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10 Ways To Get Paid To Unlock Your Phone In 2023

Lock screen apps are used on phones basically for privacy and security. They automatically lock the phone screen after a set time, say 5 – 10 minutes. Now the offer is this: every time you unlock your phone, you get paid!

For the most part, you allow the app to take over your lock screen.

This means you’ll see adverts when you try unlocking your phone. Simply swipe in the right direction and earn some money (usually just a few cents). But this can add up if you think about how often you unlock your phone each day.

Here’s a list of 10 ways to get paid to unlock your phone.

Ways To Get Paid To Unlock Your Phone

These apps pay you to unlock your phone through ads, surveys, cashback, and phone usage data. Basically, they track your usage anonymously and use the data to help their partner companies make products that meet consumer needs.

#1. Adme

For downloading this app and signing up at Adme, you earn $1. You also get $0.50 for every referral you make and $0.02 every time you unlock your screen. On average, users can be guaranteed to earn $10 – $15 per month.

Mostly, an advert pops up on your screen as soon as you unlock your phone, and you will be paid for viewing the advertisement or just by sliding it to your right.

These friendly ads are usually for discount coupons or any similar deals. This earning is only available for Android users; IOS users still don’t have access to it.

You won’t be earning every time you unlock the screen. Adme is very particular about fraudsters trying to earn extra cash unduly, so they have an extra strict algorithm on how you earn money.

Download Adme

#2. Fronto

Fronto offers as much as $20 per month – considerably higher than most lock screen apps; just for unlocking your phone. In addition to being the most used, it is also one of the popular applications.

Every time you unlock your phone, you get paid by Fronto for doing one of these four things – reading news articles, downloading apps, being involved in promotions, or just unlocking your phone.

For every viewed advertisement, you will surely earn extra points. Points you won’t have if you didn’t click on the advert.

iOS users don’t have access to Fronto either. However, Android phone users enjoy this privilege. Ensure you register your device only once. And try to accumulate as many points as possible by viewing ads for more than 10 seconds.

It’s usually best to save more points before cashing out with either PayPal or Amazon.

Download Fronto

#3. SlideJoy

This is one of the well-known apps where you can get paid to unlock your phone. Users can make $5 – $15 per month, with more regular phone users earning more. This app also allows you to donate the cash you earn by unlocking your phone.

You get $0.20 for signing up, and when you get your friends to sign-up, you will earn 20% of their first month’s earnings. Also, you get $0.02 every time you unlock your phone.

You can use Google Play Credit Card, PayPal, or Square Cash to cash your earnings. Or, you can also extend your helping hand to donate it to the needy.

Download SlideJoy

#4. ScreenLift

ScreenLift is unarguably one of the best apps to get paid to unlock your phone. On this app, you instantly get a bonus of 250 points simply for signing up.

This one is the least disturbing compared to other apps that pay you to unlock your phone. Its ad is only a small image on your screen, and you get paid whether you engage in it.

It is advisable to use your phone regularly since you get paid each time you swipe your phone to unlock it.

1500 points, or, on this app, “lifts,” is equal to $1. And all the payments are through PayPal. Try accumulating more points before cashing out since they become more valuable when you cash a higher amount.

For instance, you can buy a $1 gift card with 1,500 points or a $5 gift card with 6,750 points. The second one is a much better value.

Download ScreenLift

#5. S’more

Considering they are one of the newer apps for getting paid to unlock phones, their pay is fair enough.

Installing the app on your phone means you get $0.10 per day regardless of how many ads you view.

However, using your phones often will not earn you more than $0.10. Perhaps, this is the one downside to this app.

Cash-out through PayPal or exchange for gift cards for every $1.50 you earn.

Also, remember that you will eventually make $3 per month to install and have the application on your phone – regardless of how often you use it.

Download S’more

#6. MooCash

This is the newest one of the apps on this list. And it lets you get paid for unlocking your smartphone. You only get paid when you swipe left to engage an ad. Swiping right takes you back to the home page, thus ridding you of any payments.

Also, it’s a little difficult to keep records of how much you earn via your clicks as it’s not readily available. Plus, it’s the least paying app in this category, and the pay rate is low.

Every time you swipe left on your phone, you get 5 points. Plus, referring a friend will give you 30 points.

Every 1,000 coins you earn is approximately $1. You can cash out or exchange them for gift cards when you own $5.

Download MooCash

#7. Screen Stash

Screen stash is one of the well-paying lock screen apps. It is also the least intrusive and the most passive. There’s no extra work when you install it on your phone. You only notice it when the ad appears on your unlocked screen.

However, you get paid whether or not you engage in the ad. With at least 1,500 points, you are eligible to cash out. Though it’s advisable to save up more points as they become more valuable.

You can earn $5 – $10 every month with the screen stash app.

Download Screen Stash

#8. Perk Screen

Perk has other apps that work on iOS. However, this one is only available for Android. Though the Perk Screen app isn’t as lucrative as ScreenPay, Slidejoy, or Fronto, it is still worth trying.

Also, remember not to use the same VPN numbers or IP addresses to claim rewards for many accounts since the algorithms will trap your IP address.

For every 5 times you unlock your phone, you gain 1 point. And you will earn $0.01 for 10 such points. Perk lets you redeem points for gift certificates and also Paypal cash.

Download Perk Screen

#9. Whaff Locker

This app lets you track your earnings each time you engage with an ad. With a $.03 payment for each engaged ad, this is one app that will not let your hard work go wasted. Because, for every ad they show on your screen, you receive some income if you engage.

Essentially, if the company has no income to fund it, they will not send you any ads.

You can also earn extra bucks if you answer a few surveys or install similar apps to test.

Cash-out with PayPal if you cross $10, and your account will register it after 3 days. You can seek the help of the Whaff Locker support team if you face any challenges.

Download Whaff Locker

#10. ScreenPay

With one of the lowest payouts, this app is one of the most generous referral programs. ScreenPay will reward you $3 for every active friend for at least 30 days. Also, your friend will receive a $1 bonus when signing-up.

Users can gain anywhere from $7 – $15 a month, but more realistically, will earn on the lower end of that range.

PayPal is the only mode of payment.

Download ScreenPay

How Much Money Do People Earn From These Apps?

Indeed, these apps don’t pay so much. However, where else would you get paid to unlock your phone? For the apps that pay, even if you don’t engage with the ads, the experience is near negligible.  

You’re paid to use your phones as usual!

Each app may not pay more than $5 or $10 monthly. Though, Fronto offers more than that – about $15 or $20 monthly, it’s not exactly a norm.

Because you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to get paid – unlock your phone; this is a great passive income app.

Can You Use More Than One Lock Screen App at a Time?

You’re not alone in this quest for extra cash. Naturally, you’d stand a greater chance to earn more money if you could use multiple lock screen apps on your phone.

According to reviews on the Beer Money subreddit on Reddit, many of these folks use these apps simultaneously.

Each installed lock screen app will appear in order when you unlock your phone. For example, Slidejoy will appear, and when you swipe it, Fronto will appear, and so on. This continues until you get to your main screen.

Final Thoughts

It is doable!

You can get paid just to unlock your phone!!

This article’s list of lock screen apps would pay you to use your phone principally. Now, these rewards may not necessarily be much individually.

However, with all 10 apps installed on your phone, you could earn an extra $50 – $60 monthly for unlocking your phone.

Unfortunately, most of these apps only work with Android devices.

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