Gabi Auto Insurance Reviews 2022: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Do you have insurance? Is probably one question you’ll hear over and again. Your spouse just might end the relationship with you because your insurance is not up to date.

That sounds crazy, right?

Insurance has taken root in almost everything we do.

Having insurance alone gives you the confidence to live life freely knowing full well you’re covered, that no matter what happens, someone’s got your back.

In this post, we shall be taking a special look at Gabi Insurance and everything you need to know about this insurance company which will let you know if the company is a scam or a legit company. We shall also take a look at its 2022 reviews. 

Carefully read through this article to the end as it promises to be insightful and informative.

What is Gabi Insurance?

Gabi insurance is an online insurance broker based in San Francisco. It was founded in 2016 and allows users to compare auto insurance prices from leading insurance companies for free. Often called the “Amazon” of insurance, Gabi Insurance works with insurance companies to help individuals compare rates and obtain coverage in just a few minutes. You can also use Gabi to receive prices for other forms of insurance and to look for multi-policy discounts. The company is an insurance comparison tool whose purpose is to assist individuals in finding the best offer in the shortest amount of time.

To obtain the greatest price on premiums, financial experts recommend researching auto insurance quotes at least twice a year. If you’ve ever had to go through the usual insurance quotation, comparison, and purchase process, you know how inconvenient and time-consuming it can be. Even when using an independent broker, comparing enough options to ensure you are getting the best rates can be difficult. Gabi enters the picture at this point.

The company was formed with the goal of saving customers money on auto, renters, house, and umbrella insurance by discovering better and cheaper prices. What sets them apart is that when your insurance’s renewal period expires, they’ll look for a better, less expensive policy for you.

Gabi works with more than 40 insurers to help drivers compare coverage and costs, including Progressive, Travelers, Safeco, Clearcover, and Nationwide. Gabi’s network of firms also provides rates for landlords, renters, umbrellas, and house insurance, in addition to motor insurance.

My experience with Gabi

Gabi is a free insurance comparison service that lets you compare rates and get the best policy for you. You’ll get the pricing for the exact coverage you require in minutes. Gabi is also an insurance broker with licenses in all 50 states.

You might have compared the greatest insurance coverage in the past by arduously studying and visiting or calling many brokers. Typically, people become fatigued by all of this work and settle for a subpar job simply because it is less expensive.

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Platforms nowadays provide a rapid comparison of the best available deals with little effort or headache. Gabi is a cutting-edge insurance broker for renters, auto, house, and more, and she’s creating a new standard by providing the finest deals available today.

If you haven’t shopped or looked around for a new policy in a while, you should use Gabi’s platform to see if you’re paying too much for your present insurance.

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Things you need to know before requesting a quote on Gabi

It’s possible that the original quote you receive will alter. You obtain an initial price based on your current insurance right away. The insurance company must approve this quote, which often entails confirming your driving record, loss history, and other factors. This process can take up to 24 hours, however, we were approved in just an hour.

There’s no guarantee that the coverage of your current insurance matches that of the quote. Gabi strives to match the coverage on your current insurance as closely as possible to the coverage on your quoted policy, but you should verify the coverage specifics to make sure you’re getting an apples-to-apples quotation.

Gabi is a full-service agent, not just a pricing comparison tool. That implies you’re buying the coverage directly from Gabi, rather than going through the insurer’s website.

Gabi connects you with more than 40 insurance companies. However, don’t expect to receive quotations from 40 different insurance firms; many companies are only available in certain areas, while others specialize in specific types of insurance.

Before you can see the authorized prices, you must first provide payment information. While Gabi does not charge you until you have viewed and approved the final rate, you must enter your payment information in order to receive those rates.

When you connect your existing insurance account, the quoting procedure is sped up. If you have to upload a PDF, it must be manually checked before you can view the pricing.

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How Is Gabi Insurance able to instantly compare multiple quotes?

Gabi’s technology accesses details on your existing insurance coverage using your current insurance policy’s account credentials or a PDF of your policy declaration page.

After that, it compares your current policy to offers from its network of insurance companies to find the best deal. Gabi will also inform you if the companies in Gabi’s network are unable to provide lower-cost coverage.

Gabi Insurance claims it can perform all of this in just two minutes — assuming its technology can’t automatically validate facts about your current coverage. The process could take up to two days if this happens.

But the wait might be worthwhile: Gabi claims to be able to save two-thirds or 70% of its customer’s money, on average $961 every year, according to its website. It’s worth noting that Gabi always shows the policy with the lowest rates first.

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While it may be tempting to go with the lowest policy, check sure the coverage and insurance company fit your requirements.

Characteristics of Gabi Insurance

Here are a few features of Gabi insurance:

  • Easy to navigate – When you’re looking for a new policy, you don’t have to fill out lengthy questionnaires or go through laborious procedures.
  • It allows you to link your current insurance – Potential clients only need to link their current insurance account or upload their current insurance coverage plan. Gabi then evaluates the information provided and looks for the same coverage choices at a lower cost.
  • Superfast – The platform can return a quote from many vendors in as little as two minutes (although it may take up to 28 hours if you upload your policy manually). In seven out of ten cases, the proposed quotations are less expensive than the premium you’re paying for your current policy.
  • Gabi also provides consumers who are not already insured by any insurance plan with a quick estimate after gathering some basic information. Customers wishing to change policies or simply compare pricing can use the site to ease the insurance transaction.
  • Gabi offers a variety of products – Gabi offers stand-alone and bundled insurance quotations for a variety of insurance types and coverage options, including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, landlord insurance, and umbrella insurance.

How Much Does Gabi Insurance Cost?

All Gabi coverage reviews and quotations are provided without charge. Customers are not charged any fees by the platform. Gabi instead earns money from the insurance providers with which they partner when a customer purchases an insurance plan through their site.

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How To Sign up On Gabi Insurance

It’s simple and free to sign up on Gabi. To get started, you need to submit the following: your name, date of birth, email address, and phone number

After that, you have to link your account or upload your insurance policy. Gabi will be able to locate you the same coverage at a lower cost as a result of this. It’s pointless to acquire a cheaper policy if it doesn’t provide the same level of protection.

Moving on, you wll have to log in with the same credentials you use for your current insurer’s online account to link your insurance account. If you’d rather upload your declaration page, go to your existing insurer’s website and download a coverage PDF, which you can then upload to Gabi’s platform directly.

There are some providers that the organization cannot process right away and must wait a maximum of 48 hours. However, in such cases, they normally respond within 24 hours. The process is usually automated, and most assessments take only a few minutes.

After you’ve completed the process, you’ll need to fill out a few last-minute pieces of information. If you’re seeking automobile insurance, for example, you’ll need to provide additional information such as vehicle miles, driver’s license number, and a few other details.

You’ll get a list of insurance providers at the end of the procedure, as well as financial facts like annual/monthly rates and the amount you’ll save annually if you switch.

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If you like a policy, you can quickly switch and purchase a new policy through Gabi.

That’s all there is to it!

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Gabi Insurance Ratings

Gabi’s unique methodology simplifies the process of comparing and shopping for insurance. The firm brings together over 40 companies around the country and takes an unbiased approach to find you the cheapest pricing. Unlike many other online brokers, Gabi is devoted to not selling your information, so you won’t be bombarded with spam. Gabi is the place to go if you’re not sure where to start but want to compare and shop for new insurance rapidly.

Gabi has raised over $39 million in venture capital funding since its debut in 2016, and the list of investors is remarkable. Canvas Ventures, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, Securian Ventures, and others are among the notables. In addition, its management team has decades of experience and success in the insurance and marketplace industries. Gabi has a 4.8-star rating on Google and is a BBB-accredited business with over 1,000 reviews.

Pros of Gabi Auto Insurance

  • The average client saves $961 in premiums per year
  • Independent insurance broker with no conflicts of interest or prejudices
  • The Gabi site allows users to finish the whole process of securing a policy.
  • Customer service representative hours have been extended.
  • The entire procedure is simple and quick to perform.

Cons of Gabi Auto Insurance

  • Even when browsing for other policies, users must submit an application and receive auto insurance rates.
  • Users in Hawaii and Alaska will be unable to use the service.


Gabi Insurance is an excellent insurance broker. There are little or no negative reviews about this company. Now that you have all this information, we hope you make the best insurance policy choice. 

We hope you found this post very insightful and informative as promised.

FAQs On Gabi Auto Insurance

What are the types of Coverage Gabi Insurance offers?

Gabi offers stand-alone and bundled insurance quotations for a variety of insurance types and coverage options, including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, landlord insurance, and umbrella insurance.

How much does Gabi Insurance Cost?

All Gabi coverage reviews and quotations are provided without charge. Customers are not charged any fees by the platform.

Can Gabi Auto Insurance cancel my current policy?

Gabi does not cancel your current coverage on your behalf. They do, however, provide instructions on how to cancel your policy as quickly as possible.

Is there a referral program for Gabi?

When you recommend a friend to Gabi, you can earn a $25 Amazon gift card. After requesting an estimate, you’ll receive a personalized link (purchase of coverage isn’t required).


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