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Get Paid To Travel: Best Jobs You Can Have

You can make money in different ways. However, some ways of making money are easier and more fun-filled than others.

Traveling is a lot of fun. You get to meet people, experience different weather conditions as well as learn different languages.

You might not know, but you can actually get paid to travel. Yes! There are a lot of jobs and activities that pay you for traveling.

Let’s show you some of the best ways where you can get paid to travel

#1. Linguistic Instructor

Language is the pathway through which the greatest form of communication happens. So, holding enough knowledge about a language is key.

As a linguistic instructor, you get paid to travel and teach the language you know in different countries. Most times, you even teach a group of key members in a certain community.

#2. Volunteering

Volunteering is a key job that gives you so many opportunities to travel. The places you go to will depend on the goal of the organization under which you volunteered.

While you get to travel long distances sometimes, other times you work within a nearby community.

As a volunteer, you serve people which is important when building a better society.

#3. Housesitting

Housesitting can be both fun and annoying, depending on the conditions. You can be housesitting a fancy apartment with amazing furniture, and a well-behaved pet in a nice and cool neighborhood.

I know you can probably picture the reverse case.

As long as people go on vacations, you can get paid to travel and house-sit for them. Your fees will largely depend on your standards and priorities.

#4. Selling Art

A good work of art can keep you staring for a long time. And it actually takes a level of expertise and artistry to achieve it.

Although you might not be drawing, you can be selling art pieces. Of course, your market is limitless as a work of art is admired by people from different regions and continents.

You can get paid to travel and sell your art at auctions and even museums. Believe me; it’s a job that grants you access to meet people of influence as well as tour the world.

#5. Bartending

A drink is good for the body. It can calm your mind and help you think clearly. A lot of people make terrible mistakes when mixing drinks and to avoid this, a bartender has to show up.

As a bartender, you basically help people put their choice of drink together. Due to the collective attraction, we share towards drinks, you can be a bartender in almost any part of the world.

#6. Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a good way to calm your mind and eliminate stress from your body. A good yoga session releases the right hormones that keep you healthy and fit.

As a yoga instructor, you can either travel to give one-on-one yoga sessions or teach through video communication.

#7. Online Business

Running an online business does not physically limit you. You can be anywhere in the world and remain visible. It’s thrilling and highly rewarding at the same time.

As an online business consultant, you get paid to travel and talk about your expertise. Most times, you find yourself sharing key areas of your trade.

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#8. Public Speaker

Public Speaking is fascinating. I love the thrill I get when I have to speak before a crowd about a concept of life, business, or even general communication.

Although you can use different means of virtual communication, there is a feeling you get when you physically stand and address people.

As a public speaker, you get paid to travel and speak at different events all over the world.

#9. Flight Attendant

When you travel using a plane, you usually encounter a set of beautiful ladies that teach you about flight rules. These professionals are flight attendants.

As a flight attendant, you get paid to travel as you teach travelers how to use the facilities on the plane.

#10. Pilot

As a Pilot, your basic duty is taking people from place to place using an airplane. Indeed, it’s a career path with a high level of exposure. You fly to different states and even countries.

A very big advantage of becoming a pilot is the high salary you get for doing your job right. So, when it comes to jobs that pay you to travel, this is a top-notch job.

#11. Musician

Musicians are globally accepted. As long as the song has a nice rhythm, everyone can vibe to it.

Among other professions, musicians are usually paid the highest amount of money to travel for a show or an occasion. Of course, they’re creative individuals and deserve such a level of reward.

#12. Massage therapist

A lot of jobs have very high demands mentally and physically. Hence, you have little time to properly rest which can cause body pains.

As a massage therapist, you offer to heal weakened bodies, and everyone gets weak at one time or another. No one really gives too much priority to your language as the core focus is your skill.

So, you can get paid to travel and perform massages in different places.

#13. Hairstylist

Hairstylists are a set of professionals that can turn the hair on your head into a wonder. Their exposure offers them the opportunity to cause such a transformation in people.

As a hairstylist, you can practice your profession in any part of the world. The differences in hairstyling are not so much among different races when you consider them.

#14. Photographer

Everyone loves pictures, and there are different reasons why each person loves them. For this reason, photography has become a job that pays well and gives you enough leverage to pursue other activities.

As a photographer, you get paid to travel and take pictures. You can take pictures of people, clothes, and even animals.

#15. Fashion Designer

Everyone wants to go to an occasion and steal the spotlight. Well, you can only do that when you wear a gorgeous dress. And only a fashion designer can give you that type of dress you need.

Fashion is a general language in every tribe, race, or community – everyone loves beautiful clothes. So, as a fashion designer, you have access to visit places wherein you can express your skill and get paid.


While these jobs are some of the best jobs that pay you to travel, there are still a couple of other jobs which give you the opportunity to travel.

But with the pandemic halting and changing our lifestyle, we may need to rely on technology more than physical meetings.