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How To Get Paid To Read Books Aloud | Updated

Famous American author and entrepreneur Jim Rohn once rightly said, “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

Besides following the path of such a rise and personal enrichment, there can be a lot more motivation to develop the habit.

If you love to read, you can do what you love and still be able to get paid to read those books efficiently.

I have discussed what it means to get paid to read books aloud, how to get paid to read books aloud, and others.

What does it mean to Get Paid to Read Books Aloud?

Some websites and apps pay you not just for reading books, but to read them aloud.

Turning your reading habit into a source of income is easy; you need to know the right avenues to follow.

It may not become an active income for you, but as a lucrative passive income, it can definitely help you take care of your daily expenses.

It serves as a win-win situation. You would do what you love to do and still get paid for it.

Besides having a keen interest in reading books, your flair for writing can be an added advantage.

This is because most of the websites we are going to introduce you to will need you to write a small review of the book that you read.

If your computer is nothing more than just your work buddy and you have little time after your day job to access it, then you can also get paid to read books through mobile apps.

There are now many apps for both Android and iOS users, where you can read and earn money during your spare time.

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How to Get Paid for Reading Books Aloud

You can get paid to read books aloud in many ways. They are mostly websites; you only have to sign up to earn. The top on the list are-

1. ACX

ACX, or the Audiobook Creative Exchange of Amazon, is an excellent platform for book narrators, where you can find many opportunities.

You need to select a book for which you want to audition as a narrator. Once you are shortlisted, you will get paid according to your pre-determined hourly rate.

Not only that, but you can also earn royalties from sales of your narrated audiobooks. It is a way to get paid to read books aloud.

2. Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny is a website that lets you advertise your voiceover talent to potential clients. You must create an account on that website and submit your voice quality test.

Once you are selected, you can search for your preferred jobs. There are thousands of opportunities, but they surely need high-quality voice acting and speedy delivery.

One important feature of this site is that you can set your hourly rate.

Voice bunny is used to hire people who have a great voice and can read. You should a voice-over and wait to get a callback.

3. The Voices

The Voices is another platform you can apply to get paid to read books aloud.

If you are searching for opportunities as a voiceover artist. After creating a basic or premium membership on the website, you must upload a demo.

The Voice Match engine will then match your skills with the clients. And, once you get the perfect match, you can directly approach the client through this site.

4. Brilliance Audio

Brilliance Audio, a voiceover industry leader, frequently hires audiobook narrators for their new projects.

They give the best hourly rates in the industry, but they only accept professional delivery, clear punctuation, excellent sound modulation quality, and great voice-acting talent.

5. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is a great website that offers extraordinary earning opportunities to all book lovers.

You need to apply as a reviewer along with your resume and a small writing sample. So, once you are selected, they will assign you a book to review.

After reading that book, you must submit a 350-word review within two weeks. They pay quite a high price, although the final offer price depends on the volume of the book.

6. Online Book Club

There are a lot of online book clubs out there that could pay you between $5–$60 per book review -depending on the book’s length.

People mostly sign on at the same time and listen while you read. It is one of the highest ways to get paid to read books aloud.

7. Women’s Review of Books

Women’s Review of Books is the best website to get paid to read books if you enjoy fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, written by and about women.

You need to create an account on that gender-focused forum and tell them about your credentials and already-published reviews if any.

8. Book Browse

Book Browse is an excellent website if you want to earn handsome money for reading and reviewing books.

First, you must complete their joining form and a 300-word sample review.

Once they are happy with it and approve your account, you need to write a small review of the assigned book.

9. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly, the weekly news magazine, often looks for books and article reviewers.

You need to send them your updated resume along with a small 200-word honest review of any recently published book.

And, once they select you, they will assign your book-review project from which you can expect a handsome payment.

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Other ways to Get Paid to Read Books.

1. Review books

Major magazines and newspapers may pay a few hundred dollars for a freelance book review, but if you’ve never written professionally, you’re not likely to break into The New York Times Book Review on your first shot.

However, several websites and niche publications pay a modest fee per review and might be more willing to work with beginners.

2. Read unpublished manuscripts

There are a lot of unpublished manuscripts out there with people willing to pay for someone to come read them.

Literary agents pay readers $25 to $100 to read manuscripts from the “slush pile” and recommend them for publication or the circular file. You usually have to write up your recommendations.

If you love to read, this job could be great for you.

3. Scout books

This is similar to being a reader for an agent but more proactive. A book scout goes out and finds good manuscripts for publishers and agents.

They attend book fairs and writers’ conferences to ferret out future best-sellers. In the film industry, a book scout reads tons of books and highlights those that could be made into profitable films.

4. Proofread

Several online services offer to proofread anyone’s documents for a fee, and these services often hire freelancers based on online tests.

You may find yourself reading someone’s term paper or business proposal, but if your goal is to work up to proofreading books, you must start somewhere.

The average pay for this job is $15 an hour even though some sites pay by the page you have read.

Job sites such as Upwork and Freelancer list editing jobs paying $25 to $30 per job.

5. Edit books

If you’re not sure if you qualify to edit, consider taking an online course. Reference books such as The Elements of Style and The Chicago Manual of Style can also be invaluable.

If you love to read books and are also good at pointing out errors and wrong grammatical constructions, this job is for you.

6. Be a literary agent

If you love to read, consider a job as a literary agent. You would represent authors and pitch their books to publishing companies.

You may have to work your way up in an agency by first working as an agent’s assistant or a freelance reader.

7. Read aloud

Have you ever considered who narrates audiobooks if the author does not read them? While most reading jobs involve making editorial choices, this opportunity is more akin to voice acting.

Learn about the audition process at ACX, a platform that connects publishers with narrators, sound engineers, and other professionals.

8. Be a librarian

Almost every position in the library is occupied by someone who loves reading. Those who truly love books often hold master’s degrees in library science.

Librarians are not limited to books nowadays, with all the databases and other media to navigate. It is the most common way to make money if you love to read.

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Your job as a voiceover artist or book narrator can surely fetch more money than any other category of jobs related to book reading.

But, if you don’t want to take it as a full-time job, there are other ways to get paid to read books, without putting in as much effort. This is a guide on how to get paid to read books aloud.



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Akujobi Chijindu
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