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Many people are surprised to learn that welding is one of the highest-paying trade skills in the country. Although, people prefer careers in medical, law, accounting, and other office positions, welding is a lucrative field job in high demand. Welders frequently travel all around the world.

Are you a skilled individual who would also love to travel around the world? Choosing a career in welding might be a great option for you because currently, there are highest paid welders in the world who are enjoying and learning all around the world. Welding is not for everyone, but for those who love it, it may be a lucrative and fulfilling job.

Therefore, this article will bother on the highest paid welders in the world and welding jobs.

What Is Welding?

Welding can be a stressful job just like the other field jobs but there is a lot to learn in the career. Some expert welders, for example, may be assigned to work with NASCAR (National Association For Stock Car Autoracing) racing pit crews to repair and construct specific racing equipment.

Pipe welding jobs may require welders to travel to remote locations to install or repair pipeline systems. During the project, they may reside in distant parts of Alaska, Canada, or the Sahara Desert.

Welding is a great career choice for persons who enjoy working with their hands, who are technically oriented, and appreciate contributing their talents to the construction of a building, project, or structure. Welding is a job that does not demand a college degree.

Welders can obtain a certificate within at least nine months and begin earning a respectable income. Welders are graded on their ability, and most professions require them to pass a hands-on welding test.

Another thing that made welding a good career is the opportunity to travel around the world.

Welding jobs are also segregated into diverse niches like inspection, engineering, robotics, and sales.

Also, in the future, welders will always be needed as far as there is demand for energy, nuclear power, and drilling around the world.

Demands Of Welders

Welding is a skill that will always be in demand as long as there is a metal that has to be welded to another metal. Whether you’re looking for work in one area or another, they’ll continue to offer openings in a variety of fields across the country.

The demand for welders has always been high. It makes no difference what the economy does as long as there is a thriving industry.

As a welder, you can switch industries without changing occupations at any time. There has been a recession in recent years that has impacted many careers, but welders have simply moved to the shipbuilding business.

People also believe that properly welded metals are stronger, lighter, and less expensive to manufacture than bolted or riveted metal structures. As a result of this concept, industries have begun to choose welding to bolting, putting welders in high-paying positions. In fact, some welding occupations pay the same as those held by doctors.

How Much Do Welders Make?

It’s crucial to ask questions like this, especially if you want to pursue a welding career. However, while having a proper answer to this question can be unclear, it is also simple to respond if the term “welder” is narrowed down.

Welder is a general term used to describe those who connect metals together. Engineering, robotics, ship builders, pipe liners, and other welding-related vocations fall under the umbrella of welding

A welder’s annual compensation starts at $28,560 for entry-level work. Welders earn a median compensation of $41,380 in the United States, with a top 90 percent salary of $63,740.

Traveling welding jobs, as well as welding occupations that take place in potentially dangerous environments, such as on an oil rig pay well.

While traveling, industrial pipe welders might earn anywhere from $50,000 to $185,000 per year. Military support welders earn an average of $160,000 per year.

Welding, unlike some other trades that many people believe have a poor earning potential, has a high earning potential. You can earn as much as a lawyer or a doctor, if not more.

In addition, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual compensation for a welder is $42,000 dollars. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50 percent of welders in the United States earn more than that, while 50 percent earn less.

Is It Possible For Welders To Make 100k In A Year?

The truth still remains that welding jobs that pay over $100K  exist.

Although there are arguments as regards to this truth, the argument is not true for all welding jobs. There are some highest paid welding jobs that can pay $100k. 

Welding is a wonderful skill that enables you to work with your hands and travel while also earning a lot of money. You can earn $100,000 or more a year and enjoy what you do if you find the perfect welding job.

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Welders who work on a contract basis can earn well over $100,000 per year.

Military support welder, submarine welder, nuclear welder, ironworker welder, and industrial pipeline welder are some of the welding occupations that pay $100,000.

So, do you think it’s possible for welders to earn $100,000 each year? However, it is dependent on the welding niche you select. Continue reading if you want to pursue a career in welding and want to learn about high-paying welding jobs.

Which Country Pays Welders The Most?

In comparison to other countries that pay well for welders, Switzerland compensates its welders rather well. They earn CHF 115,000, which is quite a lot even when converted. In Norway, people are frequently compensated by the day.

However, a variety of factors influence how well welders are compensated in each country. Location, welding niche, job hours, benefits, and other considerations are among them.

So, let’s take a look at how well various countries compensate welders.

  • The average annual salary in the United States is $43,000.
  • Average annual salary in Canada is $41,000.
  • The average annual salary in the United Kingdom is $33,000.
  • Norway pays $48,000 a year.
  • In Australia, the average pay is $55,000, while in Switzerland, the average compensation is $72,000.

How To Become A welder

Depending on the school you choose, welding training might take anywhere from 7 months to 2 years of hands-on training. Welders are highly trained and knowledgeable craftsmen.

Welders might work in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, building construction, or any other manufacturing business.

If you enjoy skilled handwork that requires you to create or repair specific goods, welding may be the right job for you. Welding, which involves the use of complex tools and flames, takes a lot of experience and training to be successful in the field.

After accumulating information and experience, welders might continue to expand their skill set. This will enable them to advance in their professions and complete greater projects. 

So, if your passion is growing towards welding, follow the following steps to become a professional and certified welder. From these steps you can become the highest paid welders with welding jobs.

1. Investigate The Various Types Of Welding Careers.

The first step is to learn about the many welding choices available to you. This will assist you in determining which welding careers’ tasks and responsibilities best match your capabilities.

Different training or certifications are required for diverse welding occupations due to the varying duties.

Investigating the various responsibilities that each welding job requires might assist you in determining what type of education and training you should choose.

2. Enroll in welding classes

Find out what educational requirements are required for the welding career you want to pursue. A high school diploma is required for most welding jobs. Take welding classes if your high school provides them to learn more about the many forms of welding. 

Because welding sometimes requires measuring measurements, it’s also a good idea to take math classes that complement welding, such as geometry.

3. Obtain Welding License

You can continue your education after graduating from high school by enrolling in welding certificate programs.

Welding certificate programs usually span between six and twelve months. It might assist you in broadening your understanding of welding. 

Some welders may choose to continue their studies and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Welding, depending on their specialty.

4. Develop Practical Experience

You can begin hands-on training through an apprenticeship for the exact sort of welding you want to pursue as soon as you acquire certification as a welder.

You can conduct supervised work as part of an apprenticeship to learn more about a welder’s normal schedule and duties.

After completing your apprenticeship, you can decide to stay with the company where you did your apprenticeship if they let it, or you can apply your skills to new full-time welding employment.

5. Earn A Certification

Learn how to weld and earn a certification.

You’ll need to get certified in the type of welding you want to do before you can start working.

Welders can receive a variety of certificates, based on their skill set and desired welding job. The baseline AWS Certified Welder certification is the one that most businesses will require.

To obtain this certification, you must pass an exam, which is available at a number of AWS Accredited Testing Facilities.

To take this exam, no prerequisites are required. It will include a written element as well as a test of your welding knowledge.

6. Start looking for a job.

You can begin looking for welding jobs once you’ve completed the needed education, training, and experience. To find jobs that match your present talents or expertise, look for job advertisements online.

These abilities might be highlighted in your CV. Make a clear and explicit list of each skill you have gained via your work experience.

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Your skills might also be listed in a separate section of your resume. Within your resume, try to highlight the talents listed on the job posting.

These steps can bring you the highest paid welding jobs.

13 Highest Paid Careers For Welders In The World

It is feasible to make over $100k in welding. It’s critical to focus on the highest-paying welding positions in the business if you want to make $100,000.

You may increase your chances of making $100,000 welding by concentrating on the highest-paying welding jobs.

Military support welders, submarine welders, pipe welders, nuclear welders, and business owner welders are among the highest-paying welding vocations.

Here are some 13 highest paid welders for welding jobs in the world.

1. Rig Welder (Annual Salary: $52,000–$207,000)

Welders who work on rigs are among the highest-paid workers on the planet for welding jobs. They have the most advanced education and qualifications and work long and demanding hours.

It will be catastrophic if they make a mistake, thus corporations only hire the finest of the best for these roles.

Companies will only consider you for the position if you have years of experience and various certifications. On offshore oil rigs at sea, rig welders are frequently expected to do underwater welding, hyperbaric welding, and various forms of welding.

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2.Industrial Pipeline welder ($55,000 – $175,000)

Welders who work on pipelines construct and repair enormous metal pipes that transmit oil and natural gas. These pipes can be hundreds of kilometers long and must be exceedingly durable to avoid leaks. 

Pipeline welding is difficult since the pipes are fixed and cannot be moved, thus the welder must be able to operate in a variety of awkward postures in order to reach the region they need to weld.

This is one of the highest paid welding jobs.

3. Underwater Welder (Annual Salary: $38,000 – $147,000)

Welders that work underwater are exposed to a great deal of danger. In reality, this is one of the riskiest jobs you might have, with a far greater percentage of workplace fatalities than most other occupations.

That is, of course, a large part of why they are paid so highly. Offshore, underwater welders can work on a variety of projects. 

They may be constructing or repairing oil rigs and other oil-related structures, recovering shipwrecks, working on underwater construction, or performing a variety of other tasks that only they are capable of.

They’re one of the Highest Paid Welders.

4. Nuclear Welder (Annual Salary: $22,000 – $143,500)

Nuclear welders execute a wide range of duties that cause a variety of credentials.

You’ll need to be certified as an underwater welder and a commercial diver. But the most unusual requirement for this job is that you must be FBI cleared!

To work around the nuclear materials that a nuclear welder will have to work on, you must have a security clearance.

In addition, you’ll almost certainly have to pass psychological assessments as well as frequent drug and alcohol tests. It’s a demanding way of life that isn’t for everyone.

You could work on nuclear-powered vessels, build or repair reactor vessels, or work in shipyards as a nuclear welder.

5. Military Support Welders ( Annual Salary: $37,000 – $160,000)

It should come as no surprise that working in a conflict zone pays well. Construction and repair of military stations are required all over the world, requiring the need of trained personnel.

When you put your health and safety on the line in a war-torn location, your income will rise with the risk.

You’ll also be forced to join the military, which isn’t something everyone wants to do. You will, however, be rewarded with superb benefits and even better compensation.

6. Welding Engineer (Annual Salary: $51,000 – $120,000)

Working as a welding engineer causes a passion for learning because you’ll be required to keep up with the latest and greatest welding procedures at all times.

You’ll need to incorporate these recent developments into the firms that you work for, applying your knowledge to improve present procedures in order to make them more efficient and raise your company’s general level of performance.

Just to get started, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and an AWS certification.

This is one of the Highest Paid Welders and welding jobs.

7. Certified Welding Inspector (Annual Salary: $42,000 – $104,000)

The welding may not be required to be done by a professional welding inspector. You’ll need to know it better than any of your company’s welders, though, because you’ll make sure everything they do is up to standard.

Monitor heat values, ensure that all welders are following compliance and safety rules, and ensure that all procedures are finished to a satisfactory standard.

This means you’ll need to be familiar with and understand each welding procedure’s parameters.

Before you can take the certification exam, you’ll need three years of welding experience.

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They’re one of the Highest Paid Welders.

8. Pipe Welder (Annual Salary: $35,000 – $100,000)

Pipe welders will be employed in a variety of companies, not simply the oil and gas industry.

You could work in the automobile industry, shipbuilding, or construction, for example.

You’ll require AWS certification, but your employer will most likely provide you with on-the-job training.

9. Combo Welder (Annual Salary: $32,000 – $82,000)

Combo welders have a lower level of specialization than many other high-paying welding vocations.

You’ll need to be skilled in a variety of welding techniques, including MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), Stick, and ARC. 

You may need to travel extensively depending on your employer. Because combo welders can be hired in a variety of fields, your company will heavily influence your responsibilities.

You’ll be expected to execute various duties, you’ll need several years of expertise before being recruited as a combo welder.

It is one of the Highest Paid Welding jobs.

10. Certified Welding Supervisor (Annual Salary: $38,000 – $75,000)

Everything is up to you as a trained welding supervisor. You’ll need to make sure that all of your company’s welders are adhering to quality standards, deadlines, and safety regulations.

You’ll be in charge of all welding, so make sure everyone is doing their jobs properly. 

One of your main worries is safety, and you’ll have to keep a close eye on everyone to make sure they’re following the rules. However, if production schedules aren’t met, you’re also responsible.

11. Aerospace Welder (Annual Salary $37,000 – $69,000)

Welders in the aerospace industry earn slightly more than the average welder, but not nearly as much as you might anticipate.

Despite the fact that this is a highly specialized welding job with extremely strict tolerances, the risk of death or injury is limited, and you will only be forced to travel on rare occasions, it still is not one of the highest paid in the field.

If you want the stability of a somewhat regular job with above-average pay, this is a specialty to look into.

12. Manufacturing welder ( Annual Salary  $26,000 – $74,500)

Manufacturing welders are in charge of repairing or fabricating new items by welding metal components of various types and sizes.

Because the quality of metal products and equipment is determined by how effectively each component is fused together, the role of a factory welder is critical in the manufacturing process.

13. Structural Welder (Annual Salary $36,000-$58,500)

Structural welders are to design and building the metal framework for a wide range of structures, including bridges and skyscrapers.

They’re also responsible for fixing and assembling metal components such as beams and columns.

Like other welders, structural welders must pay close attention to detail and be in good physical shape.

They’re one of the Highest Paid Welders.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Highest Paid Welders.

Where do welders make the most money in the world?

Welders in Switzerland are fairly highly compensated. They earn CHF 115,000, which is a substantial sum even when converted.

Is welding a wonderful career?

Yes, welding is a fantastic career because it does not require a graduate degree and the training programs are quite short.

How much does a pipeline welder make?

The average annual pay for a Pipeline Welder in the United States is $69,841 as of July 20, 2021.

How much does a welder make per hour?

The average hourly compensation for a Welder in the United States is $17.73 per hour as of July 20, 2021.

Are welders rich?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welders in the 90th percentile of income earn $63,000 per year before taxes.

Can a welder make $100K?

It is possible to make 100k in welding with the correct experience, qualification, equipment, and conditions.

Is it difficult to become a welder?

Welding is a hands-on technique that involves more than simply reading, thus it’s moderately to very tough to master for most people. Furthermore, most people find welding to be quite difficult to actually execute because it requires years of experience besides learning how to do it.

In conclusion

Choosing a welding vocation does not automatically imply financial success. It needs a lot of effort, skill, talent, and willpower. So, while you’re gaining expertise, you can still work to make a decent living or establish your own company.

Here are some things to remember if you want to be among the world’s highest-paid welders. The higher the risk you’re willing to accept, the higher your salary will be.

Similarly, the more time you spend away from home, the more money you earn.

Higher skills, education, and certifications will also get you more money, but doing all the above is the greatest method to earn the most money as an average welder salary.


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