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15 Highest Paid Trade In California | 2022

 California is one of the top ten largest economies in the world, with a $3 trillion gross state product. A trade job may be the greatest choice for you if you desire a career path that doesn’t require four years of college but still offers comfortable pay, and California may be the ideal destination to start!

 Trade occupations require a particular skill set or training. Most trade jobs offer on-the-job training, or you can enroll in a vocational school, graduate in less than two years, and start working. This post will cover everything you need to know about the Highest Paid Trades in California.

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Benefits of attending a trade school in California

 To encourage students to get a vocational credential, California funded $200 million in vocational education in 2017. This is a smart move, judging from the fact most of the state’s leading sectors might benefit from a skilled and well-trained staff. The advantages of attending a trade school in California include:

  •  California’s vocational schools cater to adults and provide more individualized education. Since most trade schools have far smaller enrollments than most colleges and universities, students should expect to receive more personalized attention and support.
  • California technical schools usually exclude anything not pertinent to a student’s chosen job path. As a result, there will be less time spent in education and a quicker path to employment. This is a good option for students who need employment immediately.
  • The trade schools in California offer you a direct approach to teaching that could provide you with useful job-ready skills. The best vocational schools in California offer more organized and direct pathways to the careers that students want.

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Average Salary for trade jobs

 California ranks at number 10 among the 50 states in terms of the pay for trade jobs. The average yearly salary for the Trade occupations category in California is $57,645. This equates to around $27.71 per hour, $1,109 per week, or $4,804 per month. While trade occupations earn up to $118,783 and down to $20,787, the bulk of trade job salaries now vary between $38,109 and top earners in California make $97,007 each year.

 Given the wide variation of income for trade jobs, there may be several wage increases and development prospects based on experience, region, and skill level.

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 Highest Paid Trades In California

 Employment isn’t a problem if you’re looking for work in the trade sector because most of the state’s companies are constantly looking for help. Below are some of the Highest Paid trades in California.

#1. CNC machine tool programmer

 Programmers of CNC machine tools are also known as CNC machinists. Besides programming the CNC machine and tweaking the machine settings until achieving the necessary parameters, they read and interpret design drawings. In California, the average base pay for CNC machinists is $82,332, which is 8% more than the national average. CNC machinists are one of California’s Highest Paid trades. 

 #2. Mechanic

 Believe it or not mechanics are one of the Highest Paid trades in California. The average base salary for Mechanics is 48% above the national average in California. 

A mechanic checks and maintains machinery, light trucks, and cars. These experts often referred to as service technicians, supervise maintenance checks, keep track of inventories, put together mechanical parts, and make repairs. The average base salary for Mechanics in California is $88,137.

#3. Electric Power line Technician

 Powerline experts install electrical power lines. They frequently install low-voltage distribution lines or other equipment, although they may also work on high-voltage transmission lines. 

Powerline technicians need to have a solid grasp of electrical theory, practice, and the instruments and methods employed in this industry. They frequently operate with large machinery and live wires. Therefore they must always be cautious and concerned about their safety.

Power line technicians are on the list of California’s Highest Paid trades. In California, electrical power-line technicians make an average base income of $62,826.

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#4. Nail Technician

 Given that they work in a state that values beauty highly, it should be no surprise that nail technicians are among the Highest Paid trades in California. In California, nail technicians make an average base pay of $167,029. 

 Nail technicians are experts in cosmetics focusing on taking care of customers’ fingernails and toenails. Manicures, pedicures, and nail shaping are some services provided by nail technicians. They could employ their imagination to create one-of-a-kind nail designs for customers and provide hand and foot massages to encourage relaxation.

#5. Carpenter

 Carpenters are among the highest paid trades in California, earning an average base income of $73,262. They install and repair constructions of wood, concrete, and other raw materials. 

A carpenter may work on tasks like installing kitchen cabinets or making furniture. Main responsibilities include interpreting blueprints, creating frames, and fixing broken fittings.

#6. HVAC technician

 HVAC professionals work with heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. Their duties include installation, maintenance, and repair. Technicians can do these tasks or focus on a particular service like installation. They can handle large and small industrial equipment while maintaining electrical residential units.

 By installing equipment that is both energy and cost-effective for their customers, HVAC professionals may have a good effect on the environment. Their products enhance the thermal comfort and air quality of their customers’ homes. With an average base pay of $55,645, HVAC technicians are one of California’s Highest Paid trades. 

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#7. Diesel Technicians

 Diesel technicians are one of the highest paid trades in California, earning an average base pay of $86,459. The upkeep and repairs of diesel-powered vehicles are the responsibility of diesel technicians. They must do diagnostic tests on automobiles, test drive them to evaluate performance, and keep thorough records of the vehicles they have serviced, among other tasks.

Diesel technicians adjust a car’s exhaust systems to lessen emissions. These experts also ensure the secure use of a range of power tools and mechanical devices.

#8. Construction Managers

 The responsibility of managing a building project falls to a construction manager. These experts could order, check, and supply the essential tools and building supplies before the job starts. They could put together a group of laborers in the construction industry, give them certain tasks, and then monitor them to ensure everyone is carrying out their jobs properly and efficiently. 

Construction sites may be hazardous places. Thus one of the main responsibilities of the construction manager’s main responsibilities is to inform workers about safety procedures and ensure that everyone who accesses the construction site follows them. 

In California, construction managers get average pay of $96,042, making it one of California’s Highest Paid trades. 

#9. Boilermaker

 Boilermakers play an important part in the industrial sector. They install and maintain boilers and other similar equipment in the industrial sector. These responsibilities might involve assembling the machine, identifying mechanical problems, and making repairs. 

They ensure that boiler features like pressure and smoke alarms are operational. Their average base pay of $78,040 makes them one of California’s Highest Paid trades. 

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#10. Pipe Welder

 Pipe welders fix pipes, tubular parts, and assemblies under predetermined specifications. The duties of the pipe welder include:

  • Carefully observing safety standards.
  • Examining materials.
  • Maintaining tools.
  • Executing pre-welding preparations.
  • Welding components under specifications.

Californian pipe welders get an annual salary of $62,843.

#11. Plumber

In California, plumbers can expect to make around $88,276 per year. They are one of California’s Highest Paid trades. Plumbers set up and maintain gas and water supply lines. 

They also install fixtures like sinks, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines that connect to water supply pipes. 

Plumbers must be able to think critically to balance the benefits and drawbacks of many options. 

They must also be physically fit to lift tools and equipment. They also clear blockages from sinks and drains, test water pressure, and repair pipes and appliances besides those tasks.

#12. Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists ate specialists that focus on helping treat cancer patients. To pinpoint the area that needs radiation therapy, radiation therapists take X-rays of the patient. The operator of linear accelerator equipment subsequently gives the patient radiation treatment at a specific location on their body. 

This radiation treats the patient’s cancer and tumors by reducing or eliminating them. The average yearly income for radiation therapists in California is $141,639. Radiation therapists are one of California’s Highest Paid trades. 

#13. Electricians

 In California, electricians are among the most sought-after tradespeople. They install and maintain electrical systems in homes, companies, and industries. Electricians’ critical thinking abilities are tested when identifying issues at work. They deal with customers frequently and should have strong customer service abilities. 

 Electricians need to have skills in reading blueprints and troubleshooting electrical systems. California electricians make an average of $68,400 per year.

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#14. Landscape Technician

 A landscape technician designs buildings, gardens, and lawns for residential and commercial premises. They collaborate closely with their clients to develop conceptual ideas that adhere to their needs and then find the plants and resources for each project. Preparing job site designs, estimating costs, monitoring project progress, and assessing any potential environmental effects a design may have on the neighborhood are some of the key responsibilities of a landscape technician. Their average income of $71,124 makes them one of California’s Highest Paid trades.

#15. Elevator Mechanic

 Escalator and elevator technicians install, repair, and maintain these machines. The job description includes reading blueprints, changing broken pieces, testing machinery, and performing safety checks. These experts frequently focus on maintenance, installation, or repair work. They need physical stamina and strength, mechanical aptitude, and the capacity to operate at heights.

 Career progression may result from obtaining a professional certification from the National Association of Elevator Contractors or the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International. A four-year apprenticeship with a union, business, or industry association is frequently the first step in this trade.

 Apprentices gain knowledge of safety procedures, electrical theory, and the components of elevators and escalators. Most states mandate licenses for installers and repairers of elevators and escalators. They also require continual training to stay current with technological advances in the field. Elevator technicians have an average base salary of $54,498 in California. 


 Many believe a college degree is necessary to get a fulfilling and prosperous profession. But possibilities in high-demand and well-paying skilled crafts are available without a bachelor’s degree. A typical four-year degree is also substantially more time and financially expensive to finish than a trade school. 

 Through vocational schools, you can prepare for many well-paying trade occupations, such as construction management, electrical and electronic engineering, boiler making, and plumbing. The positions held by California’s Highest Paid Trades may seem mediocre to some, yet they all earn respectable livings.

Frequently asked questions

What are skill trades most in demand in California?

Electricians, nail technicians, and elevator technicians are some of the most in-demand skilled trades in California.

What are California’s Highest Paid trades?

Construction managers and HVAC technicians are some of the Highest Paid trades in California.

Is a trade career worth it?

Careers at trade schools can provide high salaries and steady work. A regular four-year degree takes more time and money than vocational program.

How long do trade schools last?

Trade schools can last from 6 months to 2 years depending on your program.

What skills are easiest to master?

The skills of an elevator mechanic, a boilermaker, and a building inspector are among the simplest to master.



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