Legit Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music

You came here because you were probably looking for something else and not because you really want to get paid to listen to music.

Yeah, I say so because you probably had no idea you could get paid to listen to music. While this may sound weird and funny, it is true all the same.

So without having to take so much of your time, I’m going to quickly show you how you can start getting paid for listening to music.

So look around, find a seat and grab a cup of ice tea let’s roll…

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Legit Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music

#1. Music Xray

The site offers you a reward for listening to music in the form of money. Here, you can join a focus group and listen to songs and music by new music artists. Your comments may be helpful for the further development of these artists.

On Musicxray, after registering an account, you need to upload up to 5 songs (in mp3 format). Once the song is available for review, you will start receiving notifications via email.

You must listen to the song that appears in your inbox within 24 hours, otherwise, the opportunity will pass.

Initially, your revenue per song is around 5 cents, and over time, your revenue will gradually increase.

Musicxray pays you via Paypal. You can cash out your payment when you reach the $ 20 limit.

At first, you might not receive such frequent emails, but as the number of songs you watch increases, you will receive more emails.

#2. HitPredictor

HitPredictor is designed to help upcoming artists review their songs before they are fully released to the public.

In short, you will rate new songs and provide comments or any feedback to music experts, artists, radio stations, record companies, and administrators.

Rating over 15 tracks gives you a $ 5 gift certificate from Amazon. You can redeem these points for prizes including Amazon gift certificates, and you can also use them to participate in sweepstakes and sweepstakes with real money.

HitPredictor applies to people over the age of 13 all over the world. Every time you listen to any song, you will get some points.

#3. SliceThePie

Slice the Pie is the perfect way to earn money listening to music. The site pays you to rate and write short reviews for the songs you listen to.

Here, you need to listen to this song for 60 seconds before you can start writing the review. The way it works is: as your account gets older and shows more songs, you’ll get more reviews to do.

Your pay comes each time you review a song and it’s accepted. For each song you write a review (if accepted), you can earn between $ 0.02 and $ 0.2 depending on your rating.

You can only get your payment with PayPal on Tuesdays and Fridays. Additionally, you need at least $ 10 in your account to withdraw your funds.

#4. RadioLoyalty

RadioLoyalty is an online radio that allows you to get paid to listen to their music.

Here, you can listen to different radio stations or possible music through a computer or an application that you’ll need to download on an iPhone or Android phone.

You might be wondering, why would RadioLoyalty pay you only to listen to their music?

Like many other radio stations, this is also supported by advertisements. Whenever you listen to music playing on RadioLoyalty, you’ll also hear ads like clockwork.

To make sure you are a truly loyal person and can really listen to their music, they allow you to log in with their verification code every 3-5 minutes.

You can earn points every 10 minutes. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for various prizes or Visa gift certificates.

#5. Research.fm

This site (which can also be accessed with an iPhone or Android phone app) pays you to provide feedback on new tracks.

So what is the difference between this and the others? Here, you need to write and provide reviews and ratings on new songs via email polls.

When you have accumulated enough cash, you can get your money back with Amazon gift certificates.

Now you can only join the Research.FM website by invitation. However, if you are interested in joining Research.FM, you can complete and submit the contact form on the website.

#6. WeLocalize

This is another great platform to earn money by listening to music. Although the functionality of this website is a little different, it pays really well nonetheless. All you need to do is to be able to write the lyrics of the songs in plain text as you listen to them.

It surely requires a certain level of skill set and concentration but the website pays a nice $4 per song.

So if you think, you will be able to transcribe the song as it plays, then you can earn a really good amount of money with WeLocalize. Just keep on listening to songs and keep transcribing them. So, if you listen to 30 songs a month, you can be earning around $120 per month. Not a bad deal at all.

All transactions are made through Wire transfer and ACH. If you believe that you have what it takes to write the lyrics of the songs in plain text on the go, then WeLocalize is just for you.

#7. RadioEarn

RadioEarn is a radio platform that works on a very simple phenomenon; you listen to the radio and you earn money. All you need to do is to sign up and listen to the radio.

A great additional option for you is to integrate the radio option on your website and invite other people to listen to the radio as well. More people listening, means more money for you.

This is a great idea to generate passive income. Even if you are not listening to the radio yourself, you are still earning money because people on your website are. You keep on listening to the radio and music and you keep on earning money after every 15 minutes. The more you listen the more you earn.

All of your earned points will then be converted to US dollars. All transactions are made through PayPal at the end of the month.

I personally love this idea, because it is easy money through fun but also a great way of generating passive income. So hop on and start making money the fun way.

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How much can I really earn by listening to music online?

Before I answer your question, let me advise you. You are not going to become a millionaire by evaluating music online and writing reviews, so don’t quit your regular full-time business at this time.

Giving exact figures on a job salary is always a difficult venture. As there are a couple of different curator roles at many different levels, it’s very difficult to give an exact figure.

Like with most jobs in all specialist industries, if you’re with a company, the more successful the company, the higher your salary. 

In rough figures, curators can be anywhere between $26,000 a year. Although, there are surely some successful curators out there earning more than that! Definitely a worthwhile job when finance is concerned. 

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