Highest Paid Sales Reps | Top 10 Sales Jobs That Pay Well In 2022

A sales profession can be extremely lucrative, with the opportunity to travel and meet new people every day. Sales job positions offer great earning potential and are frequently flexible, allowing salespeople to choose their own schedules.

Evaluating the various sorts of sales positions available, as well as the education required for each, will help you decide whether a career in sales is right for you.

In this article, we discuss what a sales job is, the skills required to fit into any sales job, and a compilation of 11 top sales jobs and highest-paid sales reps. These jobs are known as the highest-paid sales jobs in the world.

What are Sales Jobs?

Any job or position in which a person is solely responsible for buying and selling products and services is called a sales job. This career has to do with creating leads and meeting sales targets and goals.

Someone occupying a sales job position will be responsible for negotiating contracts with clients, delivering sales presentations, and giving product demonstrations.

Furthermore, he/she will be expected to coordinate the efforts of an entire sales team or prepare weekly or monthly reports for management.

Types of Sales Rep Profession

There are different sales rep professions in the world today. While some focus on establishing new customer relationships, others focus on maintaining existing customer relationships. Below is a list of some of them:

  • B2B and B2C
  • Sales Support
  • Business Development
  • Account Manager

 B2B and B2C

 Although this is not a “type” of sales role, it is important to understand the difference between B2B and B2C roles.

In a business-to-business (B2B) sales role, you will sell your products to other companies. Typically, salespeople in these roles will present to a group of people. Salespeople may have to make the same promotion to decision-makers at multiple levels.

However, in the business-to-consumer (B2C) function, you sell products directly to consumers. The B2C role covers a wide range of sales tasks.

Of course, it includes industries such as retail and direct selling companies. Note, B2C roles can also include high-paying sales jobs such as real estate sales or pharmaceuticals.

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Sales Support

This is an entry-level sales role. Working in the sales support department, you will support sales representatives in their attempts to complete sales with customers. Deals with details that the sales rep may not have time to deal with.

For example, you can create a budget or schedule for project implementation. Or you can research customers to help sales reps understand which customers most need the services provided by your company.

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Business Development

 In this role, you are responsible for finding and establishing channels for new potential customers. Most salespeople in new business development call potential customers and begin building business relationships.

However, in general, this position will not “complete the transaction.” Once the customer is interested in purchasing your product, the new commercial sales representative will pass the prospect to the sales representative (he will guide the customer to purchase the correct product).

Account Manager

Although not a traditional sales job, the account manager does a lot of “sales.” Part of promoting the sales rep may include discussions of “customer service,” which is where the account manager comes in.

Account managers help clients implement new products and deal with any issues that arise. They can provide ongoing training or technical support when building customer relationships. Also, when the customer is not satisfied, the account manager will do everything possible to resolve the issue.

All these tasks are part of continuous “sales” to customers. However, the focus here is customer retention. Satisfying customers and retaining them is the ultimate goal.

What are the Skills required for Sales Jobs?

To be effective in any sales rep job, you must have the following skills:

  • Active listening skills
  • Conflict resolution skill
  • Nonverbal communication skill
  • Negotiation skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Professionalism
  • Relationship-building
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

Note, some high-paying sales positions may also require industry-specific skills or knowledge, team leadership skills, as well as educational requirements.

Top 10 sales jobs that pay well in 2022

To help you determine the sales position that is best for you, consider these 10 high-paying sales positions, ranked at various levels of experience, from highest salary level to lowest.

1. Sales Director

National average salary: $109,261 per year

A Sales Director is the highest-paid sales rep in the world as long as the sales representative job is concerned. This is because of the vital roles sales directors play.

Generally, as a sales director working for larger organizations, you’ll be responsible for overseeing all sales efforts and ensuring the sales department is adhering to company objectives.

Moreso, everything that has to do with team motivation will be your sole responsibility. Aside from that, you’ll assist with the rollout of new processes, procedures, and new product or service launches. Note, that all these responsibilities will depend on the organizational hierarchy.

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2. Technical Sales (Sales Engineer)

Average Salary:  $92,040 per year

Considering a career as a technical sales rep won’t be a bad idea at all once you’re technically inclined. This is because technology as a whole has a long way to fly whether it is hardware, software, or even technical support.

Taking up this sales rep job will require you to software, hardware, and technical solutions to customers. The only thing that possesses as a little challenge is that you must have a technical background to be competent for the job.

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You don’t need a computer science degree, but you do need relevant education or work experience.

Earning Potential: Your base salary starts from US$50,000 to US$141,000, but through commissions, you can earn US$250,000 to US$1 million per year.

3. Real estate agent

 Average Salary: $83,126 per year

Real estate agent sales job is next on our list of highest-paid sales rep jobs in the world. As a Real estate agent, you’ll help individuals or businesses buy and sell real estate like houses, land, and offices.

You might also accompany clients on-demand to tour the property, answer questions, communicate buyers’ concerns to sellers, discuss sales terms, negotiate prices on behalf of clients, arrange property inspections, and draft contracts.

One interesting thing about becoming a real estate agent is that you can technically have the sky as your starting point when it comes to earnings because your job will come with commissions.

4. Medical device sales supervisor

 Average salary: US$81,230 per year

Due to the vital role health personnel play in our general well-being, the Medical device sales supervisor position climbs to the third highest-paid sales rep in the world on our list.

Basically, the Medical sales supervisor represents medical device manufacturers. They promote and educate healthcare professionals on various medical products (such as tongue depressors, stethoscopes, thermometers, gloves), Medical implants, and prostheses.

Aside from the aforementioned roles, taking up this position will require you to answer questions, provide suggestions, provide samples, and place orders on behalf of customers.

Furthermore, you’ll be responsible for maintaining ongoing relationships with doctors and other decision-makers in healthcare organizations.

5. Outside Sales Representatives

 Average Salary: $ 69,849 per year

Next on our list of top sales jobs that pay well in the world is Outside Sales representatives. As an Outside Sales Representative, you’ll help in finding new potential customers and hold meetings to promote products and services.

Also, you’ll educate customers and answer questions to help drive purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, you’ll be responsible for negotiating prices and ensuring customer satisfaction through regular communication.

Unlike internal sales representatives, as an outside sales representative, you will work face-to-face with customers at their workplaces.

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6. Sales Manager

 National Average Salary: US $ 69,553 per year

 Primary Responsibilities: Sales Manager is the person who develops and implements a strategic sales plan to help the company achieve its revenue goals.

They set team goals, monitor progress, and report performance to senior management.

They may also be responsible for hiring, training, mentoring, and supervising sales staff, including sales representatives and account managers.

 7. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

 Average Salary: $ 68,158 per year

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives represent pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet with physicians and other key decision-makers in healthcare organizations to educate them on products and treatments.

They provide samples and marketing materials to raise awareness about drugs and answer questions to ensure that doctors have the information necessary to prescribe these products.

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8. Account Manager

Average salary: USD 61,791 per year

Account Managing Job is another sales job that pays well. Here is an account manager, you’ll be solely responsible for maintaining relationships with existing customers or customer groups to ensure that the business meets their needs and goals.

In addition, you’ll see to the arranging and organizing of regular meetings and inspections, suggesting additional products or services, attending to customers’ questions, sharing performance reports, as well as striving to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

9. Business Development Representative

 Average Salary: US$57,466 per year

Business Development Representative is among the highest-paid sales rep jobs that are worth going for this 2021. As a Business Development Representative, you will major help in finding new business opportunities and potential customers.

Then, investigates new potential customers and markets to determine whether the sales team should look for them.

And also help build relationships with new potential customers and customers to grow the business and increase the likelihood of future sales.

10. Internal sales representatives

Average Salary: $48,717 per year

Internal sales representatives’ job is next on our list. As an inside or internal sales representative, you will be in charge of finding and calling new sales leads using catalogs, online tools, or customer recommendations.

We might also expect you to build relationships with potential customers to generate new business and maintain relationships with existing customers.

The interesting thing about this job is that aside from the fat paycheck, you can work remotely, rather than through face-to-face meetings. That means you’ll have time for your personal stuff.

11. Sales Assistant / Agent

On our list of highest-paid sales reps, the first is the sales assistant. As a sales assistant, you will support the sales team by maintaining a database.

Other roles you will handle include updating contact records and invoice data, communicating promotions and price changes, preparing sales tracking reports, ordering products, scheduling shipments, solving inventory problems, and organizing and organizing sales education.

More so, you will help with administrative tasks such as filing and data entry. The average annual salary for these jobs is approximately $ 99,000.

Further, according to the American College Council, the average bachelor’s tuition fee in public schools is about US$32,000, and tuition fees in private institutions are more than US$100,000, which will reduce your income.

In Conclusion

At this time, it is evident that there are various types of sales jobs that pay well. Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to consider what talents and qualities you possess to evaluate where you might fit in.

You will discover you can get in any position and join the highest sales reps list when you’re determined



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