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Blippi Reviews 2023: How Much Money Does Blippi Make On YouTube?

Blippi is one of the most popular YouTubers for children. An endearing question on everyone’s lips is, “how much money does Blippi make on Youtube?”

Well, being a child’s personality pays nicely. If you have children, you are well aware of their inclination to become fixated and obsessive about something.

It may be a film, a song, or an idea – my child has total interest whenever he sees or hears a train.

Blippi, my child’s current obsession, is something I’m not sure how to handle.

Despite my best efforts to monitor what my 4 years old child sees on YouTube, I frequently have to block out the hectic pacing and frantic sounds of unboxing videos like Baby Sharks, or I’ll lose my mind.

Then my kid captivation by Blippi, a YouTube channel, and personality… makes me pay closer attention.

I realized the main Blippi channel has 2.7 million subscribers, while the Blippi Toys channel has 2.5 million subscribers.

That’s quite a good number for an educational Youtube channel.

While I was busy fixing my mind on the data, it came to my realization that my daughter can now spell “Mom,” “Dad,” “love,” and “Blippi,” among other words.

I’m a huge fan of his branding, but as a parent, I’ve great conflict about how much power this YouTuber wields over my kids. So, I begin to wonder how much money Blippi makes on YouTube.

See what I discovered from my research.

But before we go deep into that, let’s see what Blippi is and why it’s a good channel for your kids.

Meanwhile, below is our table of content!!

Who is Blippi?

Blippi is a fun educational YouTube channel that focuses on creating videos for kids to help them learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and the alphabet, among other things.

Nursery rhymes, instructive songs, and instructive videos make up its content.

The channel was launched by a person named Stevin John, who did all of the scripting, filming, editing, and acting in the beginning.

He now has a complete crew to assist him with content creation. He is a former member of the United States Air Force.

John began doing YouTube after watching several low-quality YouTube videos and deciding that he could do better.

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Is Blippi Married?

Stevin John, popularly known by his YouTube page name Blippi is currently engaged!

The 33-year-old content creator for children got engaged to his long-time girlfriend  Alyssa Ingham. Stories have it that Blippi has been dating her for quite some time. However, in 2021, he decided to go a step further by engaging his girlfriend.

Is Blippi a Good Show?

Stevin John is the man behind the character in Blippi. He appears to be genuinely concerned about providing things that children enjoy.

John is the ideal human to conceive, present, and successfully administer an instructional YouTube channel for children in a lab.

Now, here is the thing about Blippi.

Blippi is a bespectacled young man who always wears a blue button-up and jeans, an orange bowtie with matching suspenders, and a blue-and-orange felt hat.

He approaches topics like tractors and zoo animals with a sense of amazement and roughly three Red Bulls’ worth of zeal.

In addition to instructive and amusing movies in which Blippi rides in a helicopter with the LAPD or teaches colors with jet skis, he’s also teaching many kids about the importance of SEO, whether they realize it or not.

Because many Blippi videos include songs, John has been taking voice and singing lessons.

However, he mainly serves as backup and chorus to the freelance songwriters and singers who take the lead.

Although the sessions are purely recreational, he says, “one of my goals is to be on stage for the live show and be able to sing.”

For a good reason, many kids are addicted to his films.

They’re picking up useful skills from Blippi, such as pointing out excavators on worksites and singing songs about shapes and colors.

This is the driving force behind the entire brand.

John is a lovely guy who wants to get young kids to have a great interest in machines and shapes, which I wholeheartedly support.

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Blippi Reviews

Here are some honest reviews parents say:

I like how he exudes fun and curiosity to capture my kid’s attention while exploring things and places they’ve got a great interest in. It feels like you’re on a field trip with a silly adult. My kids talk about the things they’ve seen on his videos and incorporate them into their pretend play. I also like that I don’t have to worry about inappropriate images or things they hear when they watch him. _ by JuMo

My 3 kids, age 11, 7, and 3, enjoy watching Blippi. The way he explores and shows kids fun things to do, and he consistently teaches something in each video. My kids love to dress up and do their own Blippi shows. It’s so nice to put on a show that is kid-friendly for all 3, and I can walk away for a few moments to do laundry and know that nothing inappropriate will be shown.
Thank you, Blippi!! _ by Cbeach

My toddlers love him because he is silly and shows them new things to explore. I love that he shows the kids how to enjoy the world around them. So rock on Blippi _  by Paulette104

Here is what the Kids have to say about Bippi:

I think blippi is good (i don’t watch blippi, but my little sister watches it). My little sister loves that he spells his name I even jacked an mp4 of 1h of blippi.

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What is Blippi’s Net Worth?

Stevin John, better known by his stage name Blippi, is an American children’s entertainer and educator with a net worth of $75 million dollars.

He is most recognized for his YouTube and Amazon Video programming.

With earnings of $17 million in 2022, he was one of the highest-paid YouTube stars on the planet.

That earned him a spot among the year’s top ten highest-paid YouTube stars. He now makes a living from a thriving retail empire that includes toys, accessories, and digital media.

Blippi’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million by March 2023, although there is no concrete data supports this.

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How Much Does Blippi Make a Year?

According to, Blippi makes approximately $25, 000 from advertisement. This means Blippi makes around $9 million a year.

Blippi’s other YouTube channel – Blippi Toys, with over 4 million views, makes $20, 000 on average daily. By implication, Blippi toys make an additional $7 million a year.

How Much Does Blippi Make On YouTube?

As of 2018, the channel has over 3 million subscribers and has received over 3.5 billion views.

It receives an average of 5.6 million daily views from various nations.

The adverts that appear on the videos should earn an anticipated revenue of roughly $22,400 per day ($8.2 million per year).

Blippi Toys, his second channel, has over 3 million subscribers and has received over 3.2 billion views to date. It can get an average of 4.7 million views per day, which should produce roughly $18,800 per day ($7 million per year) in revenue.

After YouTube takes its cut, YouTubers get paid between $2 and $5 for every 1000 monetized views. Monetary views account for 40 percent to 60 percent of all views.

All of these are influenced by various factors such as the device being used, the viewer’s location, ad inventory, the number of commercials on a video, how many people skip the advertisements, ad engagement, and so on.

The cost of an ad view is determined by auction between advertisers. Advertisers must bid at least $0.01 for each view.

Another program, Google Preferred, allows organizations with substantial pockets to target advertising in the top 5% of most popular content. The ad rates are greater than usual here.

Aside from commercials, YouTubers earn money through YouTube Red subscribers, who pay a monthly fee to access premium material on YouTube and watch videos without commercials.

They are paid depending on how long people view their videos. The more time their videos are watched, the more money they get.

Blippi supplements his income by selling goods and streaming his films on Amazon. For several months, his films have been among Amazon’s top 100 self-published shows. His channel also includes a Spanish edition.

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Blippi Reviews 2023: How Much Money Does Blippi Make On YouTube?

How Much Does Blippi Make On YouTube?

The adverts that appear on the videos should earn an anticipated revenue of roughly $22,400 per day ($8.2 million per year).

What is Blippi’s Net Worth?

Stevin John, better known by his stage name Blippi, is an American children’s entertainer and educator with a net worth of 75 million dollars.

Is Blippi a Good Show?

With the reviews, ratings, views and earnings, one can say that Blippi’s show is good.

Is Blippi Married?

Stevin John, popularly known by his YouTube page name Blippi is currently engaged!


When you ask the question, how much money does Blippi make? It may seem impossible that a YouTube producer could make a decent career, but many of them do.

Blippi is no exception; when you hear how much money he makes, you might want to throw on your goofiest outfit and embark on a quest for a youthful adventure.

Blippi is worth a whopping 20 million dollars when you sum all the ad money from YouTube views, goods, and live events he performs in.

That’s correct! Stevin John, aka Blippi, earns almost $22,400 daily from views.


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