13 Cheapest Ways to Get Six Flags Tickets this Month

Six Flags is one of the best fun-filled parks everyone should visit with family and friends every now and then. The aesthetics, the people, the rides, you name it, the fun is limitless. The park has over 15 branches across the US, making it very easy to find one. In this article, I shall be revealing the 13 cheapest ways to get six flags tickets.

Everyone wants to enjoy a nice time with family and friends every once in a while, however, the high cost of obtaining tickets at parks and event centers often places a damper on such a fun time with loved ones.

The cost of obtaining tickets at six flags ranges from 60 to 85 dollars per person. The ticket price at the park has halted several families from enjoying the fun-filled experience at the park.

When you multiply such ticket prices in a family or group of six people, the price becomes astronomical. The high cost of gaining entrance into the park takes away the fun.

In light of this, I shall be revealing some of the cheapest ways to get six flags tickets. There are several legal ways to get cheap entrance to six flags, but I realized not so many people know these ways so I thought hey! Why not share these cheap ways with my readers?

As you read on, you are sure to find ways to make your next trip to six flags more fun and affordable. The idea of paying $85 for tickets at a park doesn’t resonate well with me. Especially when you add the cost of food and souvenir, the high cost takes away the idea of fun for me.

Without taking so much of your time, I would like to go straight to the 13 cheapest ways to get six flags tickets.

#1. Coca-Cola Cans

Do you drink soda? If yes, then this might help you cut some ticket prices in your next trip to six flags. Coca-cola usually partners with the parks during the promo period. There are usually coupon codes at the back of coke cans.

If you are lucky enough to drink the soda with such a coupon, you could get a discount of up to 21 dollars the next time you visit the park. If you got a can with the promo code, all you need to do when buying a ticket a to six flags online is to enter the coupon code in the space provided on their site.

But if you prefer to buy tickets at the park, then you need to take the can along with you and you are sure to get a discount of up to $21. Personally, I prefer the former where you buy a ticket online to avoid having to wait in queues for some minutes before buying a ticket.

Please note that most of these coupon codes on coke cans often apply to adult tickets only. There is some limitations. I encourage people to read the terms and conditions carefully so that you don’t take an empty can to the park and end up not getting a discount, this can be heart rendering.

#2. Buy Tickets Early

Surprisingly, buying tickets ahead of time can save you some amount of money. I have learned of people who saved around 15 to 20 dollars just because they bought tickets ahead of time. All you need to do is visit the park website www.sixflags.com and buy a ticket at least 24 hours from time. Print the ticket and head to the park.

Buying tickets ahead of time is good for some reasons, aside from potentially cutting the cost of tickets, it saves you time as you don’t get to go through the hassle of waiting in line.

#3. Use AAA discount

Do you have an AAA card? Carrying an AAA membership card could save you $5 the next time you visit six flags. This is one of the benefits of having an AAA membership card. You can learn more about AAA through their official website at https://aaa.com

AAA members can save 5 dollars on a general admission ticket, just by showing their card to the ticket office. You can also save on souvenirs by capitalizing on the 10% discount available on all merchandise purchases of 15 dollars or more when you are in the park.

#4. Purchase a Season Pass

How often do you visit six flags? Are you a fanatic of the park? If yes, then buying a season pass is one of the cheapest ways to get six flags tickets. You could save quite some amount when you go for a season pass. But you must ensure you visit the park at least 5 times a year before planning to get a season pass.

If you’re the type who doesn’t visit the park often, then it’s not ideal to buy a season pass. Aside from getting an entrance discount, buying a season pass come with other benefits which include in-park discounts, free parking, exclusive events, free tickets for a family member or friends on certain days on top of unlimited visits.

I encourage people who are six flags fanatics to buy a season pass to help them save money.

#5. Group Discounts

Group discounts are one of the best ways to get good deals at most theme parks, Six Flags inclusive. You can save quite a bit of money by getting a big group of people together and heading to the park.

To qualify for Group discount, you should be in a group of 10 to 15 people, although the number of people that qualify for group discount varies with parks. To enjoy this benefit, you must be in a group and it’s likely to save you 10 dollars. If you are thinking, you don’t know how to get such a number of people then you probably are not ready for this option.

You could get such a number by joining a group on social media and raising a campaign about visiting a park. You could get such a number of people and also make new friends. This would be a win-win situation for you. Another way of getting a group is by going to the park with another family.

#6. Check for Coupons at the Grocery Store

I know what you are probably thinking, the idea of checking out coupons because of discounts doesn’t sound appealing right? Yeah, I thought so too until I learned of someone who got up 25 dollars discount through a coupon from a grocery store.

Six Flags theme park has worked with several manufacturers over the years to place coupon codes on their products. The most notable and recent partnership is with Tony’s frozen pizza.

The discounts vary depending on the type of products they are found. So the next time you visit a grocery store and buy some items, you might need to do some checks to see if you are lucky with coupon codes.

#7. Discounts at Local Merchants

Six flags have some deal in place with some retailers to sell their tickets at a discount. You may need to look up some local stores around you to see if they have such a partnership with the park.

You could get a discount of up to $10 if you are lucky enough to find a local merchant that has such a deal with six flags. However, I can tell for sure that stores like Kroger don’t have such a deal in place. You need to look beyond Kroger for a discount for six flags.

#8. Employer Discounts

There is an opportunity for employees to get discounts to theme parks and six flags have such a deal in place. Some employers register on platforms like https://ticketsatwork.com to enjoy some benefits.

If you are lucky enough to find out that your employer has such a deal in place, you are certain to enjoy some discount the next time you visit six flags.

#9. Become a member of the Read to Succeed Program

This is another means to get cheap tickets to the park. The Read to Succeed program is a reading club established to encourage kids to read. The program is offered for children in kindergarten to sixth grade. Your child’s school has to be within 250 miles of a Six Flags theme park in order to participate.

The program is designed such that any student who completes 6 hours of recreational reading will receive a free admission ticket. That’s right, a completely free ticket.

Read to succeed club is good for many reasons, aside from gaining free entrance to the park, your kid gets to be well informed and knowledgeable through reading lots of important books.

#10. Purchase a Parking Pass Early

This method won’t earn you an entrance discount but it would definitely save you some money. The parking price for six flags could be high sometimes with the price going as high as $30 when the park receives a lot of visitors.

If you buy your parking ticket ahead of time, you would avoid having to pay for the increased parking price.

#11. Don’t Buy Souvenirs

I know the importance of buying souvenirs when you visit places like parks. I know about the memory and the icing it adds to an already fun-filled day. However, if you are looking for ways to cut down on the cost of your trip, then you might need to do away with the idea of buying souvenirs.  

No souvenir can be compared with the awesome memory you experience at the park, the pictures, and probably the people you get to meet at the park.

I know, this is not one of the cheapest ways to six flags tickets but I thought it might help you save some money.

#12. Stick to your Budget

This too would help you save some money. When you visit the park, you would definitely see a lot of enticing stuff that might cost you a lot of money. The games, the rides, and other activities are quite expensive at the park.

If you visit the park without a budget, then you are certain to spend a lot of money which you might later regret. I often encourage people to set a budget before visiting the park and stick to the budget.

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#13. Credit Unions

Do you belong to be any credit union? This might help you get some discount when buying six flags tickets. A handful of credit unions have some partnership deals with theme parks and six flags are not exempted.

You might need to do some digging. Ask around to learn if your credit union has such deals with six flags. If you are lucky enough, this can save you up to $20 in the entrance tickets to six flags.

Final Tips

Six flags currently operate 16 branches across the country and these parks offer different experiences. I encourage people to visit the park closest to them. This would save you some money instead of going far away distance.

The closer you are to home, the less you will be spending on transportation to get there and can really help save you a lot of money.

Quite a lot goes into planning a trip to Six Flags. Most of the deals vary by the park location, so you will have to look in a few different places to ensure that you get the best deal for tickets.

You may need to look out for the different deals before choosing a deal. One of the best ways to save money is to ensure you make out time to plan your trip to the park.

Especially if you going with a large number of people, you need to take out time and plan carefully on ways to make sure your trip to the park is memorable while not having to spend all your savings at the park.

I hope my post helps you get cheap tickets to six flags as well as saves you some money while at the park. Do you have any thoughts about the post? Or do you think I missed out on some points? Please share your thought with me through the comment section.


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