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Lost EINz: How To Find Your Business Tax ID/EIN Number

Every registered business has the constitutional obligation to pay tax. Each business registered is assigned a Tax Identity Number or what we call Employer Identification Number (EIN).

For some unexplainable reasons some forget or misplace their EIN which is an enormous problem as they will need it while doing some business documentation.

Example filing for tax returns, applying for a loan, taking out a mortgage, e.t.c requires the provision of EIN at some point in time.

Our update today hinges on How to find your Business Tax ID Number. We believe it will answer the questions you ask on how do I find my EIN number, how to find my EIN number among other things.

We shall also look at How to verify EIN numbers, as well as what to do when you lose your EIN number.

What is Business Tax ID Number?

Before we proceed on how to find my Tax ID number let us tell you what a Business Tax ID number is.

Business Tax ID number or EIN as we commonly call it is a Nine digit identification number used in identifying registered businesses with IRS.

It confers a certain length of legitimacy on your business. The number like we said earlier, is used in filing tax returns, loans applications, Mortgages, e.t.c.

Forgetting or not having your business EIN can make authorities clamp down on your business or hinder one from getting some business incentives.

How to Apply for EIN Number

A copy of your EIN can be obtained through a three-step process we shall state below.

However, we wish to remind business owners of the importance of memorizing their EIN. It can help in the quick and smooth running of the business in the areas that require you to verify the EIN numbers urgently.

  1. The first process is to call IRS 800-829-4933.
  2. Then provide them with details of your business.
  3. Proceed and request fo a 147c executive letter. Request for the letter is free.

Additionally, you can also apply for EIN online. Requirements for online EIN application include Tax Payers Identification Number, a valid U.S ID e.g Social Security Number.

Your business must be located in the United States or its territories before you can proceed with this process. Visit to start. 

Be reminded that the systems will lock you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is part of the security measures put in place by authorities to checkmate illegalities. Beware of fake EIN application websites.

How to Look Up a Company’s EIN Number

Apart from your own EIN, you can also check on other companies’ EIN numbers. With the help of our research associates, we have been able to come with how to find a Business EIN number.

Checking on a business EIN number will help you verify some claims and look up the legitimacy of such business with the IRS.

In addition to that, we have received many search queries of people asking how do I find a company’s tax ID number. Prompting us to publish it for those asking for it.

For a start, you might just casually ask an employee of the company. But if for some reason you don’t want to or can’t reach an employee of the company you can just try other conventional methods.

SEC Filings: If the company is publicly traded, you can just look up Security Exchange Commission website. It contains details of the EIN of the listed companies.

Credit Bureau: Most people searching for how do I find EIN number? uses the credit bureau. Therefore, you can also use it to find another companies Tax ID. The bureau allows individuals to purchase the credit report of other companies. Be sure to confirm that the report will include the EIN before ordering it.

Paid EIN Database: With paid database sites like you can access other companies Tax ID numbers.

The information provided above we believe is useful for those searching for how to find my business ID number. It can also come in handy while looking for how to verify business tax ID numbers.

How to Cancel or Change an EIN

If I am searching for how to find my EIN number, it also becomes necessary I get to know how to cancel or change it.

There are certain situations where the IRS might require you to cancel or get a new EIN.

  • If you just incorporated your business or changed a business entity.
  • Inherited or bought over a new business.
  • In event of your business becoming a subsidiary of another company.
  • Sole proprietorship or bankruptcy filing.
  • Government new business charter.
  • Retirement, change of ownership, change of business model, retirement plan, profit sharing.

All these and many more can cause the need for a change in EIN. However, If you choose to close your business, IRS will not cancel your Tax ID or give it to another business.

In other words, you can still use your old EIN if you want to reopen your business. They will cancel your EIN if you close your IRS account which is normally done through a written letter.

This can be because of business insolvency or dissolution. Apply for a new EIN if you intend to start up another business later on.

How to find your Business Tax ID Number

Having explained a good number of the things to know about EIN, let us let you in on how to find your lost business tax ID number.

EIN is quite lengthy and because it is not commonly given out like our cell phone numbers and SSN a good number of people tend not to memorize it. Even if they do, it can be easily forgotten.

To make it easier, we listed three ways of finding your EIN. We made it so for one to choose the most convenient process.

Ensure you secure your EIN and only give it out to verified channels to avoid having your business compromised.

Below are the best ways to find your EIN.

EIN Confirmation Letter:

You can find your Tax ID number by looking up your EIN confirmation letter.

When you newly applied for EIN, the letter received acknowledging the validation contains your EIN.

You can check for it through any of the mediums you applied for. Go through your files and documents or where you keep your IRS business documents. You will find your EIN there.

Old Tax Returns:

Another convenient way is looking up your old tax returns. Your old tax returns contain details of your EIN.

If you can get hold of any you can will your EIN there.

Tax Notices from IRS:

Tax notices also contain your EIN. You can look up your old IRS mails, Fax, letters, or whichever medium you get notified with.

If you are searching for how do I find my EIN number, this process might just be the most convenient.

Business Permits, Licenses, and Other Applications:

Loan Application documents, Business registration files, Business Permits, and Mortgage documents all have your EIN on them.

Any of them seen contains EIN details on it.

Bank Account Details:

A statement of account from the bank or other notifications received from the bank also contains an EIN.

Business credit reports, Payroll documents among others also come in handy while looking for how to find your business ID Tax ID number or EIN.

Call IRS:

One simple method that makes up the list is putting a call across to IRS to help you locate your EIN.

However, call wait sometimes can be quite long. IRS Business and Specialty Tax lines are open from Monday to Friday.

In Conclusion

With the recent surge in the search for how to find my EIN number, how do I find my EIN, how do I find my Tax ID number, e.t.c it has become imperative to devise ways to memorize one’s EIN wherever he or she may be.

An urgent need for it may arise for which you may not have time to go through the process we updated earlier. Try as much as you can to have it memorized and be careful who you disclose it.


Can I find EIN Online?

Like we stated earlier, EIN can be easily found through different mediums like SEC filings, Credit Bureau, EIN database, e.t.c.

Who Needs an EIN?

You need an EIN to file tax returns, running an estate, a business, hiring employees, do banking e.t.c.

When Should Apply for EIN:

EIN should be done as early as possible because you will need to file for a tax return and also make business deposits.

How Much Does it Cost to get an EIN?

Obtaining your EIN is free of charge offered free by the IRS.

Can I Verify EIN Online?

You can verify EIN online in the IRS portal or other paid usage databases.


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