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15 Highest Paid Jobs in Maryland

Maryland remains and has always been a transitioning state. It feels like we are always moving forward—financially, technologically, industrially, and, in terms of the labor force.

Some common occupations fifty or sixty years ago are now unheard of. We might not even be able to predict the types of jobs leading to demand in forty or fifty years. However, today, we may infer the highest paid jobs in Maryland. Because we have analyzed the data and created a list of the highest paid jobs in Maryland.

Jobs are a wonderful indicator of the path Maryland is going, therefore, it will be fascinating to see what patterns they will follow over the coming ten years.

But beyond just being “interesting,” it is important to highlight which professions are the highest paid and most accessible right now and for the years to come. Take a look through this list if you are seeking a job that will offer you extra.

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Highest Paid Jobs In Maryland 

The 15 highest paid jobs in Maryland include: 

#1. Consultant And Sales Representative

Average Yearly Salary: $226,698.

A consultant and sales rep is the highest paid job in Maryland on this list. They frequently have to juggle two distinct but connected tasks. Business consultants are authorities in a specific business sector or product category. They offer advice to both individuals and companies using their knowledge. 

Conversely, salespeople help customers buy things depending on their requirements. They use their knowledge to guide customers toward the best items before switching to a representative role and making sales. 

Consultants and salespeople may be paid on commission or receive a base salary plus benefits. The average annual salary is $226,698.

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#2. Executive Vice President Of Sales   

Average Yearly Salary: $185,190

This is one of the best paid jobs in Maryland. The Executive Vice President of Sales oversees a corporation’s sales and marketing initiatives. They set sales goals and tactics on a local, national, or worldwide level.

They also supervise the daily activities of sales teams, including entire departments from the leadership to ensure that they generate income for the business.  

With its typical annual salary pegged at $185,190, the career is anticipated to expand by 5% in the next decade, delivering 20,600 new working opportunities.

#3. Vice President, Products & Marketing

Average Yearly Salary: $184,683

The overall product marketing strategy is often planned, developed, and implemented by the vice president (VP) of product marketing. They are in charge of designing the brand’s overall look and feel and developing new items. 

They also serve as the team captain for the marketing group in charge of developing a product’s marketing strategy, packaging, and distribution strategy. 

This job pays a mouth-watering $184,683 yearly. This is among the highest paid jobs in Maryland.

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#4. Executive Vice President

Average Yearly Salary: $184,498

Taking on the title of the executive vice president may aid one in achieving your desire to hold a top position inside a flourishing company. This post comes with responsibility for operational processes and making business choices. 

Here, they are instrumental in directing the organization’s business development efforts.

They create and carry out strategic marketing strategies and uphold the firm’s vision. The typical yearly salary is $184,498. This role stands in the queue as one of the highest paid jobs in Maryland.

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#5. Chief Medical Officer   

Average Yearly Salary: $182,390

The efficient administration and management of healthcare in medical facilities is the responsibility of chief health personnel, who are medical experts. Their regular responsibilities include managing and supervising the daily clinical activities to ensure patients get the best treatment. 

Additionally, they handle administrative tasks like hiring and firing employees and developing and implementing facility-wide policies.

They often put in 40 hours per week and then work shifts for a typical annual take-home of $182,390. This is among the best paid jobs in Maryland.

#6. President/Chief Executive Officer

Average Yearly Salary: $180,083

This is one of the many best paid jobs in Maryland. A chief executive officer earns an hourly wage of about $100 and $180,083 annually. Their main responsibility is to oversee an organization’s assets and daily operations. 

They work on creating operational strategies, starting marketing campaigns, running staff operations, and maintaining business pricing plans every day. 

In addition, they oversee financial performance, drive system upgrades, and support compliance programming.

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#7. Senior Practice Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $179,191

Another name for this is a healthcare office manager. They are in charge of all business activities and administrative facets of the practice of medicine. They are also responsible for many organizational, leadership, and decision-making activities, such as hiring staff, managing the budget, and ensuring regulations are followed. 

Additionally, they must contact patients, respond to their problems, and with doctors to develop commercial plans.

The average salary for a senior practice manager is $179,191 per year, depending on region and educational background. This is ranked among the best paid jobs in Maryland.

#8. Vice President, Product Management

Average Yearly Salary: $174,794

Product management is an executive officer that reports to a vice president and is in charge of all product deliverables operations. Their primary responsibility will be to coordinate the work of all teams engaged in creating and delivering products.

A product leader’s first task is to acknowledge this and make sure that everyone on staff is aware of the company’s clear vision for the product. They are responsible for all operational product choices, developing product marketing plans, and guaranteeing that the highest customer service standards are met. 

This job is rewarded with a hefty take home of $174,794 yearly. Also found among the highest paid jobs in Maryland.

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#9. President & Chief Technology Officer

Average Yearly Salary: $172,781

An individual holding a managerial position who focuses on resolving technological issues inside a firm is known as a president or chief technology officer. Their duties and tasks in this role entail working with other strategists and technology developers to assess market demands for products.

This role is also saddled with the task of formulating plans to wholly reduce reliance on foreign experts and make judgments on organization and technology. To ensure that a website is available, they must also run duplicate web servers as well as online connectivity. 

Additionally, they can identify significant flaws in the web architecture that allow the online world to access crucial and confidential information. They must also assess the business income and expenses and make budget amendments. 

This position is crucial and compensated with an average yearly salary of $172,781 making it one of the highest paid jobs in Maryland.

#10. President And General Manager   

Average Yearly Salary: $171,246

The role description entails controlling and directing the budgetary & financial operations of an organization, coordinating routine tasks related to rendering services, and producing goods. Discuss operational matters with staff, executives, and other board members. Agreement and contract negotiations and approval.

This is also among the best paid jobs in Maryland. Many presidents and general managers possess specific skills that enable them to fulfill their duties. These skills include management, leadership, and communication skills.   

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#11. Vice President Management

Average Yearly Salary: $171,162

A Vice President of project management is typically in charge of creating, implementing, and overseeing best practices, processes, and regulations that will aid in achieving organizational objectives. Typically, they collaborate with project managers to identify the best practices and implement them to meet project goals. They earn a whopping $171,162 per year.

A project management vice president invests most of their time advising project managers on tools, equipment, KPIs, software, and other project management-related topics. 

They also assist the president of project management with important business decisions and attend meetings with important company stakeholders. This is one of the best paid jobs in Maryland. 

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#12. Executive Vice President Of Operations   

Average Yearly Salary: $170,340

With an annual salary of $170,340, this is among the highest paid jobs in Maryland. An executive vice president of operations is a manager who uses their education, experience, and skills to make their company consistently successful. 

They understand how to effectively employ human capital as well as other resources and develop plans of action to guarantee the achievement of organizational objectives.

The vice president of operations actively managed the company’s guidance and effective coordination. Department leaders must be appointed, and tasks must be given to them.

Additionally, they must assess the organization’s effectiveness and note any elements that need to be changed or improved.

#13. Sales And Marketing Vice President

Average Yearly Salary: $169,334

This is also one of the best paid jobs in Maryland. The vice president of sales and marketing of a company is in charge of providing leadership, carrying out, and creating strategic strategies that support increased customer satisfaction and retention.

They are also responsible for managing marketing campaigns, locating and cultivating potential buyers of goods and services, and assessing sales tactics and running expenses. 

Coordination of outreach, as well as public relations initiatives, may also be requested of you.

Additionally, they will likely be expected to create short-term and long-term objectives supporting business expansion. This role rakes in $169,334 per year.

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#14. Industrial Truck Driver

Average Yearly Salary: $169,271

This is pretty much one of the highest paid jobs in Maryland. An Industrial truck driver carries out several tasks. They install a wire harness from the power fuse box to connectors, checking that the wire functions dependably and efficiently.

They also coordinate and speed up the safe delivery of logistical supplies and HAZMAT chemicals to private, public, and governmental establishments.

An industrial truck driver also builds relationships with customers to enhance communication between loading workers and drivers and emphasize necessary safety precautions.

Additionally, they use the LabVIEW software tool to simulate and collect data on connector and wire resistance. They are paid $169,271 yearly.

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#15. Vice President & General Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $169,190.

A vice president and general manager must oversee the company’s operations while implementing policies and rules. Employees must receive assistance, guidance, and training from you regarding their given work responsibilities. 

The management of administrative, financial services, human resources, and logistics to support the business operations is what they are required to help with most. 

Vice presidents and general managers typically have management, business, or marketing background. This is among the best paid jobs in Maryland on this list with a salary of $169,190. 


It is interesting to see how different fields are represented in Maryland’s list of highest paid jobs. While some of these positions are not as glamorous as others, it is still a good indication of what you can do with your skills and talent. If you think these jobs will fit well with your interests, we recommend looking into them now!

FAQs on 15 Highest Paid Jobs in Maryland

How Much Does An Average Consultant and Sales Rep In Maryland Earn Annually?

An average Consultant and Sales Rep in Maryland earns $226,698 annually.

Which Fun-job In Maryland Receives The Highest Pay?

The job of a Data scientist is the highest paid fun job in Maryland $120,199 per year.

Which Is The Highest Paid Job For 15-year-olds In Maryland?

The tutor job is the highest paid job, earning $24.79 per hour.

How Much Does A Lawyer Earn In Maryland?

A lawyer in Maryland earns a typical annual salary of $92,700 annually.

What Is A Reasonable Salary For Maryland?

A reasonable salary for Maryland will likely begin from $69,000, as the average annual salary in 2021 was $69,266.




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