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How Much Do You Pay a House Sitter in 2023? Things to Reward Daily

Now you’re finally taking a vacation to ease off off work stress and intend to make it a long one. Your tickets are ready and your suitcase well packed, but you can’t go along with your pets. The best option is to get a house sitter.

Although finding the perfect house sitter can be very challenging and time-consuming, there are websites that match house owners with a perfect house sitter. All you need is to make your choice.

When you’ve made your selection of the best house sitter to look after your home, there is always the challenge of determining how much to pay a house sitter.

That is exactly why we have put up this article. As a guide, you’ll find a list of factors to put into consideration when determining how much to pay a house sitter.

What Kinds of Things Do House Sitters Do? A Reminder

Every homeowner who needs the service of a house sitter entrusts the security of their house and pets to house sitters.

So, before getting a house sitter, you need to know what to expect from them.

  • Making the house look occupied is the primary duty of any house sitter.
  • Pets within the home are also the responsibility of the house sitter.
  • Home and garden maintenance such as painting, pool cleaning, carpet cleaning, taking out garbage and recycling, composting, and lawn mowing;
  • Basic cleaning of the home, farm, business, etc;
  • Animal care such as feeding, grooming, giving injections, and creating special meals according to dietary requirements;
  • Accepting mail and possibly opening, scanning, and emailing a copy to the homeowner;

However, the responsibilities vary depending on what the house owner demands.

Things to consider before you Pay a House Sitter in 2023?

Determining how much to pay a house sitter depends on many factors. And time is one of the main factors that determine the salary of a house sitter.

If you require their services for a few hours, then you can pay between $25-$30 per day. However, if it is overnight or over a period of days, the price will definitely increase.

Then if your need for a house sitter extends to a long time that stretches into weeks, or months, the payment will have to change.

Though for this type of employment, there should be a weekly or monthly fee set as a contract between the homeowner and the house sitter.

Aside from the interval of work time, there are other factors that affect how much to pay a house sitter. They include:

1. Responsibilities

Once you have prior knowledge of the average salary that house owners in your area pay house sitters, then it is time to determine the services you expect from them.

This affects how much you pay a house sitter greatly.

The question will be, “Do you want them to just dust the house while they are there?” Will they be stopping by in the evening to turn on the lights for the pets? Or is it just watering the plants and flowers?

Always bear it in mind that every responsibility determines if the price for a house sitter changes. So make sure you know exactly what your house sitter of do ahead of time.

Here’s a list of common services that you may ask your house sitter if they provide. Every house sitter has different tasks they will perform and some are willing to go as far as you want.

Mail Collection – 98% of house sitters offer this service and charge an average of $31.66 per day.

  • Feed Pets – 97% of house sitters offer this service and charge an average of $31.64 per day.
  • Taking out the Trash – 97% of house sitters offer this service and charge an average of $31.66 per day.
  • Plant Care – 96% of house sitters offer this service and charge an average of $31.69 per day.
  • Snow Clearing – 42% of house sitters offer this service and charge an average of $31.00 per day.

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2. Location

Another factor to put into consideration when you are trying to figure out how much to pay a house sitter is your location.

The average house sitter’s salary and overall costs are based on the geographical areas and it changes from city to city. That is why professional house sitters will cost more in urban areas than in rural or smaller areas.

For instance, a professional house sitter in cities like New York and California can cost as much as $50 per day. But, a professional house sitter in Salt Lake City will charge approximately $30 per day.

So, it is important to determine what other people pay house sitters in or near your area.

Online research can help you achieve this easily. Or you can ask in a local forum or even online house-sitting platforms to get a good estimate of the local salary rate.

3. Commuting fees

Along with the time they’ll be providing their services, it’s also important not to forget the space (and prices) of your sitter’s trip to your private home.

For this, calculate gasoline and tolls, public transportation charges, and every other element that would influence their travels, so you can expect any extra expenses they’ll be incurring on your house’s behalf.

It’s as much as you to decide if you ought to aspect transportation charges into the charge you’re paying, but in case you’re a house sitter figuring out what to rate, this will definitely come into play in your income.

4. The size of the house

Something else to remember whilst figuring out what to pay your home sitter is the scale of the gap they’ll be answerable for.

For instance, big homes—with larger spaces to smooth/ appearance after—require loads greater attempt than say, a studio condominium.

Therefore, the amount you’ll pay for house sitting have to range relying on the dimensions and form of space being cared for.

5. Provisions

House sitting rates need to also include provisions for any daily residence-related wishes. If you observe your sitter will want to make a grocery or hardware shop run, make certain you’re organized to cover those charges for your pay charge.

Or better yet, provide up a respectable in keeping with diem (for meals and different essentials) as a part of your charge so that you don’t worry about approximately reimbursing.

6. How much time they’ll be spending in your home (and when)

The greater responsibilities you assign your sitter, the extra time they’ll spend in your home, so your need to be organized to pay them.

Hence, jobs that require the sitter to live at your place overnight are great charged with the aid of every day price, even as smaller duties, like as soon as-day by day visits may be billed hourly.

Also, emergency, overdue night time visits and/or anything that falls on a holiday should be compensated fairly, too.

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The Cost of a House Sitter in the United States in 2023

In the United States, the average house-sitting salary varies by geographical location. Also, the cost varies in the same city as well.

Here is an estimated average salary of house sitters in different states in the United States according to

StatesAverage House Sitter Cost (Weekly)Average House Sitter Cost (Hourly)
New York, NY$1,068$27.00
Los Angeles, California$760$19.00
Chicago, Illinois$735$18.37
Houston, Texas$711$17.78
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$716$17.90
Phoenix, Arizona$691$17.27
Jacksonville, Florida$671$16.77
Indianapolis, Indiana$688$17.21
Columbus, Ohio$696$17.41
Charlotte, North Carolina$718$17.94
Average House Sitting Salary in the United States

Top House Sitting Service Providers in 2023

Now you have prior knowledge of how much to pay a house sitter, it will be easier to get one. But how do you go about getting a professional house sitter that can do the job you the way you desire?

We made it easier for you by handpicking the best house sitter providers that are near you.

  • Trusted Housesitters – Want to find 5-star dog sitters or care for pets while house-sitting? Join this kind of community of pet sitters and owners helping all animals stay happy at home.
  • Housesitter – Finding a trusted, a reliable house sitter can take the stress and worry out of being away from your home. At, they can help you find a home sitter who you can trust.
  • HouseCarersHouseCarers has been securely matching homeowners with House Sitters since October 2000. They can help you get the best house sitter that you can trust.
  • Mind My House – If you need someone to look after your house or pets while you’re away, join this platform. It is totally free and will give you a professional house sitter you can trust.
  • House Sit Match – If you are looking for a dog sitter, cat sitter or rabbit sitter, they can help you find a free home & pet care for you.

How Much to Pay a House Sitter for a Week?

If you need a house sitter for just a week, it is best you pay per hour. Basically, house sitters earn an average of $31 per hour.

If you are to pay $31 per hour, calculate the number of hours the house sitters should work every day for one week.

With this, how much you pay a house sitter for a week will surely be within range.

How Much Do House Sitters Make?

A house sitter in America can make an average salary of $63,503 per year or $31 per hour. However, several factors can influence how much of this estimate you take home as a new house sitter.

First is the employer. Your employer reserves the right to decide how much he/she can afford but your years of experience and location can also influence it.

On how much house sitters make, the top 10 percent makes over $147,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent is under $27,000 per year.


Finally, finding the best house sitter that suits your need can ease the stress of travel anxiety. If you’ve found one, we hope you found a guide that can help you determine how much to pay the house sitter.



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