How to get free PayPal Money Instantly With No Human Verification

Do you want to earn free PayPal money? Have you been thinking of making free PayPal money but don’t know how to get it? Cheer up and ride freely on this boat of clarity and eye-opener.

These days there are a lot and a lot of ways for you to earn free money only if you are ready to take the ‘bull by the horn’.

In this writing, you will get all the necessary information needed to get started.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is an online payment method that is used to make payments and receive payments online all in one go. It is the world’s top-notch online and mobile payment service.

As the leading online payment, it processes more than 27 per cent of payment with over 377 million active users. 

With the rise of PayPal usage, the chance for you to get free PayPal money has topped up, which keeps you away from human verification. Many ways you can get free PayPal money instantly are clearly pointed out for you in this article.

Can I win free PayPal money?

If you have thought of the slim chance in getting free paypal money, here is something you have to know about free paypal money. Free paypal money is open for you.

There is no condition limiting you from getting free paypal money instantly. As the opportunity looms today, the good thing about it is the simple and snappy way you can win free paypal money.

How you can earn PayPal money instantly

Here, you will know how you can freely make your first earning. All you have to do now is read to the end. 

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Wiredbucks is a free site to get free money instantly. It is a website open for you to start earning free paypal money.

There are a lot of ways to earn, from doing task to referral and posts promotion. Each one of these ways has different amounts to earn. Choosing to refer, you will get the link to share on all social media and earn $2.

For each registration on that link, you will earn $10. To do a task will earn you $30 in completion, and with unlimited space to do more tasks.

Post promotion is another option for you to earn. All you need do is, make content on the post and upload it on YouTube and other social media. That gives you a quick earning of $50. 


Decluttr is an easy way to get free paypal money. It deals in the selling of old electronics namely games, tech, CDs, mobile phones and DVDs.

All items are required to have a picture of the barcode for proper checking. Here, 70 point diagnostic check is done on all phones. There are over 6 million customers in Decluttr.

Services render in Decluttr are quite recommendable from its instant valuation to free shipping and payment. You get paid instantly with your paypal. 


GrabPoints is an online website that offers you a way to get free money instantly through tasks on the app. There are wide number of things to do in GrabPoints namely taking surveys, downloading offers and watching videos.

Any of the offers opts for enables you to increase your wallet at no cost. The completion of the task will earn you free paypal money. Sign up rate is completely zero.

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Receipts Hog

Receipt Hog is a simple way to get some free money with no human verification. As you make your day to day shopping, receipt hog is there to earn you free money instantly. It requires you to take a picture of the receipts of every item purchased.

Instead of having your receipts shoved inside a file, take the opportunity receipt hog is offering you today.

Duration of each receipt must not be two weeks old. No matter your location of shopping or what you buy, you are not counted out for earning. No charge fee for signing up.


Here is another hottest channel to earn free money with paypal. Swagbucks is the place. The average monthly visit on Swagbucks is about 23% and an awesome review.

Knowing the ways to earn with Swagbucks is pretty simple and quick to start. You can earn from cash back, survey answering and discovering deals. Swagbucks’ offers are ranged in point which then you convert for free money from paypal instantly. 


Usertesting is one of the world most used site for companies to gather and hear your views on top brands. You stand the chance of influencing over 35,000 brands with product testing.

In UserTesting, you begin with a practice test and then a real test. Product usability and features are key parts to watch out for in your testing.

That is pretty much important. Also, review the products you love and use. Every test earns you $10 in 20 minutes and other offers like an interview.

Testing via interview is done live. Signing up with UserTesting is completely free. Paypal is the only way UserTesting pays you instantly.


MyPoints is your best shopping site to earn paypal money instantly. It operates easily on how you earn on the website. Shopping with MyPoints, you get money for any buy you make in your favorite stores.

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So make your shopping with MyPoints today and earn some money. Another task you can choose to carry out is to complete surveys online.

Surveys can be from fashion, travel, to home and garden. You get $10 for each finished survey which you can transfer to your PayPal account and get free money. Signing up is absolutely free. 


Freelance is another way free paypal money can be earned instantly.  There are various freelancing sites to begin with namely Upwork, Peoplperhour, fiverr and more.

The vast opportunities around freelancing today give you the chance to earn paypal money without human verification.

Here, a survey or products review is not needed to earn money but services offer to clients. The marketplace is open for you to explore as many options as possible.

Becoming a freelancer with any of the sites is completely free. Price tag is absolutely your business to do. 


Having read through the article, you have known the different ways free PayPal money can get to your own wallet. Every way listed here can get you free money with PayPal from survey to product review and shopping.

It is now a choice you will make for yourself. There is no cause for alarm earning free paypal money or worrying about your money because Paypal secures that for you.

Paypal keeps your confidential information and protect you from identity theft. 

Regardless of the ways here, there is one thing to do in getting paypal money instantly. You have to put your time to each preferred way so you can quickly make some free bucks through paypal. 


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