10 Highest Paid Clinical Trials In The World

If you’re in total control of your time because of flexible work hours, or perhaps you’re your boss, then I’m sure you have considered other ways to make extra bucks. Here’s the good news, Clinical trials!!

While this is a viable way, making the most of it is essential. Therefore, we’d be looking at the highest-paid clinical trials.

The idea is to help you identify the highest-paid clinical trials near you for optimal use of your time and its benefits.

For the benefits, you might ask, yes, because would you do it for free? Your time is valuable, and while doing FOC is ideal, some compensation won’t hurt.

Depending on what is being tested, these clinical trials come in phases, especially for a new drug. It could range from 1 to 3 or more phases, and it’s all to ensure that the study provides the best result.

It also ensures that the participants are safe and their rights are not trampled upon during these trials.

This said, we’d like to define now what clinical trials are, explain how safe they are, and look at other things you should know about them. Stay with me.

What are Clinical Trials?

According to National Institute on Aging, Clinical trials are research studies performed on people for specific evaluations. It can be for medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention purposes.

They are the primary ways researchers determine if a new treatment or new drug is safe and effective in people. Clinical trials also help researchers know if a new treatment plan is less harmful.

These trials are conducted for various reasons, and one can only participate if one qualifies. It’s usually conducted in phases before rolling a drug into the market.

The intention is to ensure that such drugs are not deathly reactive or that the populace won’t be deathly allergic to them.

Some trials, as we know them, can be dangerous to one’s health. Therefore, participants are usually paid to take part in them.

These trials are happening all at the same time in the “big pharma” industry. Therefore, we’d be looking at some of the Highest-Paid Clinical Trials near you.

How do Clinical Trials Work?

Clinical trials hold now and then and can be stretched for days or even months, as the case might be. Within this period, a participant might be required to visit the clinic’s location several times. And such participants call the outpatient’s participants. Whereas those expected to live in such locations are called inpatient participants.

The remuneration for the clinical trial participants can vary from case to case. The more intrusive the procedures, the chances of getting paid even more. Additionally, inpatient participants or those expected to stay overnight are usually paid higher than outpatient participants.

Nonetheless, what matters most is for any intending participant to find a study that best suits his or her needs, age bracket, location, and schedule.

Clinical trials are conducted for numerous reasons. It could be to test a new drug before it hits the market. It could also be to test a new medical device, which could be anything in the robust world of medicine.

Clinical trials, like behavioral studies, can also involve things other than those mentioned above.

These studies aim to look at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. These treatments might be new drugs or new combinations of drugs. It could also be new surgical procedures or devices or modified ways to use existing treatments. Clinical trials aim to determine if a new test or treatment works and is safe.

Are Clinical Trials Safe?

Yes, these trials are safe. Safe because the FDA makes sure of it. All these studies align with the Clinical Trials Guidance set by the FDA.

This said, it’s important to note that the FDA isn’t the only safety line. Usually, an Ethics Committee (EC) is instituted to vet a study before it can be conducted. The (IRB) Institutional review board can also step in without an Ethics Committee.

The primary duty of these groups is to protect the right of every participant in such studies. This said, there are risks in every life endeavor. However, you can mitigate these risks if you do your due diligence before signing up for trials.

Things To Know About Clinical Trials

  • Inpatient vs. outpatient trials
    Inpatient clinical trials require that the participants stay at the facility for the length of the study, sometimes even overnight. While outpatient participants only need to show up for the screening and follow-up visits.
  • Study participants are categorized into control and test groups. The control group is typically not administered the intervention and usually receives the placebo. Participants may also be recruited for the direct purpose of being part of the control group.
  • Phase I, II, or III 
    If the clinical trial involves the development of a new drug or medical procedure, that intervention must pass phases before being approved by the FDA. The first phase assesses the safety of the intervention relative to the placebo. Phase II trials assess intervention efficacy (i.e., does it work). Phase III trials fine-tune intervention dosing and confirm efficacy in more people.
  • High pay
    Clinical trials pay between $50–$300 per day/visit, with compensation dependent upon the time required and the procedures performed. Overnight stays typically pay more money than those involving repeat visits. Likewise, the more invasive the procedures, the more monetary compensation they provide.

Highest-Paid Clinical Trials

Now we bring some of the highest-paid clinical trials near you and some a bit farther.

#10. Oral Medication Trial In Atlanta, Georgia.

This clinical trial is right for you if you cannot conceive due to age, behavior, or surgical sterilization.

You must be healthy and willing to abstain from alcohol, caffeine, and grapefruit products for two weeks.

As a participant, you must be willing to take specific oral medication for 10 days. And it would help if you had time for five follow-up visits.

Each participant will be paid $50 for a screening visit and receive $200 for each day in the hospital and $75 for follow-up clinic visits.

The trial is conducted by Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR), and interested participants must not be smokers.

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#9.  Inpatient Trial in Dallas, Texas.

If you’re in Dallas, this is a clinical trial near you, and you should join. However, you must be 18-55.

As a participant, you’ll receive inpatient treatment for five days, followed by 14 outpatient visits.

The screening for this trial has fully commenced, and check-in is scheduled for June 29. If you’re interested, keep your calendar open because outpatient visits are pre-scheduled for selected dates.

The study can fetch you well over $5000. So, if you’re in, kindly visit Covance for more details.

#8. Injection Device Trial in Baltimore, Maryland

This study will test a new injection device to administer Cimzia. Cimzia is a drug that relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and other conditions.

Interested participants must be 18-55 years old and must be non-smokers. Also, participants must weigh at least 110 pounds and have a BMI between 18 and 28.

As a participant, you’d be expected to take two screening visits, one eight-day hospital stay, and seven follow-up visits. If you complete the study, you can receive up to $5,100.

#7. Young, Postmenopausal Women Sought in Madison, Wisconsin

This trial is specifically for sterile surgical women aged 18-50. Participants staying in Madison, Wisconsin, will have added advantages as the study will be conducted there.

You’d be studied for 17 nights, which, if completed, will have you $5000 richer. The screening takes place on June 23, 27, and 28. Click here to apply quickly for this highest-paid clinical trials program.

#6. Medical Device Trial in Evansville, Indiana

The next on our list is the Indiana medical device trial in Evansville. A drug-free trial can earn you up to a thousand dollars to test a medical device.

The study will kick-start on July 5th and hold on the 12th of the same month. Meanwhile, undergo the preliminary screening scheduled to hold on the 24th of June.

The clinical trial may not be the highest-paid clinical trial out there, but it is worth something. Participants won’t need to spend any inpatient time and can be from 18-100 of age to take part.

#5. Binge Eating Study in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston-area adults who have struggled with binge eating may be eligible for a Boston Clinical Trial.

Transportation, meals, and babysitting during the study may be available.

Click here for more information about this study.

#4. Dietary Supplement Trial in Dallas, Texas.

Adults aged 40 or older with frequent leg cramps can apply for this dietary supplement trial.

Only seven outpatient visits in the Dallas area are required, along with phone calls to check participant progress. Once you complete the study, you’ll receive $2,800.

Visit Covance to apply and view outpatient visit dates.

#3. Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Trial

Acurian, a trusted name in clinical trial recruitment, will spearhead this study. There isn’t much information or detail about this study yet. However, we can say that the study will pay up to 1000 dollars.

Additionally, there would be no-cost medication and no-cost study-related care for your participation.

This is another highest-paid clinical trial in the world.

To find out more, check out  Read more here.

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#2. COPD Clinical Trial

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, can make breathing very difficult, and there’s currently a clinical trial around the country looking for participants.

They’ll pay you a thousand bucks if you qualify to participate!

Some clinical trials require you to fly to a specific city, but this one can occur at a local doctor in your area.

Here’s the application form.

#1. NASA Will Pay You $5,000 to Lie in Bed

Imagine staying in bed all day for several days and getting paid for it. Talk about the best jobs for those not willing to work. This is what NASA offers, and it gets better; they’re paying $5,000 per month to participants.

The study takes place at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, and will last 87 days. This study will help NASA research the effects of zero-gravity space travel on the human body.

Here’s the full run-down of this highest-paid clinical trials program.

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Whatever forms your reasons for wanting to participate in a clinical trial, be it altruistic or purely financial reasons, there’s an open spot for you. While some may be hundreds of miles away, others are in your backyard; find them and get started.

These are the highest-paid clinical trials in the world. Good luck.

Disclaimer: The onus falls on those conducting the trials to select participants regardless of how qualified one might be for it.

FAQs on Highest paid clinical trials

Are there paid clinical trials for smokers?

Clinical trials for smokers are a great place to try and get rid of cigarettes once and for all. Some research centers even pay volunteers to participate in their studies. You can improve your health and get paid for it—it sounds like a great combo!

Who are the highest-paid clinical trials in the UK?

The therapeutic area can also impact payment — cardiovascular disease, neurology, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and blood disorders trials tend to pay the most.

How much can I make from a clinical trial?

Overall, the median clinical trial compensation was US$3070 (range = US$150-US$13,000)



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