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15 Ways To Get Paid To Learn To Code | Make Money Tips

Do you know you can Get Paid To Learn To Code?

Coding is one of the effects of technological advancement. If you are wondering how to make money online and you are seeing coding for the first time, this article explains the term in detail. 

Virtually every app on your phone is a product of coding. Machine learning, Artificial intelligence websites and other products of technology are all products of coding. 

Interestingly, you can earn extra bucks while learning how to code. Imagine beautiful AI’s, games attributed to your name. Gabe Newell Dave, the wealthiest game developer worth $1.3 billion, became one of the most respected figures in the game industry.

This article explains how you can earn while learning to code. You can play the big league when you become a professional in the business. The table of contents below highlights the numerous ways you can get paid to learn to code in 2023.  

What is Coding? 

Coding simply is writing a series of command in a specified format translated into the language the computer understands. Coding definitely isn’t an easy job, but if you are skilled and hard-working, you are likely to make money off it. 

It rewards handsomely if you are well experienced. However, there isn’t a job position called “coder.” It is either you are a software engineer, web developer, or you work in the IT department. 

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How Much Can I Make From Coding?

A senior developer with lots of experience will usually be paid much more than an entry-level developer, even within the same category.

Like I said earlier, coding is a job that pays well. For instance, in the United States, you are likely to earn around $89,600 per year if you get a coding job or as a developer.

Salaries range $41,200 (lowest) and (highest)$142,000. As of 2020, a computer coder makes an average salary of $63,903 per year and a beginner programmer earn about $50k, and experienced coders earn around $85k.

How To Get Paid To Learn To Code From Home In 2023

There are numerous ways to make money from coding, and the blocks below will throw more light on it. If you decide not to be fully employed by any organization, you can make money working from home.

Below are some ways to Get Paid To Learn To Code from home in 2023:

#1. Engage in Freelancing. 

Freelancing entails offering programming services to the client. It is easy and convenient, and you also get to choose what suits you.

 #2. Online Blogging.  

Starting a blog is pretty easy, but to make cool cash, you have to monetize by offering coding skills online, charging for premium content and earning through affiliate links.         

#3.  Develop Apps 

If you’ve got a really good and marketable app idea, it’s easy to make money by creating it for free. Apps are in control these days; they are a huge parts of our day to day activities. 

If you’ve got a really good and marketable app idea, then it’s easy for you to make money. Create it, monetize and enjoy. Check out Upwork, Apache Cordova, Appcelerator, and more for awesome ideas.

#3. Become an online or offline educator. 

Lots of people are interested in learning about coding, and you could be the teacher. You can also get paid by involving yourself in University and boot camps.

#4. Join a Coding Competition. 

They not only pay a substantial amount of money but also drives you to do better as a coder, and just by participating, you get exposed to various other opportunities.

Some of the most popular coding contests include Topcoder, CodeChef, HTML5Contest, and CallingAllInnovators…but there are definitely more out there.

#5. Create a YouTube Channel

Everybody uses YouTube. You can create your channel, get subscribers and share tips on coding. YouTube is the most visited website in the whole trust, so trust me when I say with consistently and hard work, money would come.

 #6. Game Development

This is a sure way to make money.  Make your own game and sell on great platforms. With coding skills, you can  develop games for cash and sell them on platforms like Fupa

 #7. Create Ebooks 

Creating ebooks with great coding tip so people can learn from it is another way to make money off coding. It could be audio or on paper, whichever works for you.

 15 Ways To Learn To Code In 2023.

 There are quite several schools and an online tutorial that teaches coding. What way you choose to learn to code will depend on a number of reasons pertaining to you. 

The list below will aid you in finding what coding school best suits your interest in 2023.  

#1. Web Development For Beginners

This online platform is free, and students start coding in five days. The courses are outcome-oriented, and it teaches the basic necessities to get your very first online website.

By the end of a course, you’ll know whether you truly want to be a web developer or it’s just a phase. 

#2. Free Code Camp

This is a boot camp that helps graduates find jobs at tech companies. They teach web design and web development.

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#3. Plural Sight

It is free online, and payment optional. It is for beginners or intermediate. Perfect for web developers hoping to expand their skill set.

It might not exactly be the right place for beginners because the courses are aimed at more accomplished web developers 

#4. General Assembly

Has over locations scattered over the US, Australia, and UK. As a beginner, you may have to pay before you can access this platform. It is offline and full-time. 

#5. Career Founding Web Development Program

 This platform is online, paid and mentored. For beginners, there is regular conversation and a career-focused curriculum. Not many aspects are covered, but JavaScript and Fullstack Web Development Program

#6. Code Academy

 Code Academy offers coding classes In six different programming languages: Python, JQuery, PHP, Ruby, HTML, and CSS. It is online and free, and mentorless. Code 

#7. Udacity

 Classes are taught with video lectures and integrated quizzes for the students. Although classes are free, the success rate for students is very low. It is online, paid and not mentored.

#8. The Code Player

 A collection of free videos online that teach students how to perform specific tasks. You can watch written codes during the tutorial. It is online, free for beginners and intermediate.

#9. Code Avengers

Code avengers is a highly stylized platform, but newbies have to learn without the video tutorials. It is online, part paid, part free and not mentored

#10. Bloc

 A mixture of online courses combined with mentoring. Bloc offers the flexibility of online learning with a personalized tutoring process. It is a very intensive study program, and potential students need to be prepared to work.

#11.  TreeHouse

Treehouse is an online educational platform that is interactive. They teach students to make websites using different programming languages such as HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, RUBY, objective-c, among others. 

#12. Eloquent JavaScript

 A book that is online and great for learning and understanding how coding works. Good for basic JavaScript but less good for solving problems 

#13. Girl Who codes

This platform is aimed t getting more women into the tech world. It is for girls between the ages of 13 to 17. It is online, free and mentored. Not everyone can benefit from it because it’s majorly for girls.

#14. Khan Academy-Khan Academy

A great place to start for people hoping to learn to code for art or games in 2023 – though less for those wanting to learn business-orientated front-end development.

A free learning platform, Khan Academy uses video tutorials taught by experts to cover a wide range of subjects.

#15. Bento

Bento is a guided tour based on web development tutorials, including videos, interactive classes and reading material. It is free online and not mentored but from beginner to advanced.

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All this platform are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills that will get you your dream job and help you make money, whether from home or on the side. Note that it is going to be a fast process and certainly not easy.

We hope our article on how to Get Paid To Learn To Code in 2023 will be of great benefit to you. You can visit YouTube pages and have people who have done it before telling you exactly what you need to know.


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