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How to Be a Good Conversationalist With Guys | Best Hacks

Conversing with guys as a lady might be a challenge for you if you grew in an environment wherein there were a few guys to interact with. And now you probably need to interact with a guy and can’t seem to be valuable in your conversation because you’re lost for words.

Although you might see this weakness as a stumbling block, you don’t need to, as you will get to know the right tricks that will help you be a good conversationalist for guys around you.

The interesting path is that these tricks won’t require you to change yourself – it only requires you to follow certain steps.

Common Cause of Poor Conversations With Guys

Starting up a conversation with a guy is difficult, as you might not always find them wearing a smile. Most times, they have this serious outlook that further hedges any approach you wanted to make.

At this point, the next line of action would be to refrain from the conversation and face another task, but how long will you continue to refrain from an inevitable action? Because at a certain point, you will need to have this discussion and by then you would need to be a good conversationalist when it involves guys.

A good way to help you better stir the waters of your conversations with guys would be to address the roadblocks that deter you from comfortably having conversations with guys.

For you, your roadblocks might be unique, but they usually involve a lack of eye contact and a lack of relatable topics up for discussion.

How to Be a Good Conversationalist With Guys | Best Hacks

If you want to be a good conversationalist when you enter a discussion with guys, you don’t need to build another personality. You only need to follow the set of hacks you’re about to learn if you want to wade through this path. These hacks include:

Show Genuine Interest

You won’t be able to start a good conversation with a guy except you show genuine interest. No matter how hard you try, if you aren’t interested in the conversation, it will show through your non-verbal cues.

So, you must ensure you show genuine interest in the guy you choose to have a conversation with him. Showing genuine interest in the conversation begins with you asking the right questions and moving the discussion to relatable and interesting perspectives.

Discuss His Career and Aspirations

Guys have big dreams, and they love to discuss some of their plans with a trusted party. So, if you have a hard time thinking of the next line of conversation to venture into, or even a conversation to kick-start, you can discuss his career and aspirations.

But a road sign you should reach when you want to drive this road would be to ensure you don’t go hard on the question without building some connection level. For example, you can start by discussing some aspect of life you feel you can change and then invite him to tell you about his.

If you’re not so biggy about what you plan to do later in your life, you can simply focus on how his current work is going at the moment and what inspires him to do his craft.

Talk About Recent Happenings in His Life

Past events can draw mixed memories. So, you need to ensure you live the moment and keep a majority of your conversations with a guy at present. You don’t need to go digging around his past as many of them find it exceedingly creepy.

A better approach would be to focus on recent happenings that occur in the guy’s life and keep your tabs on them. You can discuss the recent challenges he faced, any newfound experiment he stumbled upon during the process.

By discussing recent happening, you become not only a good conversationalist with guys but also a trustworthy person.

Use Body Language

Body language is a very important part of your communication. According to Tutorialpoint, body language is very important in all forms of communication. It helps to break the barrier of unfamiliarity and helps to form a better connection with the recipient of information.

In maintaining great conversations, you need to ensure you use the right body language. By using the right body language, you easily build trust with the guy, as this is one of the communication techniques you must use.

Ask Him Quantitative Questions

Boring conversations stem from asking regular questions that have direct answers and don’t demand further explanation. If you truly want to be a good conversationalist with guys and humans, you must learn to ask quantitative questions.

Quantitative questions will help the guy interact and get to keep thinking while he’s having a conversation with you. This way, you have fewer pauses that tend to create an interesting conversation.

Avoid Excessive Formality

When you want to endear something into a conversation, you might need to drop some level of formality. Dropping formality doesn’t mean you exercise every unique characteristic you own, it only signals you connect on a humane and relatable method.

A good way to reduce excessive formality would be to drop titles when addressing the person and use their first name. By doing this practice, you discover you can easily work with the other techniques.

Avoid Sensitive Questions

It’s only natural to feel curious about certain aspects of a person’s life. However, if you were to let your curiosity get the better of you, you would harm your communication, and ultimately, your relationship with the person.

Most sensitive questions arise when the conversation tilts towards love and relationships. For him, he might have some personal unfinished battles that he’s fighting, and if you tend to bring up the conversation, he shields himself.

Express Yourself

Expressing yourself is a great way to build a conversational channel with a guy. Your first point of self-expression would involve you talking about yourself first. You can share some of your funniest experiences and track his response.

On many occasions, the response is positive as he will also seek to share a funny experience to keep the conversation going. By constantly making him laugh and telling you about himself, you get to go into deeper conversations while you get better as a conversationalist for guys.

Final Thoughts on How to Be a Good Conversationalist With Guys

People don’t easily open up to discuss themselves with anyone, even their family. Research shows that 80% of individuals rarely communicate 70% of their troubles. For this reason, health centers record higher depression and suicidal cases.

With this knowledge, understand that breaking into the comfort zone of a guy will not come easy, but is workable with the above tactics. By constantly practicing, you will turn into one good conversationalist for guys.