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15 Highest Paid Sheriff’s Department In Texas | Updated

Do you want to become a sheriff? Are you wondering who the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas are? You should know the sheriff’s departments defend a county by upholding the law. They also catch criminal suspects, issue citations, carry out search warrants, and monitor particular regions.

They also manage emergencies, interrogate witnesses, seize property, and oversee jail operations. Sounds like they make a lot of money right? This article highlights the 15 highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas. You will also learn all you need to know about the highest-paid sheriff departments in Texas. Keep reading.

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How much does a Sheriff make in Texas?

Sheriffs in Texas make an average of $41,293 per year as of July 16, 2022. That comes to roughly $19.85 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This equates to $794 each week or $3,441 per month.

Actually, salaries for sheriffs range from $31,049 to $49,592. This is with the highest earners getting $63,392 yearly in Texas. ZipRecruiter reports salaries as high as $78,486 and as low as $21,562.

There may be prospects for progression and higher income based on skill level, location, and years of experience. They get a wide range of pay for a sheriff (up to $18,543). Recent ZipRecruiter job posting indicates that the Texas Sheriff job market is not extremely active. This is since not many organizations are now hiring.

Regarding sheriff wages, Texas comes in at 42 out of 50 states.

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What are the Cities in Texas with the Highest Paying Sheriff Jobs?

There are cities where the normal Sheriff’s salary is higher than Texas’s average. Dallas is at the top of the list, closely followed by Odessa and Austin. Odessa outperforms the Texas average by 26.9%, and Dallas continues this pattern by exceeding the $41,293 by another $12,143 (29.4%).

Since the average compensation in these ten cities is higher than the average for Texas, moving seems to offer the sheriff the best chance of advancing financially.

The average salary in these top 10 cities changes just slightly, by 13%, between Dallas and Mesquite. This supports the limited prospect for significant wage development.

The top 10 cities in Texas with the highest paying sheriff jobs are-

  • Dallas- $53,436 $25.69
  • Austin- $52,544 $25.26
  • Odessa- $52,406 $25.20
  • Irving- $51,345 $24.69
  • Frisco- $51,043 $24.54
  • Denton- $49,069 $23.59
  • Pasadena- $48,395 $23.27
  • Beaumont- $47,826 $22.99
  • McKinney- $47,679 $22.92
  • Mesquite- $46,856 $22.53

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What are the Highest Paying Sheriff Positions in Texas?

At least 3 positions in the Sheriff job category pay more annually than the average Sheriff’s income in Texas. They are-

  • Deputy County Administrator- $91,699.
  • Deputy Medical Examiner- $85,173
  • A Deputy Inspector General- $81,450
  • Deputy Operations $76,314
  • Chief Deputy Sheriff: 57,517

These positions pay between $16,072 (38.9%) and $50,406 (122.1%), more than the average sheriff’s salary of $41,293. You could earn more money if you meet the requirements of the typical Sheriff position.

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15 Highest-paid Sheriff’s Departments in Texas

#1. Dallas County Sheriff’s Department

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department is one of Texas’s highest-paid sheriff’s departments. They have thirty years of law enforcement knowledge and experience. This department has also won several awards, showing its compassion for humanity and dedication to security.

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#2. Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Travis County was officially made on January 25, 1840, and in February of that year, the first Sheriff was chosen. The area around Travis County was the Travis District and was about 40,000 square miles.

It was up to the Sheriff to keep the law in these areas. The Sheriff hired deputies to help him do his job. This was to protect the lives and property of the people, keep the peace, stop crime, catch criminals, take care of the county courthouse, and run the county jail.

The department was also in charge of serving all writs, subpoenas, and summonses. It is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

#3. Collin County Sheriff’s Office

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Facility result from a six-year effort by the Sheriff’s Office. Other county employees and the people of Collin County were not left out. They all sought to give the community one of the best, most modern, full-service law enforcement facilities in the United States.

All of the infrastructure and support services are set up at the Detention Facility. The intention is so that it can hold about 1,600 inmates in the future. Collin County Sheriff’s office is one of Texas’s highest-paid sheriff’s departments.

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#4. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

On December 8, 1818, Jefferson County came. At the time, Missouri was still a territory. 

Then, the people who moved to the county came from as far away as France, Germany, Canada, and Ireland. They didn’t have roads, stores, post offices, or blacksmith shops to help them out. None of them, though, lived without at least one gun and at least one dog, which were “must-haves.”

The sheriff’s office now helps more than 224,000 people two hundred years after it opened. Sheriff Dave Marshak got elected in 2016 and took office on January 1, 2017. He continues the sheriff’s office’s tradition of improving training, equipment, and technology. It is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

#5. Denton County Sheriff’s Office

The job of Sheriff has been around since at least 1066 when the Normans took over England. William the Conqueror put constables in charge of watching over each town or borough.

The duties of a Sheriff in Denton changed a lot depending on the time and place. They were often like a sheriff in charge of a shire (the equivalent of a county). Denton County Sherriff’s office is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

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#6. Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Department

The Sheriff’s job has been around for more than a thousand years. The word “sheriff” comes from the English word “shire reeve,” used for a royal official in charge of keeping the peace in a shire or county on behalf of the king.

Since then, the job of Sheriff is of utmost importance in the counties in Texas. This county is no exception. They have kept up protecting lives and properties over the years. They are one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

#7. Rockwall County Sheriff

Rockwall County is the smallest county in Texas, with only 147 square miles. Caddo Indians lived in the area at the beginning of the 1800s. As the Creek Indians spread out, they started fighting with the other tribe.

This area, which used to mostly farm, has changed greatly in the last half of the 20th century. Its county is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas. It borders the west by Lake Ray Hubbard, and it has become a very popular place to live in the Dallas Metropolitan area.

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#8. Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department

There are many parts of law enforcement in the Sheriff’s Office in Tarrant. Such as patrol, criminal investigations, a full-time SWAT team, lost and found, highway enforcement, and victim services.

There are a lot of cars in the police fleet, but there are also SWAT vehicles and patrol boats. The Sheriff’s Office also has many units that don’t deal with law enforcement. It is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

#9. Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office

Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office is one of Texas’s highest-paid sheriff’s departments. It has a corrections Bureau, ensuring the prisons are safe and well-kept.

It also keeps and runs all programs for prisoners. The Community Outreach Unit has programs dealing with the safety of adults, children, their homes, and school resource officers.

#10. Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Today, the Orange County Sheriff is in charge of law enforcement for the whole county. However, the department does not usually use this power within the city limits of Austin, where the Austin Police Department is in charge.

The Orange County Sheriff’s office keeps an eye on the 825 square miles outside the city limits of Austin. 

Officers respond to calls about everything from traffic violations to murders. 

They are one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

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#11. Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Lee County Sheriff’s office is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has existed since Lee County’s creation in 1887. Which until then had been part of Monroe County. In the years since only 13 people have served as sheriff.

#12. Wise County Sheriff’s Office

In 1856, Wise County, Texas, became a real place. Henry A. Wise was a U.S. Senator from Virginia who supported Texas joining the Union. He later became governor and a Confederate States of America General.

One of the Texas counties that did not vote to leave the United States was Wise County. Wise County became a refugee camp in 1862 when most of the men were fighting in the Civil War. It is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

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#13. Frio County Sheriff’s Office

Frio County was found in 1858 from parts of Atascosa, Bexar, and Uvalde counties. It got named after the Frio River. 

In 1871, Frio Town became the county seat. In 1883, Pearsall became the county seat. There have been 22 men who have been sheriffs. One of them, Harkness, did it three times, and one did it six times in a row (Sanders).

E.C. Woolridge became the first sheriff on June 1, 1871. He stayed in that job until March 2, 1872, when he seems to have quit. There was no record of who served from March to November 1872 in the State Election Register. Frio County Sheriff’s office is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

#14. Midland County Sheriff’s Office

D.G.W. Whitney was the first person to be in charge of Midland County. From 1855 to 1858, he was Sheriff for four years. Between 1861 and 1865, two Sheriffs of Midland served in the Civil War.

They got led by Sheriff Benjamin F. Keating, a 1st Lieutenant in the Civil War. No one knows Jerome W. Blackmar’s highest rank during the Civil War. From 1893 to 1896, he was the Sheriff of Midland County. The county is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

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#15. Bell County Sheriff’s Office

The Bell County Sheriff’s Department is a progressive and diverse law enforcement agency with many jobs. Such as patrol, investigations, civil and criminal process, court security, and running the jail.

Over the years, the sheriff’s job has changed from a traveling lawman with a gun to a high-tech business manager with a computer who spends more time reading law books than wanted posters. Still, many of the office’s long-standing practices are in place.

The people of the area still look to the Sheriff as their law enforcement representative. The Bell County Sheriff’s Office is one of the highest-paid sheriff’s departments in Texas.

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There are several positions in law enforcement that allow you to advance your career. Sheriffs manage the county’s law enforcement personnel to protect the welfare of the populace. 

You can create a solid career strategy to achieve your goals by reading the stages required to become a sheriff. 

We hope the highest-paid Sheriff’s departments in Texas listed above would help you make the right choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Texas sheriffs do?

The sheriff maintains the peace and serves as the executive officer of the county and district courts. They seize property after judgment, enforce traffic regulations on county roads, and monitor inmates.

How much money does a Texas deputy sheriff make?

In Texas, a sheriff deputy’s annual compensation is on average $52,500. Sheriff deputy salaries can range from $31,500 to $85,500. They depend on several variables: experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.

Which US sheriff’s department is the biggest?

The Sheriff’s Office of Los Angeles County. It is the biggest sheriff’s office and seventh-largest law enforcement organization in the United States, with 16,400 officers.

Are marshals superior to sheriffs in rank?

A U.S. marshal was a person appointed by the government to protect lawbreakers and outlaws. A federal marshal (or deputy) may also serve as a deputy marshal, town marshal, sheriff’s deputy, or sheriff. There would be a county sheriff and a town marshal in towns that served as county seats, such as Tombstone.

What distinguishes a sheriff from the police?

The police force in a big city could have a variety of specialist employees in units like the bomb squad or riot police. Police officers and sheriffs frequently work together. While a sheriff is responsible for upholding the law within a county or state.

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