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15 Highest-Paid TEFL Jobs | Updated

There’s no specific wage or salary plan for people teaching English in non-English speaking countries. These teachers’ income is highly dependent on the country they are teaching in.

Therefore, a teacher’s salary can be as little as $600 per month to as much as $4,000! Because each country has different teaching requirements expectations, and contract length, they also pay varying salaries.

Nonetheless, location is not the only determining factor as to what a teacher would earn teaching English abroad. Some other factors include the following;

The Teacher’s Qualifications

This is done virtually in all workplaces, and not just for TEFL teachers. Whoever has better qualifications most times earns more. This is because it’s expected that the teacher with higher qualifications can offer more to his students. Additionally, one with a better qualification usually has more access to better job offers than another with less qualification.

Therefore, to keep them in the job, they need to make happy. Consequently, as someone looking for a TEFL job, you can increase your earning potential by increasing your qualification. Another factor that determines how much you can earn in a TEFL job is:

The Type Of School You Teach In

Where you work can influence your earning. If it’s a public school, you might be paid better if such a school gets lots of funding from their government. This is usually dependent on where you find yourself as a TEFL teacher.

Meanwhile, in some locations, you might get better pay if you work for a private entity. This is because such organizations are at liberty to charge their clients whatever they deem fit, and as such can afford to pay more.

Another factor that determines your pay is

What Level You Are Teaching?

If you are opportune to bag a contract with a higher institution, which could be a university or business school. Chances are, that you’d be paid more than someone teaching kids in primary school, or a community language centre.

How Does Salary Compare To The Cost Of Living?

What a person earns does not necessarily determine how much unspent money he or she might have. As a TEFL teacher in a foreign nation, your cost of living determines this. And your location determines your cost of living vice-versa.

For example, Latin American countries may pay less (around $600- 1000 USD per month), but when you consider the accommodation cost down there, it wouldn’t be much of a problem.

On the other hand, a high salary earned in Japan would not go far in an expensive city such as Tokyo– unless of course, your employer offered free housing with your contract.

Can you make a living teaching English abroad?

Absolutely!  To choose a location, consider whether your goals are simply to make enough to travel or live overseas or whether you’re aiming to actively save money. Then, factor in the cost of living and the salary for each location to find out where you’re most likely to achieve your financial goals.

It’s important to remember that when abroad, you’ll be living like the locals do, which means you may spend money on different types of entertainment or sightseeing, and you’ll definitely have to get used to different prices—whether good or bad—when it comes to buying food, paying for medical expenses, renting an apartment, and more.


Before taking the plunge, you must research locations and learn what you need to do to teach English abroad. These TEFL jobs will help you greatly.


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