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How to Make Money in Cyberpunk 2077: Full Guide

Getting rich in Night City can be a real drag if you don’t know how to capitalize on urban dystopia early on. Sit back, read these tips, and you’ll be making cash in no time. 

Do you want to know how to make money in Cyberpunk 2077? You need to know how to make a decent living on the streets of Night City almost immediately from the start of the game. Whether you want to have the best cyberwar and quick cheats, or you just want to be a flash punk, money is of the essence.

Similarly, whether you’re repelling violence… Your quest progress may even be hampered by your slim wallet – many quests require you to pay a shady criminal out or invest in a shady scheme to get ahead. So you should accumulate as many swirls (ie Eurodollars) as possible. Here’s how it works.

The easiest way to make money in Cyberpunk without preparation 2077

Some of these gigs only last a few minutes. So if you need cash, we recommend attending a gig to get some extra fanfare to line your pockets. 

Some of these jobs and side jobs can be found in your journal, but some will only be given to you if you are even near the quest location. This is where your card comes into play. ​​Open the map, then set your legend to only show you jobs.

You’ll know when you’re in the right environment, as only jobs have the same iconic yellow from Cyberpunk 2077. If you find a job that looks interesting, follow it and then go to the starting location. 

You will then be rewarded with eddies, but depending on whether you do a gig or a side job, the rate of these eddies may differ, but most gigs or side jobs will give you a rate of 1500 or more.

Some will offer a higher rate, but it’s impossible to tell until additional work begins. If there’s more to do than “go to X to get Y” then it’s probably over the 1500 Eddie mark.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the loot balance and whirlpools you get from missions. Sometimes the whirlpools can be small, but the loot you get is very valuable, for example, rare weapons and clothing, and can be sold around the 5001000 whirlpool mark.

Some side jobs that stand out for getting you at least 3000 swirls and sometimes new items that come with it are the following jobs:

  • The job gives you new cybernetics and 3400 swirls
  • Tune Up 3000 Whirlpools
  • Epistrophy

Each side job of this quest gives at least 1000 Whirlpools and 7 side jobs in total. Upon completion, you also get 3400 Hot Tubs, giving you around 12,000 in total. There are many more, but these three quests stand out.

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Other Ways to Make Money in Cyberpunk


From filing cabinets to corpses, the things you will no doubt find are marked as “junk”. Scrap can be broken down into crafting components or sold to traders at the touch of a button. However, you will want to weigh your scrap collection against your joint lien and the value of the scrap. 

When you look at a scrap on the ground, a window shows you its weight and value. 

Things under 10 vertebrae are usually best ignored because they probably aren’t worth it, but hey, one V’s junk is another V’s treasure. 

When looting enemies and crates, also watch out for Scrap Gems, which are really worth a lot. You’ll find some brooches, necklaces, and bracelets that you can sell for 750 vertebrae each. Looting anything and everything is a great way to find items to sell for zero.

Selling Clothing and Weapons

Far superior to most junk are the weapons and clothing found on almost every enemy you fight. If an enemy drops a rare weapon that you don’t need, sell it. Assault rifles from the cold, dead hands of enemies only to toss them at a nearby gun shop. 

Do we feel bad? Maybe, but some of the guns we’ve found are worth well over 1000 eddies. Especially in the early part of the game, the best way to get money is to sell all the guns you take off the enemies you have to fight. Just be careful not to overload V until they can’t move.

Exploiting Drink Dissemble Vending Machine

Despite the title and the fact that it’s a popular method among many players these days, this “exploit” isn’t as good as it sounds. 

We’ll first explain what the exploit is and then we’ll get into the gist of why it’s a good exploit, but you should focus your time and energy on gigs and side jobs.

It’s very simple: find a vending machine and buy a drink for 10 swirls. Then disassemble the parts, which can be sold for a set of 3050 Eddies depending on the rarity of the components obtained. 

Now you can decide to go to other vending machines around town or stick to one vending machine and after saving and reloading, rinse and repeat a few times to get the drinks back.

This might seem like the easiest way to get Swirls, but it’s also the most time-consuming as the quantity and quality of the components you get from each drink will vary, meaning you won’t always get the best Number of Swirls obtained. 

Take this drink below for example. It costs 10 whirlpools, so if you disassemble it there is a high chance you’ll get about 26 common and uncommon parts. 

Drink camouflage will rarely get you above an Uncommon rarity, so we think this exploit is a “good” method, rather than “done 10/10 instantly.”

Let’s say you’ve done this for a lot of drinks and you have about $300 when it comes to unusual/common components. 

You will be directed to a supplier or drop-off point to the nearest supplier that is close to a good selection. 

The vending machine locations are all in the apartment area of ​​V, so we recommend running this exploit there rather than anywhere else in Night City and selling any components you have. It’s fun and can make you money if you’re patient, but we’d recommend sticking with Cyberpunk 2077’s side quests or sticking to weapon crafting instead. (It’s also possible that this “exploit” will be fixed over time, so take advantage of it while you can!)

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Access Points

Scattered around Night City, you’ll find these devices, that look like intercoms. Connecting to them lets you load a data miner daemon with a Breach Protocol puzzle.

Some hotspots must be entered, so put some attribute points on Intelligence to ensure you can find them all. 

Under Intelligence > Breach Protocol, look for the Extended Network Interface (highlights nearby Access Points) and Advanced Datamine (Datamine Daemon upgrade) Perks.

Just with those three Perks, a mediocre Intelligence score, and not much practice with the Breach Protocol skill, you’ll be able to treat Access Points like ATMs. Breach and interact with it if one appears on your map as a red diamond icon. With a little planning, it’s not hard to get about €$ 1,000 with just a couple of seconds of effort.

There are access points everywhere, so almost any gig or job you do will have at least one nearby.
Get rid of the junk

Continuing with the previous point, if you like cleaning up the rooms, you will soon run out of space in your inventory. 

There is no point in collecting items only to drop them off at your apartment and then forget about them. 

After completing an order, go to a retailer to unload your unwanted items. Not only does this fill up your pockets, but it also takes the pressure off your backpack, so it’s a double win.

You can also scrap as long as you haven’t opted for the Scrapper perk, which automatically dismantles them. Perks are more useful than selling crap, but when times are tough, every little bit helps.

How to get Street Crime Credits

Sometimes you drive around Night City in a car that you don’t need but wanted anyway. And you notice a message pop up that says: “Assault in progress” and information displaying that says: “Read all the Guides on” from the Night PD and you press Z and you are off to take a look at the crime scene. 

Find the blue icon with the spikes to see an assault in progress

Scan the perimeter, always scan! You would see a group of enemies with a yellow marker on their heads and sometimes a yellow marker with a red skull. 

If it is a red skull then it simply means that these enemies are way over your current level and it is up to you whether you take them on or not. 

We would recommend that you just leave the place because the odds that you will get one shot are huge. 

Another way to discover assaults in progress is by looking on the map and you should see a little spiked melee club icon.

Once you decide to engage, just take down the group, which consists of somewhere between four and seven enemies. 

You finish them all with every weapon and loot them all. They usually have a few Eurodollars and a few guns and junk items are usually around too, so grab those and use what you can find and sell the rest.

Most of them have a bounty on their heads so you get money from it and once you complete the mission you get regular experience points, street credit, and some good money. It’s a lucrative business.

On top of that, the loot can even contain legendary items like legendary mantis blades or legendary blueprints.

Again this is a great source for you to make money from Cyberpunk and allows you to explore the map a lot more.

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As you can see the methods are different, and you can also add them all at once to maximize the results. In short, it’s about to become the Scrooge of Night City.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to make money in Cyberpunk 2077.