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Hiscox Insurance Reviews: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Having insurance cover over our products or property isn’t old-fashioned, as many people still go for insurance coverage over properties, which is where reviews on Hiscox insurance come in.

At Hiscox insurance, it ensures that businesses are specially covered through their insurance solutions.

Asides from businesses, homes are also protected from damage or theft.

However, the Hiscox insurance reviews aren’t a scam. So let’s dive into this article properly to discover more.

What is Insurance?

Buying insurance helps you purchase protection against unexpected financial losses.

Insurance means an individual or entity receives reimbursement or financial protection from an insurance company.

This is also what Hiscox insurance is known for.

What Is Hiscox Insurance?

Hiscox is a diversified international insurance group. With over 100 years of industry experience and brokers’ outstanding expertise, Hiscox insurance offers solutions in all areas, from business to home.

It offers specialized covers for businesses like public liability, professional indemnity, building insurance, business insurance, home insurance, insurance by trade, etc., to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Hiscox Insurance Reviews: Hiscox Insurance Values

Many companies have principles that guide or govern them and which they are certainly known for.

And Hiscox Insurance isn’t deviating from this, for it wants to challenge the insurance industry’s status quo and deliver quality goods and services to customers—hiscox insurance reviews.

  • Excellence in execution
  • Integrity: Must be true to one’s word
  • Quality: Good enough isn’t enough
  • Human: Firm and fair
  • Courage

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What are the benefits working for Hiscox?

Hiscox’s collaborative working environment also withholds the company’s value system.


At Hiscox insurance, they encourage all employees to work diligently and speak up regardless of their job role.

This is to improve the day-to-day work activities and their continuous growth. Hiscox gets good ratings and reviews from its employees.

Furthermore, employees at Hiscox insurance take advantage of the reward system, like the salary, bonus(based on personal or company performance), benefits.

Depending on the country you are in, benefits include life insurance, retirement benefit, sports club membership, etc.

The company has also developed a program that helps its employees consisting of five elements: induction, personal development, technical training, and professional qualifications.

Hiscox Insurance offers few great opportunities

  • Provides a two-year graduate program that offers lots of hands-on internal exposure and facilities globally
  • The ten-week internship program gives you first-hand experience of the insurance business, which is quite different from other internships where you are running only errands and pouring coffee.

Hiscox Insurance Review: Is Hiscox Insurance Legit Or Scam?

Hiscox insurance reviews are legit, and we would look for answers to some questions.

But you need to know that Hiscox insurance was founded in 1901, with its headquarters in Bermuda.

As an international insurance company, it delivers services across the United States and Europe.

It also offers business insurance policies and has received massive growth due to cash injection into the company’s marketing budget.

Let’s look at some of the Hiscox insurance reviews below of some of the coverage options.

#1. Small Business Insurance:

As one of the respected insurers globally, it has taken care of many small businesses and has won many awards For offering solutions to their problems.

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#2. General liability insurance:

Hiscox insurance also protects against unexpected personal injuries, damage of property, or any other harm.

#3. Professional liability insurance:

To cover any specific risk in any industry, Hiscox Insurance provides professional liability insurance. It offers such cover to risk, ranging from researchers, consultants, translators, accounting, contractors, etc.

#4. Property Insurance:

To cover your home premises or business if there is any damage like a fire outbreak or water leakage, Hiscox insurance provides building insurance to cover all this.

#5. Tech Insurance:

Hiscox Insurance offers specifically tailored insurance coverage to technological companies.

Its approach and management expertise try to keep pace with the technological changes and applicable laws.

#6. Home Insurance:

As an international specialty insurer, Hiscox has quite an experience and a history in providing home insurance

#7. Content Insurance:

At Hiscox insurance, content coverage is basically to cover or replace all valuable items in your home or business if affected or damaged by fire or any occurrence of theft.

Are Hiscox insurance reviews and ratings good?

Below are some Hiscox insurance reviews and ratings found online

  • The–The better business bureau rates them 4:16 stars
  • The rates them 4.5 stars
  • Also rates them 3.0 out of 5 stars

This shows that the Hiscox insurance reviews are legit.

Below also are a few Hiscox insurance reviews

  • Yes, Hiscox provides insurance for businesses. With a focus on small business policies.
  • It provides small business insurance policies like: Work compensation, General liability, commercial property, etc
  • Hiscox Insurance policies cost $29 to $99 monthly based on your business’ location, industry, gross sales, experience, history, etc.

These are some review answers to some Hiscox insurance questions.

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Hiscox Insurance Review: Why should you choose Hiscox business insurance?

There are reasons you should choose Hiscox Insurance

#1. Online Certificates:

They offer online certificates. Business insurance holders can request certificates online.

#2. Tailored plans:

Hiscox ensures that it tailors coverage to meet each client’s needs. It doesn’t have a “fit all” plan.

#3. Customer service:

The call center ensures it offers quality service online in order to reach out to clients in need. They take up this extra step due to no local offices. This is to tell you that Hiscox insurance reviews are good.

#4. Buys Directly:

Hiscox allows clients to buy insurance for license advisers as well as directly from the insurer. There is also no charge to buy from the broker and you also get opinions at no cost.

Hiscox Insurance Reviews: Conclusion

Hiscox insurance reviews are absolutely legit. With its long history and great ratings, it is also backed with the affiliation from one of the known insurance companies, Lloyd’s of London.

They are a good choice for small businesses. And Hiscox Insurance is known for helping clients with difficult insurance needs, making them a good choice for industries with such issues.

Though any company with pros also has cons. But Hiscox Pros are quite impressive.

Not to forget that Hiscox insurance reviews are great.

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