Get Paid To Test Apps: 20 Website That Pays You Above $10

Long before now I never knew one could get paid to test apps. Sincerely!

And, the interesting thing is, you don’t even need to be an all-time genius to get this done.

Interestingly too, some folks have made some good money from just testing apps and websites.

So, getting paid to test apps is now considered a great money-making opportunity. 

We browsed through to help you find some of the companies where you can get paid to test apps and websites and we have compiled this comprehensive guide to provide you with all the information you need.

These companies employ people to test apps, websites, or to find bugs on software before or in the beta phase of their launch.

Have a read through our guide here to see these app testing companies and see how to get started working with them!

Who Is A User/Website Tester?

A website tester is usually someone that tests apps/website functionality. The individual is usually required to use the site like a normal person would use, making sure the user experience is nice.

The tester is required to bring feedback from what his/her observations are on the website or apps. He/she can communicate what is felt to be missing and then what is felt would be better on the app or website.

The main use of website and app testers is to have a better user experience and feel of whatever the company could be developing.

Interestingly, any housewife, student, or anyone who wants to make residual income can work as a website or app tester.

What Do I Need To Become An App Tester?

There is not so much you need to start testing apps. The little you need to do is to make available the following;

  • Microphone
  • Windows or Mac PC and/ or smartphone
  • Paypal or Payoneer account
  • Working Internet connection
  • Screen capture software

Some companies may require you to be Fluent in English. This is because most tests will require it.

In addition, the reason why you need a PayPal account is to enable you to receive your money. If you have the option of using Payoneer, its much better, their charges are less, unlike PayPal.

Your computer is needed to enable you view the app or website.

Few sites don’t require a microphone but the majority of them require. The screen capture software captures and records your screen as you test websites and apps.

Are there enough App Testing Jobs?

Sincerely, there are not so many of them. The reason is because the number of testers is now greater than the number of customers. If you are fortunate, you might qualify for a test a month or a hundred a month, it’s just too uncertain.

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How Can I Increase My Chances Of Making More Money with App Testing?

Here are some tips to help you increase your chance of making more money

BE A GOOD TESTER:-  Almost all sites rate their testers. If your rating is outstanding, more jobs will be sent to you.

SIGN UP AS MANY SITES AS POSSIBLE:- The number of sites you sign up to determine the number of job opportunities you will get.

20 Companies that Pays You to Test Websites and Apps

Let’s quickly look at some of the 20 websites/apps that pay you above $10.


This site gives you the opportunity not only to test sites but appliances and other hardware. A computer or smartphone is needed. A microphone may also be required and you must know how to write and speak good English.

A payment of $10 per test will be made on completion of any task that takes up to 25 minutes or more. Your feedback will specify if you will be paid more or less. They pay using cash via PayPal and it stays up to a week after feedback or through Karma points which will be traded for paid apps. If you want to donate, your donation goes to charity.

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This firm pays you for your contribution to a website or an app. You need a computer, a microphone and a screen recorder. You unleash your impression loud as you scroll through a website performing the directed task as you go.

A simple test must be sent to you before you are qualified for a test. This firm pays $8-10 for 20 minutes of the test. Their payment is every 25th of each month and their testers in the UK receive theirs through direct deposit.


This is a software testing site with a slight difference with the Latest features. Test birds enclosed over 1,50p tests and 110,000 bugs were found. Their pay is regular and for a usability test you will earn about 20 euros, you can earn more if you find each bug.


A password is not needed to sign up for the user test. Your email will do. They pay $10 for each test conducted and payment is within 3 days of feedback.


 User brain permits you to test websites on your computer. Your screen/microphone is being recorded during testing using a chrome extension. If your short sample test is done within 10 minutes and gets the approval you will get paid. Each test pays $3 each. The pay is low but the test is definitely short.


This is a France based company that was discovered in 2014 by Arnaud Limbourg and Thibault Geenen. The test just requires your laptop. You’d need to complete a task called mission where positive and negative feedback is received about a page.

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You’d also need to complete a two-minute page on your computer to get qualified. Payment is made once a month using Pay Pal.

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#7. Enroll

This company doesn’t require a microphone. Enroll differs from other sites because you don’t need a microphone to record tests. The test can be put up with a desktop, mobile, or tablet which makes the test not difficult but payment is low. They pay $0.10-1.50.


User feel does not take more than 20 minutes and their pay is $10 for a test. The test can be performed on your smartphone or Pc. Qualification is required in User feel.


This platform makes provision to speak out loud, screen recorded tests and standard survey test for the users. A sample test is needed before you can be paid. Their test lasts for 10-20 minutes and pays $10  normal while the less hectic test pays $5 on average.

#10. LOOP 11

A user tester on loop 11 will be required to take an initial test that implores you to record your webcam, screen, and microphone. Loop 11 claim they pay more and make available other frequent opportunities and bonuses to high-quality user testers.

#11. TryMyUI

This company pays users to test their website, app, and models. The individuals have to say their thoughts and grievances loud to enable site developers to hear and understand your experience and that of your like minds.

A Computer, microphone, and screen recorder is required. The TryMyUI test is required and you have to pass to become a user tester. Payment of $10 is made via Pay Pal every Friday when you complete about 20 minutes test.

#12. TEST IO

Test IO is a German-based usability testing company. They are into mobile testing, wearables, and website testing. Microphone is not required always but your computer is of utmost importance. Excluding usability testing, a tester is required to find and report bugs. A user tester can earn up to £20 per bug.


This is another wonderful user testing site that doesn’t need a microphone or your screen recorder. All you need to do is to move to a site and perform the required task with meaningful written responses. Once your response is approved you will be paid $5 which can be withdrawn using Pay Pal.


Just like other testing sites, userlytics is another testing site that requires a microphone, a webcam, and mobile testing app. If your test is selected, payment of $10 will be paid to your Paypal account every Friday.

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User crowd does not require any microphone and their tests are easy and it takes less than a minute to perform their task. They pay 10 cents each.

That sounds really crazy right?! Well just hold on: Like I said earlier the test is easy. All you need to do is to navigate the site and answer a question. You can earn up to $365 extra every year and can cash out once you have up to the cash-out mark.

#16. Uber TESTER

This site gets testers to test apps before they are released. You can also lead your team if you are found worthy in your area. Microphones and Pc are not required, just your smartphone. Payment varies from one tester to another. They pay up to $10 per hour.


This is a usability testing company located in Zurich, Switzerland. Their main focus is for Germans though they take testers from other countries too. Their testing is mainly one on one as you find the client to his workplace. A computer is required and there is no qualification in testing. One can earn up to £60 per test.


This platform offers talk aloud tests and moderate live tests. You can spend 5 minutes on talk aloud test and get paid about $5-10. Moderate live tests need a webcam and pays up to $25 every 30 minutes.

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This is not really a paid web testing site, they only have a number of job pick up in that area. The user needs to be physically present and it pays $125 for an hour test.


My crowd is a usability testing and bug-finding site where a tester gets paid for discovering bugs in apps.

You have to be resident in the USA to be among my crowd testers. A computer or smartphone is required. Qualification is not a necessity and payment varies on how big the bug you were able to find. Their pay ranges from $2-15.


In conclusion, testing apps to get paid is one of the easiest jobs you might want to do. So you can simply apply to any of the companies listed here to get started now!

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