Get Paid To Be An Online Virtual Friend In 2022 [Up to $100/hr]

In our world today, people desire to have someone they can call a friend. They wouldn’t mind if it is virtual or offline.

So, if you love providing a shoulder for people to lean on, then you can make extra cash from it. This means that by socializing online with friends, you can earn some extra cash.

You need to know how to go about it, however, because not all social media platforms can get you some extra cash for becoming a virtual friend.

So, start by checking out here for the best site where you can get paid to be an online virtual friend for $100 and above.

Before we continue, let’s go through the table of content below to get an overview of what the article entails.

What Is A Virtual Friend?

A virtual friend is just as it sounds. It is a real person with whom you talk to or play games over the internet. This is all done online and you don’t even need to meet them.

For me, all the online friends I have made from my line of work are nice people, probably it can be so for you.

The fact that you can be an online virtual friend from the comfort of your own home means that you can get several online friends to maximize the earning potential.

Like i said earlier on, you can get paid to be someone’s friend at the rate of $100/hr.

So, just relax and read on to know how to go about it.

Is It Safe To Become An Online Virtual Friend?

Being a virtual friend is relatively safe as long as you follow some simple tips. Some people think that people looking for virtual friends are weird, but that is not true.

They could be really shy or recently moved to a new area and don’t have any friends yet.

On the other hand, they are often lonely for some reasons, perhaps they are disabled and unable to get out much.

While, most people find it better to talk through a screen rather than in real life.

Furthermore, there are couple of things you need to do if you want to be extra safe online like:

  • First, you should not give your address to anyone you are becoming virtual friends with.
  • Some people also choose to give a fake name, but is up to you.
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How To Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

If you are just starting and wondering where to even begin, here are easy steps on how to get paid to be a virtual friend:

#1. Sign Up And Create A Profile

In this, you simply need to sign up and create profile.

#2. Test Your Personality

You will be ask to take some quizzes in order to get a gauge of your personality so that you can connect with the right kind of people.

#3. Add Your Description

This is where you need to put down a short description of yourself on your profile and list of special qualities that will make you good for the role like, good advice, funny, having knowledge for a particular topic.

#4. Add Your Payment Details

When creating a profile make sure that you input payment details so that you can be paid for your services. You can choose to where to receive the the money either in your PayPal account or straight into your bank.

#5. Wait For The Friendship Request

Once you have finished creating your profile, you are ready to start being an online virtual friend.

Your profile will be visible to anyone looking for an online friend. If they like your description, they can message you.

And from there your new online virtual friendship can grow.

Sites That Let You Get Paid Up To $100/hr To be A Online Friend

#1. RentALocalFriend

Pay: $100

People signs up from any city in the world to find a virtual friend. Make yourself a profile on the site and make sure to include your hobbies.

It is important you put your information complete because friend seekers usually browse the profiles based on what they are interested in.

You will need to pay an amount of money to become a member, but it worth it if you use the platform to its full potential.


  • It is more prestigious than similar websites and the fact that you have to pay means that there is less competition from people in your area.
  • There are fewer scammers than the previous website.
  • It is easy to make a profile and once verified, you are sure to be flooded with messages from friend seekers.
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  • You need to pay an annual membership fee of $100.

#2. RentAFriend

Pay: Ranges from $100 to $150

Rent a friend lets you rent someone to be your friend. They Really emphasize letting clients to look in your profile if you have a special skill.

A lot of people use the site as a way to learn something and not only meet someone new, like being good at baking, or any other thing.

Whatever your thing is, let people know and who else is interested in learning about it.

Rent a Friend is worth it, in a way that you get to keep all your money earned depending on the amount you make.

In addition, this platform makes it clear on its website that it is purely for platonic friendships. This goes a long way towards decreasing the odd factor.

#3. FriendPC

Pay: Ranges from $100 to $200 per hour

FriendPC is another good idea if you are looking to get paid and be an online friend for someone.

It offers all options you can possibly use to talk to your new friend like a text message, chat room, phone call, online call – whatever works for you is an option here.

The site is not only for people who just want to be friends, but those wanting to learn a new skill or even get a life coach.

So if this sounds like something you can really provide, then you can look into this site to earn a bit of cash.

#4. Freelancer

Pay: Ranges from $100 and $200 per hour

This site may sound familiar to you. people look for all kinds of services on this site including if you are looking to get paid to be an online friend.

Once you sign up with this site, you have a chance to offer eight possible projects for free. If you have used up that quota, you can still buy more.

So you can use the search function to look for opportunities liking getting paid to be a online friend for someone.

In addition, Freelancer allows teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 years old to use an adult’s account (with the consent of the account holder) making it a great way for teens to make money.

#5. Fiverr

Pay: Ranges from $100 to $120 per hour

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Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers to offer their services in response to requests from users.

Searches of Fiverr shows that there are actually quite a lot of people offering this service, so try to find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd

This is a large website with a lot of traffic, so there is a possibility that someone visiting will like to talk to you.

#6. College Pirates

Pay: Ranges from $100 to $150

College Pirates lets you get paid to be a mentor to college students and also making online friends.

It is open to people who are either current student or recent graduate who spent at least one year in a college that you want to give advice on.

They’ll help to link you up with students whose needs best fit your profile and you’ll be able to talk to students through either chat, voice, or video, so it’s really flexible in terms of which option you prefer.

#7. RentaCyberFriend

Pay: $100 ton $200 per hour

Rent a cyber friend is similar to Rent a Friend, it is purely for people who want to get to be an online friend.

To join, you simply need to build your profile that involves listing your location, interest and how you want to chat.

Also, when building your profile you can include things like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp information.


In conclusion, getting paid to be an online friend is something that anyone can try. If it is easy for you to make friends and have an outgoing personality, this can be an opportunity to make good money. So, taking this path can fetch you an extra $500 per month as the case may be.

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