Best Ways to Get paid to go to Nursing School | Ultimate Guide

The nursing profession is a very profitable one. About 2.86 million registered nurses are working in the United States already.

They provide support and care for patients. This includes giving them medication or preparing them for surgery. 

On average, a licensed and practicing nurse takes home $47,480 every year. These figures are as of 2019 and are courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So, try nursing school if you want a profession with money-making opportunities. Yet, going to nursing school is not a walk in the park. 

The cost of it alone may discourage you from going ahead with it. University tuition in the US is expensive and is always on the rise.

The 2018/19 session reached an average of $14,512. This makes many students take ridiculous amounts of student loans. Among 2019 graduates, the average debt amount was $27,000.

The irregular job market already leaves so many people unemployed. This means there’s almost no way to pay back these loans.

So, if you’re reading this, you want to get paid to go to nursing school. In this article, we’ll show you how you can get a quality education for – well, nothing!

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How Can I Pay For Nursing School With No Money?

A good education is an investment in your future and can open doors for you. Yet, as you’re planning to go to nursing school, the costs may overwhelm you. 

Here are some ways you can pay for nursing school even when you don’t have money:

#1. Financial Aid

This covers all the financial help you will need to complete your program. 

If you want to enter a nursing program, you need to fill out the FAFSA. This is the Free Application For Student Aid program. 

Through this application, the government determines which need-based aid you qualify for. It will cover your full costs or part of it. 

 The good news is, most times you don’t need to pay this money back. We can’t think of a better way than this, to get a free nursing degree.  

#2. Take Advantage Of Loans

The government provides direct subsidized loans to cover the costs of your education. This is a good way to get a nursing degree if you don’t have money.  

You don’t have to pay it back while you’re in school. Also, its interest rate is lower than if you used a private lender. 

You can still attend nursing school even with bad or no credit history. Then, if you cannot pay your loan back, you can defer the payment or apply for loan forgiveness. You can check out Bank of America Student Loans: Refinancing and Alternatives.

#3. Go The Scholarship Route 

Many nursing colleges have scholarship programs for their new students. Many criteria determine if you could get one. 

Some of these criteria are income, grades, and so on. You can check colleges or nursing departments around you for scholarship assistance. 

We found a helpful resource that contains a list of available scholarship programs. You can find it right here

#4. Apply For Grants

This is a gift aid like a scholarship because you don’t need to repay them. What makes a grant different is that financial need is the determining factor. 

A scholarship, on the flip side, is often issued based on merit. The state or federal government, colleges, and universities often give grants. 

You need to fill a FAFSA form which we mentioned earlier, to receive federal grants. Grants are only given to eligible candidates. 

This money covers tuition, transportation, housing, and other similar expenses. Your financial situation will determine how much you will receive. 

As long as you complete your program, you don’t need to pay it back. If you don’t complete it, the money is an overpayment which you must return. 

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Do Hospitals Pay Nurses To Go Back To School?

Many hospitals pay for nursing school through a Tuition Reimbursement Program. This means you can take classes online or at a local college and not pay for them. 

Your employer will determine the terms of this program. Sometimes, they require you to score top grades to qualify for this money. 

Also, you must present proof of your enrollment. They will also expect some sort of work commitment after graduation from you. 

Most times, tuition reimbursement only covers the cost of tuition. You may have to pay for other expenses from your pocket. 

If you want this, check with your facility for their procedures. Also, check if your proposed program Qualifies. 

Then, you must decide if you plan to stay with the facility after graduation. This will help you determine if the program is a good fit for you. 

Best Ways To Get Paid To Go To Nursing School

Everybody likes to get a reward for doing something. For you, we have put together some ways you can get paid for going to nursing school. 

#1. Work-Study

A work-study program is one of the best ways to get paid to go to Nursing School in most countries. Some hospitals may pay you to work for them while you go to school.

These positions are often administrative or custodial. You will hold them until you graduate and become a licensed nurse. 

It will help you gain hospital experience while you’re still in school. Also, the hospital will pay you like a regular job. So, you get experience and a paycheck for going to school. 

As a bonus, this will count as work experience for when you graduate. Unlike tuition reimbursement, you don’t have to work in the hospital after graduating. 

Still, it is a great way to get a job right out of school. 

#2. Nursing Apprenticeship 

There is a nursing shortage in the United States. Nursing apprenticeship programs help to relieve this burden. 

It allows you to learn on the job and pays you for getting an education. This makes nursing degrees accessible for people who can’t afford them.

This concept is still new to the US, but a few hospitals already offer the program. So, you can combine your apprentice hours with classroom learning. 

The greatest benefit of this program is that you can become a Registered Nurse (RN) in less than two years.

After you graduate, you will get an interim permit to practice nursing. 

#3. ‘Grow Your Own’ Programs 

This kind of program is courtesy of specific hospitals. These hospitals have their nursing programs. 

It is free for you to attend once they accept your application. When you graduate from the program, you must work for the hospital for a while.

This is the main criterion for this kind of program. You must note that it does not offer you a full degree. 

What you get here is a diploma. Still, it is a good way to attend nursing school without spending your money.

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Nursing is a growing field and is in steady demand. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that it will grow 7% by 2029. To be part of this booming industry, you must first get an education. 

In this article, we helped you figure out how to get an education without paying. Following the tips and guidelines we provided will help your journey. 



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