How Much Does a Stockbroker Make in a Year?

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Introduction – Stockbroker

Every day in the world, stockbrokers make several trades in the stock market. It is either they are buying or selling stocks with the sole aim of increasing their gains. Sometimes they make money, some other times they lose money. In this article, you will learn in detail how much stockbrokers make in a year and how they earn all that money.

Who is a Stockbroker?

Before you dive in to learn how much stockbrokers earn it is necessary to learn first of know who a stockbroker is in a general definition.

A stockbroker otherwise known as a Registered representative is a financial professional or an investment advisor who executes orders in the market on behalf of clients. Trading, purchasing, or selling of stocks on the national stock exchanges is usually executed through a stockbroker.

Stockbrokers handle the buying and selling of stocks and other securities for retail and institutional clients, through a stock exchange, in return for a commission.

Stockbrokers can partner with fund managers, brokerage firms, and other financial institutions serving as the middle man between their clients and the stock market.

They also require access from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to buy and sell stocks in the market, therefore making them a member of the exchange. 

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Types of Stockbrokers

There are three main types of stockbrokers, they are:

  1. Full-service brokers
  2. Online/direct access brokers
  3. Discount brokers

1. Full-Service Stockbrokers

They provide a personal service to clients and pass on important exclusive information available to only full-service clients. Also, they deliver personalized research and information on investment.

They are usually highly experienced and have access to up-to-date information on the stock market. Services and products offered aren’t the same across the board. Costs will vary from firm to firm.

Expect some or all of certain services from your full-service broker which include access to research on stocks and bonds, retirement planning, tax preparation and guidance, the ability to handle unique trade requests, chance to invest in certain private equity or hedge funds, access to initial public offerings.

2. Online/Direct Access Brokers

They carry out research and provide investment news, charts, and a selection of stocks for clients to consider. Also, online stockbrokers offer the advantages of access and speed.

The final kind of stockbrokers is those that were born out of the technology era. A direct access stockbroker is regarded as a specialized brokerage that allows investors or traders to place their orders on an advanced trading platform.

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3. Discount brokers

They only follow up orders on behalf of their clients and provide financial products, access to mutual funds, banking products, etc. They don’t give financial advice, retirement plans, or other customized services.

However, they offer low transaction fees per trade and permit zero account balances. Discount stockbrokers offer more research tools and trading options with smaller commissions, attracting active day traders and investors.

Swing and day traders who are more active may find discount stockbrokers more appealing. Moreover, the platforms serve active day traders and investors; hence, they provide more research tools and trading options than full-service platforms. 

The word “stockbroker” itself has changed since the days individuals traded stocks in person at places like Wall Street in New York City. Currently, most stockbrokers do their trading digitally, making them more of an “advisor” or “financial advisor”.

Presently, stockbrokers advise their clients about their portfolios and help them buy and sell stocks for a commission.

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How Much Does a Stockbroker Make in a Year?

A stockbroker’s salary depends on the amount of stock they sell and the economic/financial market condition. Therefore, a stockbroker earns more when the stock market favors his client.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an amateur stockbroker will have to build a client base and a successful reputation to bring in a larger paycheck. The mean yearly salary for a financial analyst was $84,300 or, $40.53 per hour.

With years of working alongside experienced brokers, you tend to understand better and analogy of the market. Fluctuations in the market and economic conditions impact the need for stockbrokers. 

According to Zip Recruiter, salaries are estimated to be as high as $400,000 and as low as $14,000 annually, all depending on the global market trend.

Today, the average annual pay for a Stock Broker in the United States is about $136,264 a year. Jobs that pay better than jobs in the Stock Broker category. For example, VP Stock Broker jobs pay as much as $7,375 (5.4%) more than the average Stock Broker salary of $136,264. 

Real estate stockbrokers are often compensated through commissions and others only work part-time, broker salaries can be somewhat variable.

As a result, below is a collection of national real estate broker salary estimates compiled from major job sites and government authorities.

  1. ZipRecruiter ( $98,522 )
  2. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( $78,940 )
  3. Glassdoor ($74,599 )
  4. Indeed ( $69,755 )
  5. Pay-scale ( $54,532 )

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How Do Stockbrokers Make Money?

It’s difficult to ask “how much do stockbrokers make?” without asking how they make money. Stockbrokers make money in different ways and most times their money comes from their clients. Some of the ways stockbrokers make money include:

Brokerage fees

Stockbrokers make money when they are asked to do some market research by their clients, especially when they do not have time or skills. Stockbrokers charge brokerage fees to do this type of task for their clients


Commissions are one of the main ways stockbrokers make money and they are also very volatile. Stockbrokers charge clients commissions to trade for them.

Experienced stockbrokers charge higher commissions than the less experienced ones. Expert stockbrokers make up to six figures from just commissions alone.

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Referral bonus

When stockbrokers and other companies want investors to buy certain investments, mostly mutual funds, they provide brokerage commissions to attract new investors. When an investor buys this investment, the stockbroker gets a bonus.


Stockbrokers also make a lot of money through high leverage. Here, stockbrokers increase the trading volume and improve your position on the exchange. This way, they can amass huge profits from single trades.

Swap spreads

Stockbrokers sometimes pay traders to swap fees and profits from the difference between interest rates and financial trading products.

They make profits when the difference between the two transactions is positive and lose money when the difference is negative. In most cases of swap spreads, stockbrokers make a lot of money.

Also, brokers can decide to charge additional fees for signals and in-depth market research and sometimes provide training (educational) materials, face-to-face training, webinars, etc., to both earn some money and build trust with their customers.

What Do Stockbrokers Do?  

  1. They deal with customers directly and manage their wealth portfolios to earn a living. They work with existing clients and develop new businesses. 
  2. A stockbroker must be abreast with financial and tax legislation, monitor stock market performances to make plans on what to buy and sell, Conducting specific market research and analysis. 
  3. A stockbroker is involved in day-to-day trading. Also, a stockbroker must be flexible in making changes concerning investment strategies based on market conditions. They are keeping clients informed about investment opportunities within the stock market. 
  4. They have the role of managing and looking after their clients’ investments through buying and selling, marketing, research, etc. 
  5. Being transparent with information, brokers are required to disclose all information related to any business or investment recommendations.
  6. A stockbroker must meet his customer’s needs; your customer is your priority and one must learn how to satisfy his customer to maintain trust.
  7. Exercises fiduciary duty towards his clients, to protect the interest of your clients.

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What are the Qualities of a Good Stockbroker?  

Competent stockbrokers run thorough research on the accounting, economic and technical analysis of different companies and stocks, having an experience in investment opportunities.

Their findings help them predict when a company’s stock is most vulnerable to a fall, he would advise selling the whole price is still high, and when it is most potent to rise, he would advise his client to buy while the price is still low.

Essential qualities or skills one can see in a stockbroker are as follows;

  1. Understanding; the client’s needs and making the appropriate suggestions for their investments.
  2. Accountability; A stockbroker must be honest and provide all correct information, including risk. He must not provide misleading information to his clients.
  3. Endurance and patience: 
  4. Stockbrokers can command high salaries, but the hours are often long and the working environment can be stressful. Therefore, a stockbroker must have endurance and patience.

Some other important qualities of a good stockbroker include sound IT and math skills, ambition and determination, communication skills, strong decision-making skills, ability to work in a high-stress environment, good negotiation skills, and ability to build lasting relationships.

What Does it Take to Be a Stockbroker? 

You can talk about how much stockbrokers earn without talking about the journey to become a professional stockbroker.

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The requirements needed for one to become an eligible stockbroker could be burdensome but it takes a lot of perseverance to become a well-groomed standard stockbroker. Some of the requirements include the following:

  1. For one to become a stockbroker, he or she needs a bachelor’s degree in economics, business, or finance and to pass the requisite licensing tests. One must be registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
  2. Must have sound knowledge and experienced background in the stock market exchange.
  3. Creating a good customer base where you can find prospective clients. A stockbroker also receives new clients through referrals from other individuals and organizations or by attending social events he can market his services. 
  4. Like many professionals in the finance and business field, successful stockbrokers possess strong strategic thinking and communication skills. These professionals guide their clients on which stocks to buy and answer investment questions on risk and reward. They must also have sales skills since they sell stocks.

Stockbrokers offer different types of services. One can become a stockbroker by studying business, finance, mathematics, or accounting-related university degrees. Here are some relevant courses you can take on offered by some law and business schools;

microeconomics, corporate finance, statistical analysis, economic markets, and income securities.

FAQs On How Much Does a Stockbroker Make in a Year

Is a stockbroker a lucrative career in 2022?

Yes, a career as a stockbroker is still a lucrative career in 2022 although it requires your time and effort.

Are stockbrokers rich?

On average, stockbrokers in the United States earn higher than the average income which is supposed to be $67k per year

How much do stockbrokers make?

On average stockbrokers earn about $100k per year in the United States which is quite a lot of money.

Do stockbrokers make money only from commissions?

No. Stockbrokers make quite a lot of money from commissions but also make money from referral bonuses, high leverages, and swap spread.

Can a stockbroker work independently?

Yes. Some stockbrokers work directly with their clients and also get paid directly from their clients.

Are stockbrokers busy people?

Yes, stockbrokers are known to be busy people who work for very long hours and work with clients even while at home.


A career as a stockbroker is financially rewarding with the average stockbroker in the United States earning about $100 k annually. Although most stockbrokers don’t make that much as described in this article, few of them earn way higher than that.

To start becoming a professional stockbroker or starting a brokerage business takes a lot of time and effort and the pay at the beginning may be lower than expected.

Starting a brokerage business or a career as a stockbroker may not be worth your time if you are not willing to work it out to the end to be much more profitable


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