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20 Best Gift Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is the time of the year to showcase your creativity, whether in making costumes, making up, or making gifts.

Since the official citywide Halloween in 1921, customs and rituals have transformed. Although, giving gifts on Halloween is uncommon. This shouldn’t discourage you from surprising people with some creepy work of art.

Designed to help, we have come up with a list of gift ideas for Halloween that you can carve yourself, get online, at markets, gift shops, or garage sales whether it is a party favor or for a colleague. 

Continue reading and choose the one that suits your recipient best.

What Are Halloween Etiquette?

  • Planning all the gift ideas for Halloween, Jack-o’-lantern, and candle lights would be a waste without safety precautions. Using an open flame is liable to cause disaster instead of using battery-powered lights for all Halloween decorations.
  • It is only polite that you go to that Halloween party with a gift for the host. You can either bring something for the path or after. A bottle of wine is a good idea for a grown-up Halloween party or some Halloween treats, preferably non-sugary ones.
  • It’s wrong to assume everyone celebrates Halloween or celebrates it exactly as you do. Halloween to some is a time for fun and dressing up, while to others, it is a time to reconnect with their loved ones who are no more. It’s a sacred time for some people. It would be nice to be sensitive to their feelings.

25 Best Gift Idea For Halloween

These gifts would be perfect for friends that are obsessed with the holiday when paying a family visit or throwing a party and wanting to give out souvenirs.

Below are insightful gift ideas for Halloween. Continue reading to find the most creepy and spooky of them all.

#1. Ghost Candles


They make ghost candles from soy wax and fragrant oil. They are perfect for interior decoration and make Halloween the perfect gift idea.

Made with all-natural premium-quality beeswax wax and the best-grade fragrant oils.

#2. Pumpkin Pie Earrings 


Again, Halloween is all about creativity. Adorn this cute handmade pumpkin pie earring, or use it as your gift idea for Halloween. Carved from polymer clay, you can wear this dainty accessory on Thanksgiving, Halloween, and throughout the year.

Featuring a dash of whip cream. They sprinkled the orange pie stuffing with seasonings (unscented) to give it a realistic look.

#3. Spider Planter


A perfect gift idea for Halloween is the 3D printed spider planter with sharp edges and a scary face. Designed to add realism to your Halloween decor, it comes with a live air plant. You can display it with or without the plant.

#4. Halloween Lip Balm


Made from natural ingredients, the Halloween Lip Balm is the best gift idea for Halloween. Gift friends, family, or as a souvenir at your party.

Comprises Soybean oil, flower oil, beeswax, vitamin E, aloe vera, cocoa butter, and Shea butter. 

There are a variety of options to choose from.

#5. Jacki-O-Lantern Succulent Planter


Don’t go through the hassle of carving out pumpkins this Halloween. The 3D printer is the best Halloween gift idea. A combination of a planter and lantern.

It comes in different sizes and colors and is customizable to suit you. A great gift idea for Halloween.

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#6. Spider Web Earrings

$24.99 AT ETSY

A gift idea for Halloween like no other. Get your spider web earring for the spookiest Halloween ever. Handmade from stainless steel.

#7. Skeleton Bookmark


Another handmade gift idea for Halloween is the skeleton bookmark. Made with a jumping eye pin, bookmark charm, and small beads. 

The perfect gift for a horror movie or Harry Potter enthusiast.

#8. Boo Shot Glass


An adorable gift idea for Halloween, this shot glass is perfect for weddings, birthdays, sleepovers, and Halloween. An addition to the creepy of the night. Spice up your drinks with this handmade ceramic shot glass.

#9. Anatomy Dishes 


The perfect gift idea for Halloween and after Halloween. Made from ceramic and designed to last long. You can personalize a special recipient with text, logo, image, or photos if you have a special recipient. 

It comes in sizes: 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, and six images: hand, skull, spine, anatomical heart, ribcage, and brain.

#10. Bone Head Hot Sauce.


Comes in a spooky skull-shaped bottle that goes with the Halloween theme. The perfect gift idea for Halloween for a hot sauce fan. Spice up your Halloween menu with the Bone Rattler hot sauce.

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#11. Royally Iced Sweets


Have a blast this trick or treat season with these witch-themed sweets. Should fit right into the list of gift ideas for Halloween. These handmade cookies are made from the best ingredients. Customize and give them to someone special.

#12. Vampire Fangs Soap


It’s a gory Halloween with the Vampire fangs soap. This red and off-white soap makes the perfect gift idea for Halloween or party favors. Customize with the fragrance of your choice. It’s handmade-bite me.

#13. Warewolf Press Horror Pins


This set of pins is the horror your Halloween craves. A gift idea for friends, family, and coworkers to experience. Inspired by Alvin Schwartz’s horror trilogy, this handmade pin is the perfect party favor or gift idea for Halloween. (

#14. Cauldron Mug

 $23.95 AT ETSY

This Raven black cauldron mug with gloss raven black glaze illusion is a handmade Halloween gift idea appropriate. Made with low-fire white clay. It is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe, so brew your tea, coffee, and other beverages without fear.

#15. Mini Milk Choco Skull


Treat your friends to this gift idea for Halloween. Who says you can’t have sweet and spooky at the same time? Handmade with the finest ingredients such as, 

cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla. 

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#16. Goblin Dreams


Are you seeking a gift that brings a Halloween feel? Consider the book of shadows journal for gifting.

It is a replica of the Book of Shadows that is handmade with paper, card resin, paint, and glass.

Use it as your Halloween party guest list, journal, or sketchbook. A gift idea for Halloween designed to last long.

#17. The Nightmare Before Christmas Music Box.


This gift idea for Halloween is to serenade you and its recipients with the ‘ This is Halloween’ song. Made from wood, it is sturdy and durable. Features a spinning attachment and is customizable.

#18. Cuddle Ghost Pillow 


Not only is this gift idea appropriate, but it also makes a great Halloween decor and, after the perfect snuggle buddy. Made with soft sherpa with eyes and nose embroidered. It measures approx. 17″ long x 12″ wide.

Personalized or customizable in different sizes and colors the way you’d like.

#19. Glow in the dark blanket


This gift idea for Halloween is perfect for a girl’s night or Halloween Sleepover. A gift to your friends and you can all share a glowy, spooky story. It is soft and cozy for a magical night. To shine all night and put in the sun for 20 minutes.

Its features are easy to wash, durable, and lightweight.

#20. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle 


 A great gift idea for Halloween to help you work up some sweat. Gift and play with friends and family. Try to solve the crime by piecing the puzzles and searching for clues to find the culprit.

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#21. Witch Cauldron Bath Bomb


Also called calm before the storm and lavender bath bomb. This handmade product is made from organic sage, lavender, natural oils, citric acid, and bicarbonate soda.

Environmentally conscious, it moisturizes the skin and evokes a comforting effect and a soothing vibe making it a great gift idea for Halloween.

#22. Mini Skull Candles 


Desperately wanting to create an air of mystery, I suggest the skull candles as the best gift idea for Halloween. This handmade luxury is made with undiluted vegetable wax and natural dyes. The only thing you’d have to worry about is the amazing detail and color.

#23. Skull Rock Cocktail Glass


Purchase this gift idea for Halloween or use it to complete your Halloween decor.  Make drinking fun with a taint of spooky. 

#24. “Stranger Things” Soy Candle


It’s stranger things season, this makes the perfect gift idea, especially for a fan of the series. The eleven scented candles

 is made with pure soybean oil and 100% natural materials like soy wax, cotton wick, and fragrance oil.

#25. Pumpkin Cat Pin


The little things count when it comes to gift ideas for Halloween. The pumpkin cat enamel pin is affordable and durable, everything a gift needs to be.

The ideal gift for a cat lover or Halloween enthusiast or someone who prefers treats to tricks. Can be pinned to your jacket, Halloween, or anything else.

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Halloween is beautiful in all its darkness and spookiness. Put a smile on someone’s face with this list of gift ideas for Halloween. 

None of them are bank-breaking items. There are affordable, durable, and quirky gifts like the quirky ghost pillow or the boo shot glass.

If what you are looking for is adventurous, bone-chilling gift ideas like the warewolf horror pin or who-done-it puzzle, you’d find it here.

Spice up your Halloween with our gift ideas or a bottle of the bonehead hot sauce.

FAQs on Gift Ideas for Halloween

What happens on halloween?

Halloween is a celebration that happens every 31 of October. The time is devoted to remembering the dead, saints, and martyrs.
In addition, it is a ritual deeply rooted in Christian beliefs and practices called the Allhallowtide, which goes on for three days.
To commemorate this day, in some parts of the world, Christians visit the cemeteries to pray and bring flowers to their loved ones.

Who is jack-o-lantern?

The term Jack-o-lantern comes from an Irish folktale. It discusses the life of a man called stingy jack who tricked the devil multiple times. 
When Jack died he was made to walk the earth with a carved-out turnip and burning coal to help him find his way. 
According to other sources, Jack-O-Lantern is the night watchman that lights up the street lantern every evening.

When did halloween start?

Halloween has existed for 2000 years. At a point in time, it was called guising and it involved people dressing up in costumes and visiting homes in search of food, and money in exchange for a trick, song, and poem.

how much is spent planning halloween?

Putting into consideration the cost of candy, decorations, Halloween gift ideas, and costumes I would say a lot. Sources say that 95 percent goes to buying candy, 75 percent towards Halloween decor, and 65 percent to costumes. 
Americans spend an average of $1,048 on holiday, I think it’s safe to assume something around that amount.



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