How To Invest in Nike Stock With Little Money | 2022 Full Guide

I know you love Nike shoes, will you go a step further to invest in a Nike stock with just a little money?

The good news is that unlike in the olden days, today you can buy shares in companies like Nike fully online. All you need is a broker or access to NYSE.

Interestingly, Nike stock is sustainable because the company has weathered numerous economic downtimes to stand strong as a reputable company. All you need is to learn how to invest in Nike stocks to become a shareholder.

This article explains how you can buy shares in companies in general, taking Nike as an example.

Overview of Nike

Nike is a US Consumer Cyclical company, traded on the NYSE under the NKE ticker.

It is a top sportswear manufacturer company.

Nike stocks are traded on NYSE and only a broker who has access to NYSE can help you buy stocks in it.

Before we talk about how to invest in Nike stocks, let’s discuss things to consider before buying a Nike stock.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Nike Stock?

You should consider these before investing in Nike stock.

1. Research Nike Stock

The first thing to consider before investing in Nike stock is to carry out a research.

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Before you buy any stock, dig into the company’s history. Research Nike’s management team, revenue, net income, earnings, challenges, and lots more.

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2. Consider Nike Stocks that suit your Portfolio

Although Nike is a household brand, its stocks may be not be fit for everyone.

Investors will consider their current holdings, future goals, risk tolerance, and all before deciding on the right stock.

Investors should understand that companies like Nike has a more diversified investment.

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3. Set a budget for Nike stock

It is important to set a budget for Nike stocks especially if it is your first time investors.

Generally, it is risky to invest money in the stock market if you’ll expect to need that money in the next five years. This is true of stock market funds as well as individual stocks such as Nike.

Just be sure you have enough funds to weather storms before investing in Nike.

In the later section, we will discuss how to invest in Nike stock.

Steps to Buy Nike shares

You must have decided to buy Nike stocks and we are thrilled. Now is the time to learn the steps to buy Nike shares.

The process of investing in Nike stock is similar to other companies.

Step 1: Find a good online broker

Not all brokers have access to the NYSE. Without this access, you cannot buy shares or invest in Nike stocks.

Before choosing a broker, take into account his fees, trading platform, accessible markets to trade, and how easy it is to open an account.

Step 2: Open your Brokerage Account

After finding your online broker, you need to open an account.

This is like a regular bank account and it is done fully online. You’ll use this store to save your shares when you buy Nike shares.

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Step 3: Deposit Money to your Account

Because you need money to buy Nike stocks, you’ll need to deposit money into your stock account.

An easier way on how to invest in Nike stock is to send the money directly to your broker. This is usually super easy and quick, actually even easier than opening your brokerage account.

For some brokers, you can deposit to your investment account even from different electronic wallets like Paypal.

Step 4: Buy the Nike Share

Since all hands are on deck, the last step is to buy. You log in to your online brokerage, search for Nike share, insert the number of shares you wish to buy, and click buy, which will initiate the purchase of shares. In trading language- execute the buy order.

Here is a hint; when placing an order, you can choose from different order types. The market order buys at the actual market price, while the limit order allows you to specify the exact price at which you want to buy the share.

Step 5: Review your Nike shares regularly

The last part of buying a Nike stock is monitoring your investment. This basically means following your investment strategy.

If you bought the Nike share to hold for a long term, you might participate in the annual meeting and collect all the news and information about the company.

If you plan to sell it shortly after you see some increase in the price, you might use different position management tools. You can set the target price at which you want to sell the share with a profit, or use the stop-loss to set a price at which you want to sell the share to avoid further losses.

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We guess you have mastered how to invest in Nike stocks. Keep reading for other information on Nike stocks.

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Why should you Invest in Nike Stock?

Nike is a blue-chip stock, this makes it a dependable market option. However, equities are dependent on the financial state of the company, so anyone who’s willing to foot possible losses in the hopes of positive growth should consider Nike.

If you decide to purchase shares directly from Nike, be sure you can meet the minimum opening investment of $500. A way around this is to set up $50 recurring investment deposits through Computershare.

Lastly, examine Nike’s annual financial reports. To be sure, you should look at news related to Nike. This is important especially if you’re looking to invest a substantial amount of your funds in Nike.


Nike is a company worth investing in.

Although not every company’s stock rises over time because some businesses will go bankrupt leaving the stock valueless, a company like Nike may not likely be in this category.

Therefore, before investing in Nike stock, be sure the company has such values for continuity. In addition, have funds to sustain you before investing.

So, how do you invest in Nike stock? Follow these steps.

  • Find a broker
  • Open your account
  • Fund the account
  • Buy the share
  • Review your position



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