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Gamingjobsonline.Com Reviews 2022: Is It Worth It | Legit Or Scam has been under a lot of scrutinies, as doubt has been raised in the hearts of its users (and potential users) concerning its legitimacy. They have promoted the possibility of paying gamers to play games on their platform. And, now we would find out in this review if gaming jobs online is a scam, legit, or something in between.

Imagine someone tells you, you could earn $30/hr playing video games! Interesting right?!

I know gamers will be completely blown away by the idea. But, how true is it?! When you get such too-good-to-be-true offers, it is advisable to check already existing reviews to get an idea of what you’re getting into, as well as see past experiences.

This review of is going to thoroughly discuss the website to ascertain if it’s legit or a scam.

What Is is a website that promises to pay users just for playing games. This opportunity is available in over 150 countries, so, you can get paid to play games irrespective of where you live.

It promises work flexibility so you get to choose how much work you want to do, and make above $30/hr playing video games!

Now, that’s interesting because most get-paid jobs offer $1-$3 on the hour. However, says it is possible to make more, but it will cost you $37 to learn how to do so.

Your membership also includes information on how to make thousands of dollars ($180,000/year) by taking online surveys as well as how to watch satellite TV for free.

They partner with tons of high paying corporations who are ready to pay you for playing these video games.

All of this sounds unbelievable right?!

Let’s keep going on this review of gaming jobs online to find out if it is legit.

Who Is Glen Anderson?

According to the website’s affiliate link the website was created by Glen Anderson who was also a video gamer.

Apparently, the story is, Glen Anderson observed that there were several game makers in need of game testers. These game testers also needed to get paid to do what they loved. So, he decided to create a private website as a platform for these game makers to meet the testers.

He was also able to keep up with the game trends as he was always in the loop on the current games.

 I know! It sounds so real and relatable.

However, there’s no information on a Glen Anderson, a gamer or developer associated with gaming jobs online, anywhere. Not even on LinkedIn or any other business-related platform. You would only get some information if you search for this name was the Website itself and on other affiliate sites.

Now, that just reeks of foul-play and makes one wonder if gaming jobs online is not a scam.

How Gaming Jobs Online Really Works?

There’s a lot of captivating information and a video on their website showing how you can quickly make lots of money by playing online video games. They claim you can earn up to $49,063 annually by playing with new and unreleased games.

Joining the gaming jobs online community is a pretty straightforward process. You just need to create an account and choose the jobs you want to do. Then, you play and get paid accordingly.

However, you’d notice that they ask for your credit card information and some money right after you register. You’d have to pay a token of $1 for a 7-day trial. But after that, the membership costs $27 per month.

That amount shouldn’t be too much if you can make $49,063 from

However, the question remains, “Is it possible for you to earn that much through their Website?”. seems to think so since they offer various means of making money extra money on their website.

It sounds like a perfect opportunity to make money online just by playing games. If you can make a lot of money while having fun playing games from home at the same time, why isn’t everyone doing this?

How Can I Make Money From Gamingjobsonline.Com?

The website gives various means to make some extra cash other than playing and testing games.

There is an offer to get paid to take online surveys, and also an opportunity to get paid for watching trailers and movies for up to $25 in one hour.

Apparently, you can also make up to $75 for each online survey you take, but that’s incredibly rare.

Likewise, there’s also an offer of up to $150 an hour for a focus group. The figure just fails to mention how difficult it is to get in a focus group and the volume of work it involves.

This review should be on gaming jobs, particularly video game testing on gaming jobs online; however, you would notice that the money is basically made from online surveys.

That’s yet another misleading information from website promotion.

There’s also a set of logos mentioning all of the successful companies that Getting Jobs Online is supposedly in business with. Many of them are popular, like Ubisoft, Sega, PopCap, EA, and Rockstar. The section suggests a mutual association.

However, the only relationship they share is that Gaming Jobs Online is linking users to legit public job listings from many of those companies.

What Is The GamingJobsOnline.Com Refund and Contact Info?

The site operates out of the Philippines with servers in Quebec, Canada, and a possible email address is That’s about as much information there is on this website online. There’s nothing on the owner or a phone number to call.

Clickbank handles all of the payment processing for If you’re looking to get a refund visit their page and fill out the form to process your refund.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gaming Jobs Online?

The review of the gaming jobs online reveals the benefits and problems with the website.


  • Possible to make some money through some of these websites.


  • Fake promises.
  • Misleading information.
  • Several scams similar to the gaming jobs online website out there.
  • Part of a suspicious affiliate network.
  • Parts of the site aren’t updated very often. Most links are or dead, as the jobs are no longer available. This does not promote the legit claim on gaming jobs online.

Is There An Alternative to Gamingjobsonline.Com That Works?

There’s a site that’ll let you play games online and surely make money.

It’s Swagbucks. They will pay you to do several things you already do online for free. It’s free to join and you stand a chance to get $5 just for signing up.

You can create your free account now to start playing games and making money.

Is Gamingjobsonline.Com Scam Or Legit?

There are a bunch of poor things about this website online. A lot of customer reviews have stated that most of them could not get jobs after signing up for gaming jobs online.

There is also not much information on the website like the about us or the privacy policy and that is a red flag.

The return policy has also been reported as dormant. They advertise a 60-days return policy after payment. However, there have been numerous complaints about the nonexistence of replied requests

Gaming Jobs Online is not technically a scam website and but I highly recommend staying away from their services. There are much more reviewed and profitable opportunities out there so you don’t need to spend more time on sites like

Final Thoughts

This review of the gaming jobs online reveals that the site is of a very low quality. They make too many impossible promises on their sales page and do not come through on any one of them.

The good thing about the website is the job offers they advertise.

However, most of these links are dead and those job opportunities have since closed down. Others go to positions that you could find on your own, or to online programs that would pay very little for your time.

And, if you get a job, it wouldn’t be the awesome opportunity that Gaming Jobs Online reviews.

Though it can’t entirely be called a scam or legit, I wouldn’t recommend gaming jobs online to anyone.


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