How To Get Paid To Write | All You Need to Know

Writing for money can take a lot of work and effort, but it’s worth it whether you’re looking to make additional pocket money in your spare time or planning for your long-term career objectives.

It’s a perfect way to generate money at university because you’ll earn money while gaining expertise that will help you land graduate writing jobs.

So, to assist you in turning your writing skills into a well-deserved income, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 ways to make money from writing. 

15 Easy Steps on How to Get Paid to Write

Here are 15 sure ways you can get paid by writing:

  • Review movies, products, and music to earn money
  • Make money by writing articles.
  • Revision notes can be sold
  • Enter writing contests
  • Translate for a living
  • Invest in your blog
  • Write on Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Technical writer
  • Ghostwriting Job
  • You can take up Copywriting Job
  • Pitch Cold
  • Make a Product
  • Employ the Services of Other Freelancers
  • Make Affiliate Marketing Your Business
  • Make use of job posting sites.

Review movies, products, and music to earn money.

When considering how to make money to read, try reviewing movies, products, or music. There are different ways to get paid to write reviews available today.

When you have the know-how, it’s pretty simple to make money writing reviews, especially when you use any of the books Writing softwares for Writers.

When writing reviews, you might think of full-time occupations that demand a lot of prior experiences, such as professional television and film reviewing.

However, by signing up for a few rewards websites, you may start getting money from reviews very soon. On these websites, you may evaluate everything from gadgets to music to stationery and anything in between.

Also, you can make money writing short reviews of fashion goods and tunes on Slicethepie, for example. You may get started right away if you sign up.

Alternatively, suppose you sign up as a product tester or a paid survey site panel member. In that case, you may get money by reviewing things you’d usually pay for, such as technology, clothing, and cosmetics.

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Make money by writing articles.

Another way to get paid to write is by writing articles. With a platform like you can write interesting articles and get paid.

Journalism is a great career path for anyone who enjoys and is good at writing, and we strongly advise you to pursue it if that is your goal.

It’s crucial to remember that it’s a competitive sector with a reputation for many low-paying employment and unpaid internships for new authors.

It is feasible to generate money as a student journalist, albeit not always straightforward.

While you don’t have to be a journalism student to get paid to write articles, you do need to be a strong writer with a keen eye for detail.

Contributing to your university’s student newspaper or magazine is an excellent place to start creating your writing portfolio. Starting a blog to show off your interests and writing abilities is also fantastic.

You can pitch article ideas to commissioning editors once you’ve built a strong portfolio. They might engage you to write for them freelance if they like your article concepts.

The amount you’d get per article would depend on the publication and the length/style of the piece, but commissioned articles in major journals may be worth £100 or more.

Want to earn by writing articles? Check out Steemit Reviews and how It Works.

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Revision notes can be sold.

You may make money from your revision if you’re good at writing clear and concise lecture notes.

If you want to sell your notes to other students, we offer a few sites in our guide to making money.

You may normally list your notes for free on these sites, but remember that the companies may charge a fee if you sell them.

You could even generate money by launching a study gram account on Instagram if you have beautiful revision notes – it has the extra benefit of keeping you motivated to revise.

Enter writing contests

Another way to get paid to write is by entering writing contests. Normally, entering writing competitions can be intimidating, but remember that someone must win.

Why should you be excluded? If you can say you won a writing competition or award or were highly complimented, it will look excellent on your CV.

Furthermore, winning a monetary prize will be a welcome addition to your student bank account. Cash prizes of hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds are available in writing competitions and awards.

Translate for a Living

Writing translations is an excellent method to profit from your language talents. Many firms will be prepared to pay you to freelance translate text.

You will make more money in some languages than in others. However, it’s worth looking at sites like Fiverr to see what freelance translators charge for various languages.

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Invest in your blog

Turning your blog from a hobby to a money-making endeavor requires time and effort as a blogger, but the effort can pay off (literally).

When you monetize your website, it will serve as an online portfolio of your work, allowing you to stand out in job applications and earn money.

There are numerous small modifications you can make to your blog to begin generating money from it, including affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsored content, and more.

Write on Social Media

Want to put your social media abilities to work for you? Writing social media content may be a lucrative business, especially for those with a talent for growing online communities and making viral social postings.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good option if you want to concentrate on making money from your social feeds.

In our guide to making money on social media, we go into brand affiliation in greater detail. Still, in a nutshell, it entails including a specific type of link in your social media postings when you promote a product or service.

You are paid a tiny commission if people click that link and buy what you’re recommending. You may get paid to write tweets for firms, make appealing Instagram captions, or alter their social media bios.

To do so, approach small businesses directly and use your social media accomplishments as examples of why they should hire you as their social media assistant on a freelance basis.

Technical writer

Working as a technical writer is a great way to improve your writing skills. Another writing job that’s more of a long-term career path than a quick way to make money in your spare time is technical writing.

Are you curious about the role of a technical writer? The nature of your task will differ according to the company’s and industry’s specialties, but you’ll be asked to explain difficult technical information in clear, succinct words.

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Writing instruction manuals is a frequent job for technical writers. To accomplish so, you’ll need to conduct an extensive study into the processes you’re writing about, then straightforwardly describe them so that the target audience can understand.

To get into this field as a writer, you’ll almost certainly need some professional experience, so try some of the other options on our list to build up your portfolio.

After that, according to Glassdoor, you can expect to earn slightly under £40,000 as a technical writer. As far as writing careers go, this makes it a relatively well-paid job.

Ghostwriting Job

As a ghostwriter, you can make money. Many people have excellent writing ability but dislike the public attention that comes with it. If that’s the case, ghostwriting may be a good option for you.

As a ghostwriter, you’d collaborate with people to help them write materials, but you wouldn’t be credited for the effort.

As a ghostwriter, it’s tough to predict how much money you’ll make because it relies so much on the business you work in and the people you write for. However, it may be quite profitable for large, high-profile writing assignments.

To begin ghostwriting full-time, you’ll need some writing experience similar to what you’ll need for technical writing. To improve your writing credentials, you should build a good portfolio.

It will take some time, but you could one day be working with celebrities or politicians and earning a fortune doing what you love – writing.

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You can take up Copywriting Job.

As a conversion-focused copywriter, you can make money by writing. In a nutshell, copywriting is writing intended to persuade readers to do a particular action.

Sales letters, video screenplays, and even product descriptions require someone to write them, and the outcomes they produce determine whether they live or die.

Although copywriting may appear similar to other types of writing, it is a distinct discipline in practice.

While there’s a move away from the hype-fueled “hard pitch” in favor of more conversational, empathic messaging, you’ll still need a firm grasp of persuasive concepts.

Pitch Cold

Cold pitching is locating a company online and personally pitching them that you are a freelance writer for hire.

Your email is cold because this company isn’t seeking content writers. Many writers have found this method highly effective in making quick money.

Make a Product

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Wait, this isn’t a quick way to generate money?”

It’s possible, after all. In 30 days or fewer, many bloggers may produce an eBook or printables. To me, that is relatively quick. Why not sell them on your site if you have an idea for a course, masterclass, printables, or something similar?

This monetization technique requires a little more thought but will pay off in the long term. My online course sales are one of my primary sources of income.

Because I’m assisting groups rather than individuals, it frees up my time. You can utilize Teachable to host your course if you’re interested.

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Employ the Services of Other Freelancers

But what if you don’t have any clients for freelance writing? So, what are you going to do in such a case? Why not employ the services of other freelancers?

They may require subcontracting or have openings for you!

Other freelance writers may also be able to assist you with your writing. You can both help each other better your writing by editing each other!

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In any case, you must consider this to be a non-competitive field. Other bloggers or freelancers might assist in making money on Nadex or any online means.

Make Affiliate Marketing Your Business

Affiliate marketing promotes a product, service, or tool to your blog readership if you don’t know what it is. You’ll be given a link to promote the product on your blog or social media.

You will be paid a commission if someone clicks on your unique link and purchases something.

Starting with Amazon affiliate marketing is the simplest approach to earn money. You may promote thousands of products on your blog with them. I made a video to show you how to make your first affiliate sale to assist you in getting started.

Make use of job posting sites.

Job boards are websites where digital marketers and business owners advertise writing positions. I found writing jobs through job boards, and it’s a simple way to earn money.

Most job advertisements start at $40-$50 for each post, and if you can demonstrate your value and usefulness to a potential customer, you can earn more.

While there are some job board frauds, remember that most of the advertising is of high quality.

Job boards with new openings every day are the finest. This is the one I’ve used because it’s the quickest at finding the specific writing works or jobs I’m looking for.

When pitching to job boards, hunt for the company that posted the posting to make your proposal more personal.

Know what they’re selling and what they’re selling with their material. You may also follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn to learn more about their company.

Last Thoughts

Is writing for a living something you want to do, or is it merely a fantasy to keep you entertained when your normal, full-time work gets you down?

If you’re serious, decide which of the measures listed above you’ll take.

Don’t worry if none of them seem to be a perfect match; that’s normal. Choose the one that is nearest to you and try it on. Any discomfort is simply the cost of being honest.


How much does a Technical writer earns?

A Technical writer earns around £40,000 per month.

Can I get paid by writing?

Yes, you can. Below are different ways to can get paid to write:
Review movies, products, and music
Make money by writing articles.
Revision notes can be sold
Enter writing contests
Translate for a living
Invest in your blog
Write on Social Media
Affiliate Marketing
Technical writer
Ghostwriting Job
You can take up Copywriting Job
Pitch Cold
Make a Product
Employ the Services of Other Freelancers
Make Affiliate Marketing Your Business
Make use of job posting sites.



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