Global Test Market Reviews 2022: is it Legit or an Online Survey Scam?

If you have taken an interest in completing online surveys, chances are that you have come across the global test market. Because of its controversial reviews, many people find it easier to believe that the global test market is a scam rather than a legit survey site to make money.

Whichever school of thought you belong to, just be confident enough to make a significant change if data proves otherwise.

As a result, we have brought the recent global market reviews from customers who have used this survey junkie for a while.

In addition, we have also given a background to the global test market as well as its reviews. Stay with us!

What is Global Test Market?

Global test market is an online survey panel that started in 1999.

It was initially owned by Global Market Insite (GMI) before Lightspeed Research acquired it.

Beginning early 2019, Lightspeed shut down GlobalTestMarket in some countries and merged those members into LifePoints. As of June 2019, it fully integrated GlobalTestMarket panels and members worldwide into LifePoints.

However, Global Test Market is still operational in some countries like the UK.

Since it is owned by an advertising and media agency, this implies that it is a legit company to earn from.

Stat shows it has over 5.5 million active users from 200 countries. Also, the global test market has partnered with over 1500 companies from over 60 countries.

With this, do you still have doubts if the global test market is a scam or legit? The review might even be irrelevant.

How Does Global Test Market Work?

Basically, register on the site and take online surveys for which you are paid.

For every survey completed, you receive Lifepoints which can be redeemed for cash and prizes.

Similarly, Life points expire after 3 years or after 12 months of no activity in your account.

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Each survey requires around 15 minutes to complete. The reward you get depends on the survey length and its urgency.

For example, you can earn between 35-250 Lifepoints based on the complexity or urgency of the survey. Even if you do not qualify for the survey, you may still receive 5 LifePoints.

Many of these surveys typically ask your opinion on movies, restaurants, automobiles, consumer products, current events, and a variety of other interesting and fun topics.

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What is the Global Test Market Review Reward System

For each survey, users are given 35-250 lifepoints.

In addition, there are other rewards which you can redeem with lifepoints like Unicef charity donations.

You will also earn points from referring your friends. Just login to your dashboard, and enter your friends emails. If they fill out at least 2 surveys, you earn points.

Lastly, after requesting payments, it usually takes about 2 weeks if you’re in the US and also for international panel members.

This timing is one of the reasons users think most global test market reviews are overexaggerated.

Remember when we told you some countries like the UK still use the global test market? Now here is how their payment system works.

They still make use of Marketpoints. Users can earn from 20 to 10000 points depending on the complexity and duration.

Payments can be received from Paypal when you have up to 230 points.

The next section will explain global test market sign up and login.

Global Test Market changed to Life Points. Read the Life Point Review.

Global Test Market Sign up

The global test market signup and registration is pretty easy. No personal information will be requested. Just some basic stuff about you and your family and you are done. They use these to determine the kind of surveys you qualify for.

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Just vaidate the email sent to you and you’re ready to start earning.

However, users below the age of 14 may not sign up. The age limit of 14 is the restriction for signing up.

The global test market login is quite simple. Input your details, select surveys that match your profile, complete them, and earn Lifepoints.

This will be a lifesaver for students who want extra cash. 25 Ways to Get Paid to Write Reviews in 2022 | Quick Money

Is Global Test Market Scam or Legit?

I will try not to give a personal opinion but bring the facts as it is. Let’s get started!

So, is a global test market scam or legit? You’ll answer that after learning about the pros and cons.

Global Test Market Review – Pros

Many users have found these to be intriguing about this online survey website.

First, sign up on global test market is free. In essence, you pay nothing to become a member and make some cool cash.

Secondly, there are lots of interesting surveys on the site. If you love to talk about banking, restaurants, movies, you’ll find it available. With this, you take surveys on topics you love instead of on boring stuff.

Thirdly, the age restriction is just 14. Students looking for alternative means to make some cash can comfortably use this survey site.

In addition, users from over 180 countries can use the platform.

Lastly, unlike in other survey sites, registration is very easy. It just requires little information and no bank detail.

Global Test Market Review – Cons

As a user of the global test market, you can only earn from completing surveys and referrals. This is unlike other sites where there are other means of generating income like watching videos, ads, etc.

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Another disadvantage is the slow payment process. Some users have to wait for up to eight weeks before receiving their money. This is a major pitfall.

Likewise, some users have also complained that before they can receive their rewards, there have to be up to 1200 points or $50. And this takes a lot of time to achieve.

With these, you can form an opinion. Is global test market legit or scam?

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Our Verdict

From all there is about the global test market and its reviews, we can say that it is not a scam. It is a legit site owned by a company of excellent reputation. Although the payment process is quite slow, users will eventually get their money if they are patient.

However, since its change to another platform called Lifepoints in some countries, there have been lots of complaints from users about login problems and this stand to be corrected.

The global test market is not a scam. Join today! Since joining is free, you may leave if it doesn’t work out for you.


Global Test Market is a good place to start out if you’re looking to make extra bucks completing surveys online.

You might have to spend a while accumulating points before you can cash out your rewards. Also, you’ll need to be patient as the payment transfers take a while.

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After all, it’s free to join and you can always leave if it doesn’t work out for you.

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