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How To Make Money On Reddit: Easy Ways That Work

Reddit is an absolute platform of information. It has been on the front page of the internet and it won’t be a coincidence if you happen to stumble across it when browsing for information. People tend to spend much time on this site, and many other folks are looking for how to make money on Reddit.

Despite its large engagement and followers, making money from Reddit is very much possible and there are Reddit money-making ideas you can try out as you begin this journey.

In this article, you get to learn about this outrageous site, how to become popular on the site, communities or subreddits you can join and how to make money from it utilizing the opportunities and ideas it offers.

What Is Reddit?

Let me introduce you properly to the Reddit platform. It is a social media website that provides its users with a network of communities where they can easily post news, stories, images, videos, and links. 

A user’s place in Reddit communities depends on the type of content they share online and how other users evaluate these contents. Reddit has online discussion forums on politics, entertainment, and other interesting topics you won’t want to miss out.

How Reddit Makes Money?

Even as the platform is helpful to many users, its main aim is to make money. The Reddit platform enables users to post the latest trends and breaking news and vote on content posted by other users. The website has popular forums including its well-known “ask me anything” format.

 Firstly, Reddit generates money by selling advertising space and also from an optional premium membership plan that allows its users to turn off ads and enjoy other benefits.

Again, Reddit makes money by offering managed-ads campaigns and auction-based advertising to advertisers.

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What Is Reddit Karma?

Reddit karma is a user’s score that gives the user’s total up-votes against their down-votes. It has its own practical benefits: it allows you to start your own subreddit and join some exclusive communities, but it’s mostly about reputation. 

If your karma score is high, your post and comments are well-liked, so you have more authority within the community. When you have a low or negative karma score, it means your interactions upset people and you appear like a bot, spammer, or troll to most people.

The Reddit karma is divided into post karma and comment karma. Both karmas are added together to get a user’s total karma. So, therefore, to raise your karma, you can focus on comments or posts but it’s advised to focus on both.

Here are a few tips to help you raise your karma below:

  1. Post between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. ET on Sunday.
  2. You should ask open-ended questions in r/AskReddit
  3. Stick with larger subreddits
  4. Post good content
  5. Engage and comment on new and rising posts
  6. Keep your conversations going by always responding
  7. Post and drop your comments at r/FreeKarma4U

Here are a few steps you can take to get insanely popular on Reddit:

Keep your post relevant

To get many traffic and users rating you positively on Reddit, try keeping your post relevant to these users. This means that the more you can tailor your posts to the subreddit sections, the better. Your content should target a specific audience.

For this to be possible, you have to select the niche you want to post about, research what they find interesting and what to learn about, and then post about it.

If you intend to sell a product or get social media followers, then you will need to do some customer development.

No double dripping

This means that when you post a comment or link on Reddit and a lot of people find it interesting, don’t be in a hurry to post another, give it time.

After you made a valuable post on Reddit let it sink for about a month or two before you make another post, don’t hurry to drop another post.

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Only post relevant contents

Post only your best and most attractive content on your Reddit. Short and generic content does not perform well, it only reduces your accumulated karma points and valuable reputation.

Post contents that are in-depth, well written and researched on, unique and helpful. Whenever a Reddit user comes across your post, what they think of it will dictate your karma.

Don’t let your first post or second post be a promotion

Before you decide to market your product on Reddit, make sure you engage and post-normal content. Most especially, your first and second posts shouldn’t be aimed at marketing your products.

If you do this, Reddit users won’t find your post interesting and will downvote it, reducing your value.

Have fun 

This is the most important point on the list that most marketers overlook and their traffic begins to drop. Even if you are on the platform mainly to market your product, be like a Redditor like a normal Reddit user.

You can spend 10-15 mins posting about regular stuff and dropping funny comments like every regular Reddit user. Most users hate detecting marketers so this disguises you and give you the extra positive points.

These are a few tips you can use to generate traffic and become popular on Reddit platforms. Some other tips not listed above include:

  • Not over promoting your products on the platform
  • Sharing your new posts with your friends
  • Comment and reply to everyone
  • Be humble when making a comment or a post to not offend a user to downvote you.
  • Advertise to promote your products

How To Make Money On Reddit 

Reddit has become one of the internet’s primary sources of news and entertainment. Many users can now utilize this platform to get relevant information and remain updated with the latest trends and news. Having known the usefulness of this platform, is making money from Reddit possible?

Yes! Although there’s no way to make money directly from this platform, there are other ways to generate income for the Reddit money-making ideas. Here are a few options for making money from Reddit.

Go on /r/BeerMoney

This is one popular subreddit that provides ways to make money online to gain additional income. It is one of the most dependable sites for suggestions and methods to make money on Reddit and other sites or platforms. It has frequent visits from users and engaging activities too.

If you subscribe to this, you will be sure to get a variety of recommendations to help you make more money online.

Go on /r/QMEE

This is a smaller subreddit where you can earn money by performing standard online searches on Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, and eBay. You can also make money by participating in surveys or cash incentive opportunities that are mentioned in the posts of other users.

Also, this subreddit has a browser extension that allows you to make money while shopping or taking paid surveys online.

Increase your Reddit karma

Your karma is the result of your impact on users. If you have high karma on Reddit, more followers and users will be willing to see what you are offering. The Reddit karma as earlier stated is divided into post karma and comment karma. Reddit karma isn’t monetizable but having a lot of karma has high advantages. An increase in karma gives you high followers and also subscribing to private subreddits is a strategy that helps.

Use Reddit to gain traffic to your site

You can use Reddit to connect people to your website or blog if you have one. To do this, you can post links linking an article to your website or create a subreddit for your website and have people find interest in it.

The more the new subreddit grows in followers and engagements, the more traffic might be sent to your website as they engage in your captivating content.

Go on /r/SignupsforPay

This is a subreddit where you earn money by joining up via the affiliate links provided. You can use a few minutes of your time each day to look for new deals and make extra cool cash in exchange for your time and with very little work on your part.

You can also create your own referral links and have people sign up through them.

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 Find work online on /r/forHire

If you are looking for work on Reddit, then go to /r/forHire. People that are looking for freelancers often post their jobs on this subreddit platform.

Another subreddit similar to this is the /r/WorkOnline. You can discover legitimate work online using these subreddits. You can get tutoring jobs and freelance writing contracts available here.

The subreddits groups also offer free advice on how to monetize blogs or websites and identify the best online platforms. 

You might be amazed about how vast Reddit is, it’s just not about funny comments and pics or posts but it’s also a form of a side hustle for most.

For freelancers, you can go on /r/Freelance, it’s a subreddit platform that shares freelancing tips and techniques.

It’s a subreddit group that gives you information on how to build your career as a freelancer whether you are a starting out or have been a freelancer for long. However, you can’t market for work on this subreddit as it is prohibited.

Go on /r/WallStreetBets

This is a community where people who claim to have experience in investing offer stock and investment ideas. This community can have pretty aggressive investment tactics and sometimes be unconventional.

If you are new to investing or wish to get advice from this community, you can join the community. Even while in the community, ensure to always do your own little research following any advice you receive from the community.

Take offers below the market rates

If you are desperate to make a few dollars online, go on to /r/SlaveLabour. The gigs from this subreddit can pay only a few bucks so don’t expect much from this platform.

Although the pay is less, most of the activities on this subreddit do not require highly specialized expertise.

There are varieties of jobs available on this platform ranging from data entry to freelance writing.

Start and promote your business

Starting your own business might be daunting and pressurizing but what better way to grow and become your own boss if not by going for it.

There are subreddit platforms where you can locate a group of people willing to advise you on your path like the /r/startups subreddit. It’s the ideal subreddit for anyone wishing to start up their own business.

This subreddit has users willing to give advice, solutions, and tips to help you start up your own business.

However, promoting your start-up on this subreddit is subjected to rigorous guidelines though. To prevent being banned or flagged from this group, ensure to read and follow the rules and regulations of this subreddit.

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Start a buy-sell business on Reddit marketplace

You can obtain products at lower cost and sell them on Reddit for much higher amounts to make a profit. To do this, first research on products the users of Reddit are in need of, their wants, and what they can use to do their daily activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Make Money On Reddit: Easy Ways That Work

Being active only on comment sections can increase your karma but not as much as being active on both post and comment sections.

Yes, but first consider your audience and if they are your target. Target a niche related to the product you are marketing. The affiliate market is not for the faint heart on Reddit because Reddit is used by younger adults and teenagers. So strategize on how to capture your target audience’s attention and curiosity.

Reddit doesn’t offer loans, but it has subreddit groups that give out loans and receive interest from its members.

Yes, there are subreddit groups where you can exchange your gift cards. This is a way for you to make money using gift cards instead of just wasting it. You sell or trade your gift cards in subreddit groups like /r/GiftCardExchange.

Yes, Reddit offers managed ads campaigns and auction-based advertising to advertisers.


Surprisingly, there is a lot more to Reddit than what we see. This amazing platform exceeds your normal expectations with different subreddit groups meeting different needs.

You can get work opportunities and top advice from investors and big business owners through the subreddit groups. It doesn’t end there, with the subreddit community you can learn how to make money on Reddit and discover more uses of the platform.




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