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Get Paid to Smoke Weed: Make Over $5000/month in 2023

Weed, pot, cannabis, or marijuana smoking is one of the ardent habits engaged by people within the age groups 15- 64 years. Actually, cannabis is one of the most abused psychoactive drugs under international control (WHO, 2016).

Cannabis is used for psychoactive purposes, recreational, medical, and even spiritual purposes.

It was estimated in 2013 that a little above 179.8 million people within the age range of 15- 64 years use cannabis for reasons that are not medically associated or related (UNODC, 2015). As a result of this, there has been increased attention for the treatment of cannabis-related illnesses and public health disorders associated with the smoking of cannabis (WHO, 2016).

Statistics show that around 158.8 million globally people use marijuana which constitutes more than 3.8 % of the global population, according to the United Nations (, 2021). Amongst young adults between the ages of 12 -17 years, 6.7 % were currently using marijuana as of 2007.

A National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2019, reported that over 48 million Americans above 12 years old, engaged in the use of marijuana the year before which makes marijuana the most common illegal drug in the United States (National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2020).

It has been reported that the overall use of marijuana was highest amongst the age groups 18-25 years and at 34% according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2018.

Although cannabis is injurious to the health if not medically prescribed, it also has some health benefits. Meanwhile, this article will cover how to get paid to smoke weed.

Truly, the times have changed and there are more ways of consuming cannabis that has been widely accepted in the United States. One such way is the use of cannabis in medicine.

Some years back, in 1992, Bill Clinton was asked while he was running for the presidency if he had ever smoked marijuana, which he replied that he had but had not inhaled it. Because of the swing in public opinions, currently elected leaders or those running for offices are not only asked if they believe in the legalization of marijuana but when should the legalization be done and how it should be done.

Now, smoking weed for medical purposes has been legalized in 29 states of the US, while smoking weed for the sake of leisure has also been made legal in 9 states in the United States, like California, New York.

Opportunities Available to Make Money from Weed or Marijuana

The industries dealing in legal marijuana is fast-growing and booming, and there are many opportunities available to make money from weed or marijuana, includes;  

1. Store Managers

You are responsible for taking stocks and generally supervising the store’s activities.

Your yearly earning can amount to a ton of $75,000 in addition to other benefits like vacations and health insurance, just like a regular manager in other occupations.

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2. Dispensary Owners

Dispensaries operate in states where cannabis is legalized and used for medical purposes only.

As a dispensary owner, you must abide by the laws in that location. Your role is quite different from those of the store managers.

The earnings can amount to a sum of $100,000, depending on the success of the dispensary.

This is another way to get paid from weed but not for smoking.

3. Grow Masters

These are professionals in the legal cannabis industry, and they are responsible for growing the specific strain of cannabis to be sold to clients.

They are usually in high demand, increasing their annual earnings to $100,000 and upwards.

4. Marijuana Edibles Chef

You are not just like any other chef; you carry out the responsibility of carefully adding or infusing measured quantities of marijuana concentrate in food in the specified doses that are safe for consumption for the clients.

Trust me; you’ll earn and get paid for this non-smoke weed procedure.

5. Sales Representatives

Just about similar to a sales rep in any other organization. You are also responsible for maintaining positive relationships between yourself and the growers and between yourself and your clients.

You have experience and knowledge about the mode of operation of the business.

This is another money-making opportunity that exists in the legal marijuana business, and the pay is basically on commissions. You’ll get paid but not to smoke weed.

  1. For you to have, buy, smoke, or use recreational cannabis, you have to be 21 years or older. This includes vaping, smoking, and eating products infused with cannabis. 
  2. It is illegal to give or sell retail cannabis to minors
  3. Illegal to drive under the influence of weed or smoke weed while driving
  4. It is illegal to consume, smoke, vape or eat cannabis in public and in locations where smoking is illegal
  5. You may possess 28.5g of cannabis plant material and 8g of cannabis concentrate.
  6. It is illegal to carry cannabis across state lines, even if it is legal in the state it is been carried to.
  7. Only licensed establishments may sell retail cannabis products.
  8. You cannot consume cannabis on federal properties such as parks but can be consumed on private properties, although subject to the approval of the owners of the property.

How to get a good job if you smoke weed

Following the legalization of weed smoking, especially for medical purposes, to be able to secure a good-paying job as a weed smoker, you must be experienced with the various marijuana products, their source, ways, and methods of consuming them, and knowledge about the proper dosage for consumption.

You must be 18 years of age and older. Also, you should have experience in writing and some form of medical qualification, especially in mental health and nutrition.

Be physically free from conditions that may affect you negatively after consuming cannabis products, which means you should be physically and mentally fit to undertake the exercise.

You must also have the guts to smoke weed daily. Then you should have social media accounts and enough followers to qualify you as an influencer.

Companies that pay people to smoke and review weed

These companies can pay weed smokers to smoke. They include;

  • Health Canal
  • CBD Oracle
  • Loud cloud health
  • Bloom and
  • Emjay California weed delivery service
  • American Marijuana

How to Smoke Weed and get Paid

This may seem ridiculously easy, sit at home, smoke weed, and earn money, but for you to assess these available opportunities, you must be of age and be residing in a country or state where weed smoking has been legalized.

These weed smoking for pay opportunities include;

1. Marijuana Reviewer 

This is the first way to get paid to smoke weed. It involves tasting the various cannabis products, including CBD flowers, edibles, oils, and writing an objective review on the effects, quality, flavor, and all there is to know about the products and making recommendations.

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2. Canna-influencer

As an influencer, it involves smoking as a blogger, being paid to smoke on Instagram, and as a weed tuber- being paid to upload a weed video.

3. Marijuana Model

Just like any other model but being paid here for demonstrating how to smoke a joint. You should be camera-friendly and have enough social media followers to qualify.

This is another way to get paid to smoke feed. The weed smoking pay is quite attractive.

4. Cannabis Trial

This weed smoking medium to get pay involves cannabis study and helps in discovering more of its beneficial effects.

5. Weed Ambassador

This involves representing the brand across states or countries. You can promote the brand by smoking it and sharing it on social media. This position and the cannabis reviewer are the choicest.

6. Grow and Smoke Weed

This involves being paid for growing and smoking weed.

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7. Ganjapreneur

Here you get paid to smoke your own weed. Basically, it is another way to get paid for smoking weed.

8. Cannabis Product Connoisseur

This is another way to get paid to smoke weed. It involves identifying yourself with cannabis and having vast knowledge of anything cannabis-related, and this opportunity can fetch you about $3000 per week.

Just like Russ Hudson, you can become a professional cannabis connoisseur and runs a cannabis blog.


Due to the legalization of weed smoking both for leisure and medical purposes, it has opened more markets for cannabis products and created more job opportunities that the youths can take advantage of. You get paid for doing what you love and at your comfort which is to smoke cannabis.

There is no easier way to make money than this.