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15 Highest-Paid Law Enforcement Jobs in Florida| 2022

Are you living in Florida and are looking for some decent 5 to 6-figure law enforcement jobs? Or do you want to read up about the highest-paid law enforcement jobs in Florida? If yes, then you have come to the right side of the Internet.

Law enforcement jobs are jobs that come with significant risk attached and also with great pay. In this article, we will discuss 15 of the highest-paid law enforcement jobs in Florida. A career lasts for a lifetime. It’s our wish that you select the right jobs, and considerably, jobs that have high revenue

You can find well-paying law enforcement employment if you know where to explore and have the required education. As was previously stated, some of the highest-paid law enforcement jobs in Florida can pay better than six figures annually. Continue reading to learn more about the highest-paid law enforcement jobs in Florida and the benefits they provide.

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Which Degree Do You Need For Law Enforcement Jobs?

One of the greatest degree alternatives for those working in law enforcement is criminal justice because it directly addresses pertinent issues. The following are the subfields of criminal justice: criminology, psychology, commerce, any statistical field, and public relations. It’s a good degree for getting started.

If you are already certain that a career in law enforcement is what you want to do, you should work toward earning a degree in law enforcement that will give them a leg up when applying for a particular post. L.

 A bachelor’s degree in a field that is fairly unrelated to criminal justice or criminology can frequently aid with employment.

Law Enforcement Officer Job Requirements

These are the requirements needed to acquire a law enforcement job in Florida or any part of the US.

Education: A law enforcement officer should have a general education diploma(GED) or a high school diploma. Some law enforcement agencies prefer 

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If you want your career as a law enforcement officer to be successful. College-free living is no longer an option. Also, a master’s degree is a requirement if you hope to advance into a position of official leadership. Too many factors, including external influences like technology, the economy, and community relations, as well as internal political factors in the government, influence law enforcement.

Certifications & Licenses: Employers may demand that candidates complete a certification exam unique to the business to verify their general expertise.

Before becoming a law enforcement officer, candidates must also satisfy municipal and state civil service requirements. They put candidates through vision, hearing, strength, and agility tests, and they must not have a criminal history or have had a dishonorable discharge from the military.

Those aiming to become police officers view physical education course completion. Participation in sports also enhances a candidate’s appeal because they think the person has cultivated the competitiveness, agility, and stamina necessary for law enforcement careers. They value the ability to speak another language in several professions.

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15 Highest-paid Law Enforcement Jobs In Florida 2022

1. Police sergeant

Average salary: $50,124 per year

Through counseling and performance evaluation, police sergeants serve as ongoing trainers for their staff. As necessary, they create, manage, and arrange training programs.

A police sergeant is a unit of the force in charge of patrol agents and officers within their purview.

A police officer job is one of the highest-paid law enforcement jobs in Florida.

2. Lawyer

Average salary: $89,109 per year

Before practicing law in their state, these professions must have authorization from the state bar organization. In court, attorneys stand up for clients and uphold the law to the highest degree possible. They exhaust time preparing cases, gathering material, consulting with clients, and conducting research both within and outside of the courtroom.

For the money, this position is among the finest for those with a criminal justice degree. Acquiring a professional or doctoral degree is necessary for the career, and many lawyers pursue studies in political science or criminal law. We can see this as one of the distinguished law enforcement jobs.

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3. Security manager

Average salary: $47,417 per year

A security manager Law enforcement job that serves as a private police force that guards assets. As privately contracted security, they can defend the assets of a business, person, or organization. When employed for a site, security managers perform protection and management duties while also supervising the insurance activities of a corporation or business.

4. Federal marshall

Average salary: $28,860 per year

The federal marshall, also known as the united states marital Service (USMS) is a federal law enforcement agency in the US. The USMS is a division of the U.S. Department of Justice that reports to the Attorney General and acts as the federal courts’ enforcement body to guarantee the independence of the judiciary and the integrity of the Constitution.

Also, federal marshals are involved in accomplishing unusual missions and strategic tasks, supervising and disposing of confiscated, and surrendered property collected by criminals through illegal means, protecting witnesses, and managing the Witness Security Program.

5. ICE agents

Average salary: $35,756 per year

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents is a law enforcement agent in the United States that fights against the trafficking of illegal goods from other nations while also preventing illegal immigration into the country.

6. Forensic analysts 

Average salary: $86,156 per year

A forensic analyst is a professional at gathering evidence who seeks to understand the circumstances around a crime scene. On the spot, they analyze DNA to retrieve placement and substance evidence to condemn perpetrators. As they examine the evidence from the crime, they uphold a chain of custody and practice quality control.

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7. Criminal psychologist

Average salary: $89,276 per year

A criminal psychologist uses observations of how people behave and interact with one another to learn about a person’s emotional, cognitive, and social processes. While they may work in a variety of places, law enforcement personnel frequently manage criminal clients or those who are being held pending trial in police stations.

8. Chief of police

Average salary: $104,407 per year

The chief of police is the highest ranking member of a police department’s hierarchy, and also one of the highest-paid law enforcement jobs in Florida. They aid in planning, directing, coordinating, and evaluating all operations within a police agency.

As a chief of police, you must be able to work well independently, have a thorough understanding of federal rules and regulations, and have excellent oral and written communication abilities. A top-notch chief of police should, in the end, exhibit great command of police techniques and procedures, as well as the capacity to interact with the general public. as a law enforcement agent, the chief of police, is looked up to as a role model by other law enforcement agents or police officers.

9. Judge advocate

Average salary: $61,465 per year

A judge advocate serves as a representative in court for individuals who lack one. They take on the duty of representing a person in a variety of situations, such as hearings in the family or criminal court. When defending a civilian, judge advocates work alongside numerous law enforcement personnel, including attorneys, juries, and staff.

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10. DEA agent

Average salary: $54,122 per year

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is a federal law enforcement organization within the U.S. Department of Justice tasked with preventing drug distribution and trafficking within the country. Along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, it is the primary agency responsible for domestic Controlled Substances Act enforcement.

11. General counsel

Average salary: $134,406 per year

A general counsel is a counselor with legal training who also practices counseling. They advise clients in both civil and criminal proceedings. Legal advisors may appear in court on behalf of several clients, whether they are private persons or corporate representatives.

In general, a general counsel can expect to make up to $134,000 annually. There is a modest demand in major metropolitan regions when it comes to the total demand for general counsels. General counsel positions are available in practically every sector. There is demand, albeit some places pay more than others. A general counsel’s salary will increase throughout their careers as they get more expertise.

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12. Forensic accountant

Average salary: $61,484 per year

Financial data is used by forensic accountants to locate and monitor financial expenditures for financial recovery. They are lawyers who frequently deal with fraud or other financial matters. They are capable of writing reports based on a case’s financial analysis and communicating the information in those reports to clients or attorneys.

13. Border patrol agent

Average salary: $66,490 per year

Border patrol agents guard borders between points of entry during either day or night shifts. These may occasionally be waterways or coastal places of access for boats and cars. However, they can also work on behalf of the US government. They typically provide security on behalf of border protection firms.

If you reside close enough to the borders to be able to apply and commit to the job, there are plenty of opportunities for border patrol agents. Depending on the degree and experience of the candidates, border patrol agents might make between $65,000 and $70,000 annually. An agent’s chances of receiving promotions and compensation increase as their experience grows.

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14. Detective

Average salary: $48,977 per year

A detective is a legal expert who conducts research and unearths information to assist in the resolution of criminal cases. While working to investigate criminal activity, they also serve as first responders for warrants and related needs. Additionally, they gather and examine evidence in the lab that provides pertinent information about the wrongdoer or offender. It can be considered one of the best law enforcement jobs there is.

15. Judge

Average salary: $60,095 per year

Judges preside over court hearings and are the only people authorized to sign documents such as restraining orders, subpoenas, and search warrants. Judges have the power to liberate or punish anyone who has been accused of crimes legally.

In Florida, the average salary for a judge or magistrate with a middle level of experience is about $60,000. A judge will make more money annually the more training and experience they have. Judges and magistrates in small towns will typically earn less money and be required to travel and perform judicial tasks in multiple towns.


You might want to look for a career that offers a salary that works for you whether you’re just starting in the legal field or have been practicing for a while. There are several well-paying positions in law enforcement, some of which include working directly for the police and others in allied fields. You can grow in your career by searching for lucrative law enforcement employment.

In addition to patrol officers, who are here in our communities to guard and serve, law enforcement is carried out by detectives, criminals, forensic scientists, and FBI agents.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is the highest-paid law enforcement job in Florida as of 2022?

The general counsel is the highest-paid law enforcement job in 2022

What is the lowest paid law enforcement job of 2022?

The lowest paid law enforcement job in 2022 is the ICE agent.

What is the major role of a law enforcement agent?

A law enforcement officer’s main responsibility is to safeguard the lives and property of the people under their purview.

What is the most important skill in law enforcement?

Listening and observation.

Are there any restrictions on the age of law enforcement personnel?

The majority of agencies have minimum age criteria for law enforcement officers, even though there’s typically no upper age limit, the minimum age range is from 18-21 years old.




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