10 Best Ways To Get Paid To Listen to Radio In 2022

The radio set still held sway and kept people glued to their seats. Over the years, the advent of the television and internet coupled with other visual technological advancements, has decimated the audience pool of radio stations. 

However, this advancement is not totally a bane of the Radio Industry. Upon transitioning into internet radio, the radio industry can keep its teeming audience. 

Interestingly, this technological advancement did not just favour the radio industry, its listeners are also enjoying this timely glory. For instance, listening to radio programmes for money is made possible by this technological advancement. 

Currently, listening to the radio for extra bucks is one of the numerous ways to make money off the internet. Either as a side hustle or just leisure, you can listen to the radio to get paid. This comes with unlimited access to songs. 

Wondering how?

This article explains in detail simple ways you can get paid b listening to the radio in 2022. Basically, you would need a phone or laptop to access the internet. With these tools, you can always supplement your income. The table of contents below highlights all the to get paid in 2022.

Who Can Get Paid to Listen to Radio? 

Getting paid for listening to the radio is not just possible, it can fetch you as much as  $600 per Annum all things being equal. That’s a good sum of money for just relaxing with your earpiece stuck in your ears. Interestingly, all and sundry can benefit from it. 

Platforms that allow you to listen to the radio to get paid are open to Part-time job seekers, students, housewives, and retired persons.  In fact, everyone who has ample time can get paid to listen to the radio. 

Can I Get Paid To Listen to Radios?

Yes, you can get paid to listen to radios. There are multiple ways to cash out using this technique. Many radio websites and apps will pay you for listening to the radio if you take surveys, make reports and reviews on songs and generally, for assessing radio stations.

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If this sounds like a straightforward task for you, simply read through to discover ways you can get paid to listen to the radio now. 

10 Best Ways To Get Paid To Listen To Radios in 2022

Below are ten legit sites that give you the opportunity to get paid to listen to Radio.



Radioearn website is one that allows you to get paid through listening to the radio. However, first-time users are mandated to create a personal user account on the platform.

Once your account has been successfully created, simply sign in and click on “open” on your radio to earn. You can also use the line API for your website if you wish the user to listen for you. 

Every 15  minutes on RadioEarn you earn points. These points are converted to USD the next month. Interestingly, the converted points can be recovered through the bank (wire), gift cards or bitcoin.

An edge it has over its competitors is that it has a wide range of browser compatibility world wide.


At MusicX-Ray, artists submit their music to professionals. So, users get paid real money for reviewing songs of upcoming and new artists. 

However, to start earning, you must visit the official webpage. Afterwards, you must watch a video on “how it works”, and answer a few questions about yourself and your music preferences. 

An option exists for users to use a Facebook music app to track music preferences. Others can choose to upload at least five pieces of music in MP3 format. 

Once this registration process is completed, you would start getting invitations via email to review music. Each invitation expires in 24 hours. So, you must review each song within 24 hours. 

Although their initial pay grade is small, it increases over time. For a start, you earn $0.05-$0.10 per review. Users can withdraw once they reach a threshold of $20. 


You accumulate points on this website once you sign up. These points are awarded upon the completion of offers and reviews on the website. 

Users can choose to convert to real money, gift cards and cryptocurrency. Also, users get 10% of friends and followers who join using his/her unique referral code. 

To enjoy this amazing way to increase your passive income, visit earnably immediately.  


This is another legit website where you get paid to listen to radio and music. You get to earn $50 per month using this platform, which invariably equals $600 per annum! 

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To get started, download the application from either Playstore or Apple store. You can also sign up at http://current.us to enjoy the amazing benefits. Completing surveys, sharing opinions, and completing tasks are other ways to earn additional points. 

To withdraw, you must have at least 8000 points with at least 1000 points amounting to $1. If you request a payout through Paypal, you would lose about 3000 points while requesting through Giftcards cost just 25000 points ($25).


This is one of the best platforms that allow you the opportunity to get paid while listening to the radio and reviewing songs. 

One outstanding fact about this platform is that it allows you to get paid for monthly unused phone minutes.  

The mode of payment on this platform ranges from weekly to monthly and can be effectuated by bank transfers, PayPal, bitcoin, amazon vouchers/Giftcards.

Just like Earnably, you can also get paid from referrals who join with your referral code. 


This website is similar to http://slicethepie.com because it allows you to give reviews on songs.

However, this website uses the point system which can be cashed out through Amazon gift cards. Points are awarded per review once you register. Well, among other things you stand to gain, Hitpredictor gives you the opportunity of listening first hand to a song before it gets out to the public. 


Probably one of the best lucrative reviews and music platforms available at the moment. This website gives you the option of being a curator or starting a campaign for you to be able to earn.

On this platform, you get paid to review songs and if you find them interesting, you add them to your playlist.  This means that you would have to have a playlist with real followers on Apple Music, YouTube Music, or Spotify.

Payout date on this platform is every Friday through PayPal, with a pretty nice cash out of $12 per song review ranking it among one of the lucrative deals you might get out there.  An advantage to this is that you don’t have to reach a specific dollar amount in order to be able to withdraw. 


Sign up and earn a $5 sign up reward. On this site, you get paid for watching the video, playing games, cashback for online shopping and you even get paid to read e-mails. Click on the link and find out for yourself.

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But then that is not all, you can also turn on your radio feature to get paid after taking surveys. This website is known to be in affiliations with major companies like NETFLIX, http://Target.com, and WALLMART.


On this website, you earn by listening to songs and having their lyrics transcribed. If you can figure out the lyrics of every song you hear, then this would be a good deal for you. 

To get started, visit http://welocalize.com. First, you need to watch an instructional video, then you register with your e-mail.

After which you will receive an invitation to transcribe in your mail, download their app and start transcribing!

Also, you get paid as much as $4 person you transcribe, on a daily basis would amount to $28 per week. nice right?


If you consider yourself a music critic, then this website/platform is for you.

Often times we listen to some songs, and then we feel elated or joyful and wish to commend the artist personally on how good their music is, or when we don’t enjoy the music and also wish to lambast the artist or band. this platform gives you that avenue and you also get paid to do so too.

This platform also gives you the opportunity to offer your opinions on a variety of topics, including music.

Well, your opinion goes back to the artist/band or record label.


The platforms listed in this article are multiple ways you can get paid to listen to the radio in 2022. If you have ample time at the moment or intensely searching for a job, while you wait, signing up on one or two of these platforms could be a great way to earn some bucks while listening to the radio. 


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