sexual.

F-list is formatted as a list-based database of characters. Each member can register multiple characters to their profile, and each character is assigned its list of “kinks” divided into four categories: “Fave”, “Yes”, “Maybe”, and “No”. Each category represents a different level of how much a character enjoys a certain kink.

Upon creating a character, the user is given an expansive list of “kinks”, or paraphilias, to choose from. They are prompted to sort them into one of the four categories for their public profile or to leave them blank to exclude them altogether.

As well as a large number of predetermined kinks available for selection, all members are allotted 500 “custom kinks”, which allow for the input of custom interests that may not otherwise be available for selection already.

Subscribers, or members who donate to the site for its server upkeep and other expenses, are not limited in the number of custom kinks they may add to their characters’ public profiles.

Communication between members can either be done through the use of “notes”, or through the chat service that F-list provides to its members.

“Notes” serve as a method of contacting other members who may not be online, don’t use the chat function, or prefer the privacy of snail-mail messaging, and work much like private messaging on forums and other chat-board-based services

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7.  Furvilla

Favilla is a browser-based online pet game featuring furry villagers, similar to Neopets and Flight Rising. Favilla is made with panties. Panties are custom designs that players can use to personalize their villagers.

Painties are made by editing a pre-existing Furvilla villager base with external editing software and can range from a simple recolor to a modification of the line.

 Uploading a painting costs 250 FurDollars, approximately USD 2.50.

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8.  Inkbunny

Inkbunny is a furry art community, showcasing artwork, comics, stories, music, and animations for fans of anthropomorphic animals.

This app exists to help artists share and sell their work. The site once took a commission on the sale and distribution of high-resolution digital downloads and prints, but now donations and merchandise are its sole sources of income; no fees are charged to join, display work, engage in business or accept donations on the site.

Inkbunny welcomes furries with various interests, fetishes, and ‘philias. Members can moderate their submissions and journals to facilitate positive interactions, ban disruptive users from commenting and contacting them, and block work by keyword, rating or artist.

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9.   REDDIT: Subreddit

Furry subreddit or furry Reddit is a user-created community (known as a subreddit) on the news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website Reddit dedicated to discussing relevant information and media regarding the furry fandom.

The subreddit was created in May 2008 by a user named Corbin Fox, and as of October 2018, over 61,000 users, also known as redditfurs, are subscribed to this subreddit.

Being a subreddit dedicated to the furry fandom, subscribers can share furry-related artwork, stories, videos, and photography to one another that can be voted on. Users can also start discussions about the fandom or ask questions to other subscribers.

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10.  TELEGRAM: Telegram Furlist 

Telegram Furlist (also known as Furry Telegram Groups) is a website that lists furry groups for the cloud-based instant messenger Telegram. The website allows the listing of both SFW and NSFW groups.

The website allows people to list their groups utilizing their Telegram bot, FurListBot, which handles all edits to the website by users. Groups are sorted by categories such as conventions, interests, websites, or species.

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11.  Fox Amoore (Artist)

Fox Amoore, also known as Amoore (born 26 August 1984), is a Scottish full-time professional musician in the furry fandom. He currently serves as an administrator of Fur Affinity.

Though Fox Amoore focuses primarily on original modern classical works, he has also gained a reputation for his interpretations of soundtracks, popular music, and, most commonly, video game music. His experimental pieces are also popular, ranging from ragtime to dance and techno.

Fox Amoore is constantly updating and upgrading his musical equipment and studio set-up to provide the best sound possible. Some of his tools of the trade include a Roland Fantom X8 keyboard, a Yahama Tyros keyboard, Symphonic Orchestra Platinum and Symphonic Choir Virtual Instruments, and Cubase 5 recording software.

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12. RukisCroas (Artist)

Rukis Croax is an Americanskaya anthro artist and writer who lives near Greenville, South Carolina, USA. RukisCroax is the creator, writer and illustrator of the Cruelty comic and its sequel Unconditional, and the co-creator, writer and co-illustrator of the Red Lantern comic.

Rukis’ first comic, Cruelty, was published by FurPlanet and debuted at Anthrocon in 2010. At 44 pages, Rukis considered this a “practice comic.” However, it sold out within the first day of the convention, and Rukis went on to create a sequel (Unconditional).

In 2009 she started Red Lantern. The second volume of the comic, which is planned to be made in four volumes, is currently in writing and is released on Fur Affinity before its printed release, which will include sex scenes. The first volume was co-drawn by Alector Fencer, however, she was replaced by Myenia in 2012.

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13. Uncle Kage

Dr. Samuel Conway, also known as KagemushiGoro or Uncle Kage, is Chairman of Anthrocon, and regularly attends many other furry conventions.

He has been a guest of honour at numerous conventions, both in and out of the furry world, including Albany Anthrocon, Feral! 2001, ConClave, Duckon, Eurofurence 8 (2002), Furlaxation 2012, Philippine Anthro Festival 2014, Fur Reality 2015, and Arizona Fur Con 2015.

Uncle Kage’s name is actually an abbreviation of KagemushiGoro, or the Samurai Cockroach, his selected fursona (kagemushi is Japanese for shadow bug; this is, in turn, a pun on the Japanese term kagemusha).

In 2001, Uncle Kage went incognito to MephitFurmeet 5 as “The Unknown Furry”, wearing a cheaply-designed fursuit, including a mask made from a paper bag.

Kage was introduced to furry fandom by Jim Groat at Noreascon in 1989. He became a regular of FurryMUCK in 1991 and still spends time there in the evenings.

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14. Kenket

Kenket, also known as Tess Garman, is an artist and convention-goer. Her fursona is a raven, and her artwork often depicts ravens, tigers, coyotes, and dogs. She used to work in collaboration with BlackTeagan under the name Blotch and is a freelance illustrator.

Kenket’s work has appeared in Cricket magazine, several regional publications, and the TV show Stacked, and has been used as the basis for DVD menus. She helped put together The Bestiary Card Deck, worked on the Kennel Club deck, and the Wish You Were Here calendar.

Before moving to California to be with her now ex-husband, Gatcat, she lived in England. After California, she lived with Kyoht and Gre7g in Utah and for a very short while in Washington. She has lived in Colorado with BlackTeagan since 2006.

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15. Dark Natasha

Dark Natasha (born 1972) is a furry artist from Evergreen, Colorado, who began her art career doing covers for Furrlough and a comic for Genus published by Radio Comix. Her first furry convention was ConFurence 10 in 1999.

Natasha’s artwork proved popular, and since then she has been one of the top-selling furry artists. Her work tends to be realistic and were-like, but she also does pure fantasy paintings.

Dark Natasha is probably best known for her paintings and drawings of fantastical creatures (not just furry). Still, she has done works in a variety of media and genres, including very realistic pictures of birds and other animals. She is a regular at Further Confusion and generally sells prints and does sketchbook commissions.

One of her more well-known pieces, a five-foot-long, two-hundred-pound dragon, was acquired by TCI/Jones Intercable CEO Glen Jones. Today that sculpture resides in the main lobby of the telecommunication giant’s headquarters in Denver.

Dark Natasha was introduced to furry art with the work of Terrie Smith, although she had been drawn to fantasy artwork and had previously drawn anthropomorphic characters.  Her first furry convention was ConFurence 10.

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Furry art is used to describe half-human, half-animal characters also called Anthros while a furry artist is a person who creates furry art. The audience interested in furry arts is called Furry Fandom,  i hope this article has given a simpler 


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