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How to get an Entertainment License | Full Guide

Businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to provide types of entertainment may require a license or other authorization from a licensing authority – a local council.

This content is a Full Guide on how to get an entertainment License in 2023.

Firstly, not all businesses need Entertainment License to operate in the United States of America. The types of businesses and organizations that need a license for entertainment might include; nightclubs, live music venues, cinemas, larger theatres, larger street and open-air festivals, larger indoor sporting arena

Importance of Entertainment License and Permit

In particular, a license may be required by:

  • anyone that provides any entertainment between 11 PM and 8 AM;
  • anyone that provides amplified live or recorded music to an audience of more than 500 people;
  • anyone that provides recorded music to an audience on premises not licensed for the sale or supply of alcohol;
  • anyone that puts on a performance of a play or a dance to an audience of more than 500 people, or an indoor sporting event to more than 1,000 spectators
  • anyone that puts on boxing or wrestling
  • anyone that screens a film to an audience

Licensing laws also control when, where, and to whom alcohol can be sold or supplied. The Licensing Act 2003 provides a single integrated system for licensing premises that are used to supply alcohol, carry regulated entertainment, or provide late-night refreshments.

A permit must be issued by the City before any person can carry on, maintain or conduct any entertainment activity within the city boundaries

entertainment license is a form of license required for some types of public entertainment under certain circumstances. Local authorities grant public entertainment licenses.

The types of entertainment activities regulated include screening films, music, and dance performances, and combat sports performances. Public entertainment licenses are distinct from sex establishment licenses, which license several sex-related public activities.

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What licenses are required to open a family entertainment center

  • Health department license
  • Business license
  • Fire department permit
  • Air and water pollution control permit
  • Sign permit
  • tax id numbers
  • EIN(Employer Identification Number/Federal Tax Identification Number)
  • Aswell as accounting services

How to promote & market an entertainment business

Marketing needs will vary based on the neighborhood . A community mainly filled with young families may most likely hear about the business via the school or another community stronghold.

Traditional paper flyers may be old-fashioned, but the right one could catch the right eye. Websites like NextDoor or Craigslist also offer community-specific information.

Finally, social media (whether via paid ads or organic content) can make it easier for people to find and share information about the company. Websites must be professional but personal enough to attract the desired audience base.

  • Film and Television Brand Integration and Cross
  • Promotion Opportunities
  • Exploring New Technologies and New Media Platforms to Reach the Consumer
  • Exploring Foreign Opportunities
  • Use of Social Media to Promote Product Sales
  • New Emerging Product Categories

What licenses do I need to do entertainment promotion?

  • general Business License 
  • tax id numbers
  • Sellers Permit occupational
  • businesstax ID 
  • stateemployer tax ID

Step by step guide on how to get an entertainment license

Go to

  • Input your country postal code
  • Completethe application form
  • First, download the form
  • Right-click the link below and select the ‘Save’ option
  • Downloadthe application form (PDF)
  • Next, fill in the application form on your computer
  • To edit the form you’ll need a recent version of Adobe Reader 
  • Openthe form using Adobe Reader instead of your web browser.

If you can’t complete the form right now don’t worry, you can edit it in your own time. Once you’re ready, return to this page to complete the application.

Before you apply…

There’s a fee you’ll need to pay for this submission; You’ll need a debit or credit card.

You’ll need to provide copies of the following:

  • Public Liability Insurance Document
  • Layout Plan
  • healthand safety risk assessment
  • Electrical Certificates
  • Showman’s Guild Insurance
  • Landowner’sconsent

Now, submit the application

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Recent changes in legislation have removed the previous exemption for holders of an Occasional 

Licence from the requirement to also hold a public entertainment licence. By law it will be a 

criminal offence to hold a certain event (categories listed below) for which a public entertainment 

licence is required without such a licence, without reasonable excuse, liable on summary conviction 

to a fine or imprisonment or both.

A Public Entertainment Licence is required for the use of premises as a place of public


Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need a licence to stage boxing or wrestling?

Yes you will need a licence for stage boxing

2. Do I need a licence to stage an indoor sporting event?

No, provide. the number of spectators is not more than 1000 people.

3 what is the cost of entertainment license?

Application fees range from £100 to £1,905, depending on the fee band of your venue

4 . How much does licensing a song for a youtube video costs?

you’ll pay $50 for a license to use that song in a specific project legally.


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