How to be a Better Man to Friends and Family | Full Guide

Everything and everyone is subject to change. That’s the rule of life. Nobody has the best qualities. We all have attained different levels of development, but you can achieve more by knowing how to be a better man to your friends and family and improve your standard of living.

There really is no such thing as a “perfect man,” but striving to understand how to be a better man can set your life on a path of self-fulfillment. To be a better man, you may need to make some changes to the way you think, act, and interact with other people.

Without proper guidance, it is difficult to walk your path to becoming a better man in life.

That’s why we have listed the following pathways and steps for you to take if you want to become a better man and make your presence a lot more enjoyable.

How to be a better man to friends and Family

1. Be responsible for everything

Become responsible for everything in your life. Everything that happens in your life is up to you.

The good and the bad are entirely up to you. Once you take on that responsibility, you now have the power to shape the life you want. You are in control

2. Become the architect of your life

You are an artist even if you don’t already know. You have the opportunity to shape your life and then turn it into reality.

If you keep this vision in mind every day, you can make this dream a reality. You can shape your future if you wish.

3. Express yourself

Gone are the days when men kept everything to themselves until they break from within. The truth is, the more expressive a man is about his feelings, the more genuine he is as a partner.

When you’re sad, scream it out! If you’re annoyed, tell me! If you’re excited, show it off! When you express yourself, not only will your partner appreciate your openness, but they can also be effective in helping you deal with what you are going through.

 4. Take a break and listen

Listening is an art, and it is an art that every man in a relationship should be able to master. You must have the ability not only to hear, but also to understand and react, but not intervene.

Listening is very beneficial to both parties; your partner will get a confidante to whom he/she can express his/her thoughts openly, and you will gain a debt awareness of what is on your partner’s mind so that you can comfort him / her better. So always listen.

5. Become someone who reads a lot

You need all the tools and resources you can find in order to become a better version of yourself. Knowledge gives you the power to change your own life and the people around you.

Knowledge gives you the potential to change the world. Fortunately, we live in a world where we can go online and find all of the knowledge resources we need to be successful.

6. Become strong, flexible, and fit

Your body is the vehicle that guides you through this life. To make this life as comfortable as possible, you need to make sure that your body is strong, flexible, and fit.

As an independent man, you should be able to run, jump, pull, push, bend, swim, and be functional with your body.

Looking good is cool, but you need your body to be a machine to work properly. Things happen and you should be ready for anything and having as much fun as possible.

7. Love yourself

Exercise self-compassion and self-respect. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses, your mistakes and understand that you are human and no one is perfect. Always enjoy and love yourself, your unique spirit and your abilities.

Take good care of yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually and accompany you with people who respect you and help you develop your personality.

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8. Be ambitious in your own way

Men are of course ambitious. All men want to be the breadwinners and have admiration and respect for those around them. You should set goals for yourself in your career or occupation and reinvent yourself whenever you need to achieve your goals.

Define your own idea of ​​success. If you cannot identify your goals, think about what you really want to achieve in life and what is most important to you, and then go in that direction.

9. Don’t crumble under pressure

As a leader, you can often face challenging and overwhelming situations. Instead of feeling stressed, getting emotional, panicking, and collapsing under pressure, you need to stay strong and clear.

Use these strange situations as a way to improve, learn, and grow. People respect, value and look up to someone who can stay strong under pressure.

10. Be a man of your word

A man of his word is respected by others and can be trusted. A respected man keeps his promises and keeps them no matter what. Men who lie, exaggerate, cheat and turn back what they promised are not respected by others.

Always remember to make promises that you can deliver and when you can’t, tell the truth right away. That way you will be respected for your honesty.

11. Be hard to kill

Be the guy everyone wants to be with when the shit goes bad. Learn to defend yourself. Learn Jiujutsu or another solid self-defense martial art like boxing, muay Thai, or wrestling.

Learn how to use weapons. Familiarize yourself with shooting rifles and pistols. Know how to use and defend yourself with a knife.

Know basic CPR and basic survival. Mass shootings are getting more common every day and you need to know how to deal with yourself when a cluster of big stuff happens on your watch. Most people are soft targets, don’t be one of them.

12. Get aggressive

Learn to be aggressive when you need to. Go for what you want in life. Face life head-on and claim what is yours on this planet.

Stop apologizing, pull your shoulders back, and stand up straight. Never apologize for your survival on this planet.

13. Speak to a good cause

Words are powerful! Always try to show positive intention and keep your words sincere. A few kind words can enlighten and uplift others. Speaking good words with positive intent is the foundation of healthy relationships.

14. Take the lead in situations

People respect those who jump forward to deal with challenging situations. Generally, people who step back and seek others to solve the problem are not admired.

Some people avoid taking the lead out of fear of criticism. They think it’s a better option to play it safe. A man should work outside of his comfort zone and take the lead to find solutions.

The more you act like a leader, the more you will be respected as a man.

15. Become a Renaissance man

A Renaissance man is a cultured man who is knowledgeable, educated, and competent in a wide variety of fields. Get to know the world and become someone with a thorough understanding of how the world works.

16. Become someone who sacrifices short-term gratification

Think long term, never seek short term satisfaction. For example, when you’re starting to make money in business, you’re not spending all of your money on short-term corrections.

Forget about spending that money and investing it back in your business so the long-term payoff can be big. Sacrifice short-term fun for massive long-term success.

17. Getting great with women

Learn how to feel comfortable around women and how to embrace your sexuality. We live in a world where good male men feel bad when they are attracted to women.

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Male men are blamed for everything bad in the world today. Don’t listen to the BS. When you see someone you find attractive, go over and start a conversation. Life is short so talk to her and enjoy it.

Be content to be a man who loves women and loves to be a modern sexual man. 

18. Become Well Traveled

Today we can travel all over the world and at very little cost. You can be in New York and 14 hours later in Tokyo.

So get out of your little bubble and go and see the world. Have a beer in Munich or go on an African safari in Tanzania.

There is a whole world out there that is going to change the way you see your life and the people around you.

If you want to take it to the next level, go to another country for a year. Places like Thailand and Vietnam have great lifestyles and very low costs of living.

19. Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the new artists in the world. Entrepreneurs will save this world from itself. You have to accept the fact that you have to become an entrepreneur whether you like it or not.

You need to be able to take ideas and turn them into a money-making business. This is the way of the future. Embrace it and get rich.

20. Get resourceful

One of the most common complaints you hear from entrepreneurs, students, and other professionals about why they failed to achieve something is that they didn’t have the resources.

The truth is that it’s never about not having the resources. It’s always about not being resourceful enough.

As Anthony Robbins always says, if something is important enough, you will find a way to make it happen. You will get resourceful enough when you decide this thing is a must-have for you rather than a maybe.

21. Get mentally hard

Become the guy who can take any situation, no matter how bad it may be. Learn how to build mental toughness by training yourself never to give up.

The combination of meditation, visualization, self-talk and physical exercise creates the mental hardness that enables you to excel in life.

Focus on what you want and create the identity of a man who is relentless and unstoppable.

22. Become a loyal person

Loyalty is something that is very rare to find in the world today. Men stab each other back all the time. Loyalty is royalty. Never be one of those weasels who stab their friends and allies in the back.

It’s just a bastard thing and it’s something that destroys friendships, bonds, and communities. As a loyal man, you will be rewarded with friendships, relationships, and trust by people who realize that you are the real deal and a very rare man on this planet.

You become irreplaceable and someone everyone looks up to. Be the most loyal guy on the planet. But don’t do it for the rewards, do it because male men have a code, a code that sets them above the rest.

One of the most important rules in your code is loyalty.

23. Become financially independent

Do not rely on others to guarantee your financial future. We live in a new world where no job is safe, it could disappear tomorrow. You need to start approaching your business life and making your own money.

You have to create your own stream of income. For the time being, use your job as a stream of income and start creating others so you can build your finances to become a millionaire or multimillionaire.

24. Becoming unpredictable

One of the biggest weaknesses of many men is that they are completely predictable. Everyone knows what’s going to happen before it happens. This is bad in business, relationships, and sports.

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It kills dynamic energy and for women, it’s just a turnoff. So change things and make people in your life think twice about what you are going to do. 

25. Become a Man That Values Freedom

Be a man who above all values ​​the freedom and independence of the individual. Don’t fall in love with the victim’s herd mentality. If we protect individual rights, everything else will take care of itself.

26. Give at least one compliment every day

People want to be noticed and needed; they crave approval and approval almost as much as they crave food and water. Train yourself to be more attentive to how others make themselves stand out, big and small, and evoke those accomplishments in behavior, achievement, talent, style, and character.

Don’t forget to make regular additions to your own family as well – which, ironically, we are most likely to take for granted.

27. Journaling

Journaling is a way of cognitively and emotionally processing all of the things that you are going through. When writing, you need to think logically and linearly, which makes it especially helpful to put things like depression and anger in perspective.

There is no right way to keep a journal: write what happened that day; Write what you are grateful for. Write spontaneously; Write based on given prompts.

28. Start a new hobby

In order to gain control over our lives, we often try to remove device distractions. That’s good, but as digital minimalist Cal Newport points out, not only can you free your life of time wasters if you want to avoid being withdrawn from their siren song – you have to fill it with worthy pursuits.

This is where hobbies come into play. Find an activity that is just as compelling and far more satisfying than twiddling on your phone.

29. Attend church every week

Even if your beliefs are uncertain and your belief is not firm, attending a weekly church service can make a huge difference in your life and relationships in many ways.

Even if you’re not sure whether you believe in an immortal soul, going to church can be good for it. It offers one of the easiest ways to make friends, an opportunity for thought, and a discipline-building ritual.

It improves mental and physical health and provides opportunities for service. At least it is an all too rare opportunity to get involved in group singing.

30. Read a book every week

Reading an average book takes about five to seven hours. That said, if you only read an hour a day or less, you can read a book every week of the year.

 Everyone has an hour a day to read: cut out an hour of Netflix at night; Read half an hour for lunch and a half-hour in the evening; Read while you commute on the subway.

Read in the little moments of the free moments that arise in the course of your day. (Our best tips on reading, in general, are here.) Can you imagine how much better as a man you will be by the end of the year when you’ve read 52 books?


We are certain that this piece has been helpful to you in giving you a head start into becoming the better man that you desire to be. Having gotten this, it’s time to get on with it and begin to experience the self-fulfillment you want.


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