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15 Highest Paid Surgical Technologist 2023 | Best State

Wished you were working in the hospital environment? Love the smell of hospital equipment? Or do you admire the way health professionals speak, and the way they dress, or maybe you like just one thing about them? You can become one of them.

There are many careers in the medical field, and choosing one might be a problem. Professions like neurosurgery, dentistry, dermatology, and, most especially, surgical Technologists and others are among those in the medical field.

Ever wondered what they do, relax as we x-ray surgical Technologist, their job functions, and the highest paid ones.

Who Is A Surgical Technologist?

A Surgical Technologist is an operating room technician who is a trained health professional assigned to a team of surgeons delivering and sterilizing equipment, ensuring a healthy environment, helping patients in and out of the surgery, and most especially, ensuring a safe journey.

Sounds interesting??? Well, yes, it is an exciting career.

Is Surgical Technology A Good Career?

Becoming a Surgical Technologist is now a demanding career in the world. According to CHRON, Surgical Technology is an exciting choice for those who prefer the thrill of working in an operating room without the extensive educational background required to be a surgeon.

So working in an operating room is fun for those who love the sound of equipment and enjoy the health professionals.

Taking on a career in Surgical Technology has many advantages as it offers many opportunities. Let’s inspect some. 

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1 Job Advancement

There is a vast intensive increase/rise for healthcare workers in the booming health sector in the world.

Surgical Technologists are not left out as they are part of the surgical team that makes the surgery procedures faster and safer.

2 Knowledge Of The Latest Technologies

The world health sector is progressing with the latest discovery of new machines and software.

Access to the Technologies is difficult as they need to be well preserved and protected from harm. Still, being a Surgical Technologist, you will gain full access to them and learn new surgical techniques.

3 Skills In place

Are you skillful in helping others? Do you have a particular skill that could help brighten others up? Or do you love the environment and always want to arrange things in their place?

Being a Surgical Technician, you get to love your job more, gain full access to the medical world, gain skills that will last till your old age, and also have a wonderful organization of learning.

How Much Does A Surgical Technologist Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for Surgical technologists in 2020 was $51,510 per year ($24.77 per hour), with the top 10 percent earning more than $73,100.

These are the Highest-Paid Surgical Technologist salary.

With an interesting payout, the career is becoming lucrative for youths to join.

How Much Do Entry-Level Surgical Technologists Make?

A first-year Surgical Technologist is still considered inexperienced despite the huge efforts put in place on getting accepted to medical school.

As of July 10, 2021, the average annual pay for an Entry-level Surgical Technologist in the United States is $48,790 a year.

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How To Become A Surgical Technologist

Becoming one is not difficult, it is regarded as one of the simplest careers to enter in the medical field unlike being a real surgeon which requires more education, experience, and skills.

The steps on becoming Surgical Technologist having an associate’s degree from a technical school is the start of the path of becoming a Surgical Technologist as it provides a good and firm foundation in the career.

Knowledge in English especially the communication aspect, and taking hard science courses, anatomy with physiology most especially Algebra and Humanities in the program.

The basic steps For this career are,

STEP 1: Graduation from High School (minimum of four years)

Most schools don’t allow their students to go into their preferred career as they think it could affect the standard of their school if the student doesn’t do well. This could lead to a diversion of their dream career.

More reason High School students are been told to study hard is to take courses like anatomy Biology and a few hard sciences to be considered vulnerable in the field.

STEPS 2: Getting An Equivalent Experience

Professional training programs are available for Surgical Technologist newbies to prepare them for the best.

The entry-level students are advised to verify their program from a proper agency such as the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools ( ABHES).

STEP 3: Gaining A Professional Experience.

Trying out Internships, entry jobs, or any other wonderful opportunity can enhance and increase the chances of getting more practical knowledge and connections in the field.

STEP 4: Get a certificate

Having a certificate is important as it shows the Professional and commitment to the profession. Aspiring Surgical Technologist who will later become a graduate should prepare for the National Certification Exams like the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA)

STEP 5: Apply For Jobs

Where Do Surgical Technologists Make The Most Money

The least amount a Surgical Technologist can be paid is $57,000. However different states differ in the average mean salary.

The highest paid mean salary that a Surgical Technologist can have is $67,660(Alaska), followed by Nevada, California, the District of Columbia, and Minnesota with a difference of $2500 from the mean salary.

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Highest Paying State For Surgical Technologists.

Looking for a Surgical Technologist job, or you want to see where you are being projected in the field, well, it could be nice to know the expected salary. However, salary varies hugely due to the location.

Take a brief look at the highest paid average salary for Surgical Technologist in the period of 2016:

  • Alaska.   –$57,906
  • Washington. –$56,970
  • South Dakota.   –$56,544
  • California.  –$51,331
  • Arkansas.  –$49,149
  • Illinois. –$48,884
  • Arizona. –$46,858
  • Alabama.  –$44,146
  • Mississippi. –$42,480
  • Louisiana–$38,930

1. Alaska

The average annual pay for a Surgical Technologist in Alaska is $57,906, $27,84 for an hour, $1114/week, and $4,825/month.

The annual pay of a surgical Technologist varies depending on the location.

Alaska ranks number 5 out of 50 states for Highest-Paid Surgical Technologist salaries.

2. Washington

The average annual pay for a Surgical Technologist in Washington is $56,970 a year, $27,39 an hour, $1,0961/per week, and $4,747/per month.

Salaries range from $85,234 (high) and $31,828 (low). Washington ranks number 7 out of 50 states for Surgical technologists as companies are hiring for the role.

3. South Dakota

The average annual pay for a Surgical Technologist in South Dakota is $56,544 a year, $27.18 an hour, $1,087/week, $4,712/per month.

Salaries range from $75,586 (High) and $28,225 (low). South Dakota ranks number 8 out of 50 states for Surgical Technologist salaries.

4. California

The average annual pay for a Surgical Technologist in California is $51,331, $24,68 an hour, $987/week, and $4,278/month. Salaries range from $77,665 (high) and $29,002 (low).

California ranks number 19 out of 50 states for the highest-paid Surgical Technologist.

5. Arkansas

Arkansas is known to pay its workers an annual average salary of $4,225 above the $49,149 which can be known to be full of many opportunities, levels of advancement, and high pay based on the skills involved and years of experience.

According to ZipRecruiter Arkansas ranks number 24 out of 50 states for Surgical Technologist salaries.

6. Illinois

The average annual pay for a surgical Technologist in Illinois is $48,884 a year, $23,50 an hour, $940/week, and $4,074/per month.

Salaries range from $69,239 (high) and $25,855 ( low).

Illinois ranks number 25 out of 50 states for Surgical Technologist salaries.

7. Arizona

The average annual pay for a Surgical Technologist in Arizona is $46,858 in a year. $22.53 an hour, $901/week, and $3,905/month.

Salaries range from $73,402 (high) and $27,410 ( low)

Arizona ranks 34 out of 50 states for Surgical Technologist salaries.

8. Louisiana

The average pay for a Surgical Technologist is around $38,930 to $45,300.

With Louisiana ranking 43 out of 50 states for highest-paid Surgical Technologist wages, some factors that have to be considered are the cost of living which is okay in this state.

It requires the same process for securing a position as a Surgical Technologist in the medical field in Louisiana.

According to ZipRecruiter, Based on a recent Job posting activity, the Surgical Technologist job market in Louisiana is not very active as few companies are currently hiring.

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9. Alabama

The average annual salary for a Surgical Technologist in Alabama is $44,146 a year, $21.22 an hour,$849/week, and $3,6791 a month. Salaries range from $69,155 (high) and $25,823 (low).

Alabama ranks number 47 out of 50 states for Surgical Technologist salaries.

10. Mississippi

The average annual salary for a Surgical Technologist in Mississippi is $42,480 a year. Salaries range from $68,455 (high) and $25,562 (low).

Mississippi ranks number 50 out of 50 states for highest-paid Surgical Technologist salaries.

Highest Paying Countries For Surgical Technologists

Don’t know where to work as a Surgical Technologist? Looking for a perfect environment to begin your career in the medical world? Well, there are many countries that offer good payouts to their surgical Technologist.

Countries like Canada, the United States of America Poland, Mexico, and Australia pay their workers very well and are ranked among the best in the world.

The highest-paid surgical technologist countries include the following:

Country.                           Average Salary

USA.                                   $51,510

Canada.                             $62,513

Mexico.                              $90,739

Australia.                            $69,581

Poland.                               $7,540PLN


Becoming a Surgical Technologist is the same everywhere. Here are the steps to becoming one.

1. Having a High School Certificate (Minimum of four(4) years)

2. Enrolling in a Surgical Technologist program ( Minimum of two(2) years)

3. Professional Training Experience

4. Earn a certificate in the field. Looks easy right? Well yes!!!

FAQs on Highest Paid Surgical Technologist

How can I become a Surgical Technologist?

Having a High School Certificate ( Minimum of four(4) years).
Enrolling in a Surgical Technologist Program ( Minimum of two(2) years)
Professional Training Experience
Earn a certificate in the field.

Are Surgical Technologists Respected?

Yes, Surgical technologists rank among the best and most interesting careers to go for.

Who Is A Surgical Technologist?

A Surgical Technologist is a fellow accredited with a professional certificate to work hand in hand in the surgery room with other professionals with the role of ensuring that all equipment is sterilized, well kept, and also the surgery environment is arranged and clean.

What are the Highest Paid States for Surgical Technologists?

Districts that pay rewarding allowances to their workers are Alaska ($65,660), California ($60,230), and the District of Columbia ($55,720).

Must a Surgical Technologist Work In All Surgical Operations?

Not working in a hospital, A surgical Technologist can also be on a flight in case of any breakdown in health among the passengers, schools 
Studying one of the best jobs in the world is like being a key figure in the surgery room.