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Glenn Youngkin Net Worth 2023 | Biography, Income, Career, Cars

Net Worth:$500 Million
Age:54 years old
Date of Birth:October 20, 1999
Country/State of Origin:American, Richmond Virginia
Source of Wealth:Politics
Marital Status:Married
Wikipedia Link:

Glenn Youngkin Net Worth

According to TVGuideTime, American businessman Glenn Youngkin has a net worth of $500 million. He owns millions of dollars in Carlyle Inc. Stock. He has chosen to help many needy people with hundreds of millions of dollars in his name. Glenn co-founded the Virginia Ready Initiative with his wife, Suzane, to assist Virginians in finding work.

Additionally, he is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Virginia Ready Initiative, which assists Virginia residents.

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Youngkin is the Virginia Ready Initiative’s Co-Founder and Chairman. However, his primary source of income has been through his Share market for decades. He owns over 13,871 Carlyle Inc. stock units worth over $366,218,463.

He ran for Governor of Virginia in 2021 to make his city the best place to live and raise a family. Glenn is one of Virginia’s wealthiest politicians.

Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe (Virginia’s 72nd governor) competed for the position of governor.

Youngkin won the 2021 elections, became the 74th governor of Virginia, and began serving the people of Virginia in January 2022.

Early life

On December 9, 1966, Glenn Youngkin was born in Richmond, Virginia, to Ellis Youngkin and Carroll Wayne Youngkin. Glenn attended a school known as Norfolk Academy. He finished his studies and received his diploma in 1985.

Glenn holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He has also been a member of the global investment firm The Carlyle Group for over 25 years.

Glenn, like his father, was a big basketball fan and won many awards for it. His talent as a basketball player earned him a scholarship.

Glenn decided to attend “William Marsh Rice University,” a private research university. Youngkin joined a basketball team called “The Owls.”

Later that year, in 1990, he received a Bachelor of Science and Arts degree in managerial studies and mechanical engineering. Later, he enrolled at Harvard to further his education. Then, in 1994, he received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

During this time, he briefly worked at a bank called “First Boston.” This position exposed him to the capital market, mergers, and acquisitions. He joined McKinsey & Company after receiving his MBA.

Glenn joined an equity firm called “The Carlyle Group” as a buyout member the following year and eventually worked for the company for 25 years.

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Glenn was a buyout member for four years before being promoted to managing director. As a managing director, he successfully led the United Kingdom’s buyout team from 2000 to 2005 and the global industries investment team from 2005 to 2008.

In 2009, he was in charge of the firm’s day-to-day operations.

The following year, he was appointed to the company’s executive committee. Glenn also served as Carlyle’s CFO for a short time before being promoted to Carlyle’s COO in 2011.

After serving for three years, he was appointed co-president and co-COO of the company with Michael Cavanagh. Glenn became President and COO of Carlyle after Michael left the position after a year.

Later that year, it was announced that Glenn and Kewsong Lee would be named co-CEOs of Carlyle. The pair continued collaborating on numerous projects until Glenn left the company in September 2020.

Glenn entered politics shortly after leaving the company. In January, he declared his intention to run for governor. By the end of 2021, the results had been released, naming Glenn Youngkin as Virginia’s new governor.

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Youngkin lives in Great Falls, Virginia, with his wife, Suzanne, and their four children.

Luxury life

So far, we’ve seen that Glenn invests most of his fortune in stocks and bonds. Glenn became the owner of a massive property in Virginia, for which he reportedly paid a whopping $18 million.

The Great Falls, Virginia, property includes a massive 13-acre residence and basketball court. A large swimming pool is also said to be part of the property.

He also owns a home in Jackson Hole that is said to have six large bedrooms. The governor also owns a sprawling ranch in the Texas Hill Country. The ranch covers an area of 92 acres.

Glenn also owns a horse farm, which received a 95 percent tax reduction, and is located near his home in Great Falls.

Awards & Achievements

Glenn won the 2021 elections, and thus became the 74th governor, and began serving the people of Virginia from January 2022. He also runs several charitable organizations with his wife.


Some of Glenn Youngkin’s most famous quotes are-

  • This is what these associations are trying to do: again put bureaucracy, put politicians, in between parents and their children, this is why Virginians elected me in the fall. That’s why we went to work on day one and on day one we reaffirmed the rights of parents to make these decisions.
  • This is shocking, the Democrats continue to cover up a scandal of their creation. The Democrat-controlled parole board broke the law, put criminals ahead of victims, and tried to cover it. We will reform the parole board, expose those conspiring to hide this from public view, and stand up for victims’ rights.
  • This bill is very clear. Any authority, whether it’s a local school board or a local board of supervisors, or the state government that wants to mandate masks, then parents will have the ability to opt out if they think that’s the best thing for their child.
  • We will use every resource within the governor’s authority to explore what we can do and what we will do to ensure parents’ rights are protected.

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Glenn Youngkin is a businessman who rose through the ranks to become the governor of Virginia. 

During his 25 years of service at Carlyle, he spent most of his life there and held various positions. 

Later in 2021, Glenn decided it was time to give back to the community, so he decided to run in the Virginia Gubernatorial election. Glenn defeated former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and has served the community since January 2022. 

He is a proud father of 4 children and resides in Great Falls with his children and wife, Suzanne.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glenn Youngkin’s net worth?

Glenn Youngkin’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 million.

What is Glenn Youngkin’s wife’s name?

Glenn’s wife’s name is Suzanne Youngkin.

Who was Glenn Youngkin’s opponent for governor?

Glenn Youngkin defeated Terry McAuliffe for the position of governor.

Does Glenn Youngkin have kids?

Yes. He’s the father of four children.


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